Baby Sleep the Night TM
By Karen Bramall
Creator of The Five Stroke Rule TM


After falling pregnant with my second child I started to feel really anxious about the sleepless nights. I couldn’t bare the thought of driving round in the car, rocking for hours and singing numerous lullaby’s yet again so I contacted Gemma.

The help she has given is invaluable!! My now five month old baby boy happily self settles both day and a matter of minutes. Without singing, cuddling, driving or rocking!

I had absolutely no idea what i’d done wrong first time round, nobody gives you any guidance on sleep when you’re sent home from hospital so it was very much a guessing game.

But this time round i had Gemma who made things really clear and it’s as if something just clicked. Everything she told me made absolute sense! It’s made my experience with a newborn a really refreshing one and i feel relieved to understand his cues and respond to them in the right manner. He’s one very content little man and i put all of this down to a correct sleep plan.

I’d highly recommend Gemma to anyone! She’s turned what was an anxious experience into such a pleasant one. Thank you x

Laura mum to Remy 5 months in Kidderminster


"We thought we had a good routine and that we were doing everything right. I put my son's night time wakings for breast milk down to his hungry appetite and figured that he would eventually grow out of it. I returned to work and juggled working full-time, running a house and being a mum and partner. Exhausted doesn't quite sum up how I felt. That's when Becky came in to our lives and helped us rebuild our sanity, give us back our evenings and most importantly have a contended little sleeper who loves his new polished bedtime routine. 
Becky was able to strip out our bad habits and give us a foolproof way that we, or a babysitter/grandparent can put our son to bed without the fear he would wake up screaming after every sleep cycle.

Give yourself some self-care and make contact with Becky. Quality sleep is integral to a happy, healthy life and helps you be a better parent."

S, Mum to Eddie, Sussex


I used Lucy on my 6 month baby who needed to be held all night, fed all night and rarely slept more than 30 mins at a time. the most she had slept was 1.5 hours in 6 months.

I really thought sleep training wouldn't work but I was desperate. Within 2 nights my baby was sleeping 12 hours straight in her own room with no night feeds. She now naps 3 hours in the day too. Both she and I are transformed.

I highly recommend anyone struggling to try it. You will not regret it. Lucy has saved our relationship. It seems like a lot of money but it was the best gift I could give my baby. she is so much happier and healthier now.

Judith, Mum to Kalani aged 6 months.



“We contacted Becky as she was recommended by a friend. Our 2 year old was taking up to 1.5/2 hours each night to settle, we had to lie on the floor with him and stroke him to sleep until we could leave the room. He would then wake between 4.30am and 5am every morning and wouldn’t go back to sleep. We were so tired and at the time I was 33 weeks pregnant and at breaking point. Becky provided the plan which I was very anxious about but we talked though it in detail and Becky was so supportive and understanding but equally strict with the guidance which is 100% what you need to stick to as it works! I wasn’t sure the plan would work but felt we had to try something before baby number 2 arrives.
I spoke to Becky each day which was great and she kept us on the right track- we saw improvements right away and now our little boy sleeps for 11.5 hours each night, we put him in his bed, say goodnight  and walk out the room- totally transformed! He also naps in the day too. Our lives have greatly improved and our little boy is much happier and we have seen improvements in his development also. 

If we have trouble with baby number two sleeping we will definitely go back to Becky for support and guidance and it’s great to know that we can always speak to Becky again if we need to for future advice with our toddler. We feel so Much better now we have a plan in place. 

We were able to trust Becky and my Husband and I would greatly recommend her to any parents that are struggling and suffering with sleep deprivation. “

Lauren, mum to Oliver (aged 2), Hampshire

Before speaking with Lucy, my little man was up constantly during the night and didn’t nap very well at all during the day. He would wake three or four times just in the first hour or so of bedtime and then throughout the night. He would always feed to sleep and didn’t know how to self settle.
My hubby doesn’t do the night shift so I was exhausted with the multiple night wakings!
Working with Lucy just changed everything. I really am so grateful to her, I have my evenings back, in fact I have my life back!!
His daytime naps are much better too. It has also meant that I have been able to have more quality time with my older daughter which has been amazing 🙂

It wasn’t always easy, the process takes some perseverance but it is 100% worth it. Thank you, Lucy!!

Gee, Mum to 8.5 month old boy

Excellent Sleep Therapist!

We have had the pleasure in working with Sally to create a better night time routine that would enable our little boy (10 months old) to sleep though the night and also self-soothe. What can I say... the routine set and guidance given 100% worked and has given us a 7pm-7:30am little sleeper and a happy daytime napper!

I would highly recommend working with Sally who helped us get to this stage in our family life. It was definitely worth the time and the investment. Thank you Sally! 😃


- Michelle, Mummy to Tiago, 10 months, Dorset -

‘Phillippa is actually magic!

My daughter has NEVER been a good sleeper and I had tried almost everything by her first birthday so when my friend said to try contacting Phillippa I thought well this won’t work but may as well tick the box before I give up. I was so wrong!

Within the first 3 nights we saw a difference! And when Chloe slept through for the first time ever on night 5 I thought this wont last its just a coincidence! But here we are over a month after our sleep training and Chloe actually likes Bed time (now one of my favourite times of day with her as opposed to the battle we used to have) and naps better in the day than ever before! Phillippa was very understanding and listened to all of my concerns before we started.

I would go as far as to say Phillippa has saved my marriage as before this bedtime was a 3 hour battle and we ended up with no time for ourselves or each other now my husband and I actually get some time together!’

Jenny, Accountant, mum of 9 month old Chloe, Guildford. 


Before we tried Gemma's plan, our daughter would only fall asleep by breastfeeding (or the usual long car journey). This meant only mummy could do bedtime and asking anyone else to attempt it was a huge deal. She also woke 2 - 3 times for night feed, which at 2 and half years old, we knew she didn't need.

We were very skeptical having tried (and failed) ourselves to get her to go to sleep by herself, but to our absolute amazement it actually worked. On night one after only 45 minutes and on night 2 after only 25 minutes. And I never felt we were being mean in changing the routine.

Our daughter now has a much better night's sleep as do we. We still have some work to do, but I really didn't believe there could be so much improvement so quickly.

It was a real pleasure dealing with Gemma, she was such a lovely person to help us through what had become quite a stressful situation - long bedtimes, multiple night wakes and early mornings. Gemma was kind and supportive the whole time while clearly explaining the plan we were to follow. When we struggled, she encouraged us and when our daughter resisted, she tweaked the plan to suit us. Overall I felt we received a very personal service, and well worth the price, for a better night's sleep every night since we started!


Thank you, Gemma. From Pam Mummy to Abigail



“Hey Phillippa. Just wanted to drop you a message to tell you how grateful we are to have our lives (and sleep!!) back. Two weeks ago today we started working with you for our son Oscar. Oscar had nearly woken every hour, of every night for three months. It had really started to take its toll on us and we knew we needed to make some drastic changes.
With your support, enthusiasm and guidance we have made massive progress in just 2 weeks and have now had 5 nights solid sleep 7pm-6am. The first week was  tough and emotional for all of us but it has really paid off. Thanks so much for your professionalism and always reminding us how important sleep is to Oscar when it was difficult. “

Thanks again, Harriet & Richard, parents to 6 month old Oscar.

“I cannot thank or recommend Philippa enough! With her gentle approach to sleep training, and her dedication and support throughout the process, our baby Leo is finally sleeping through and napping better than I could ever have thought possible just a few weeks ago.
Philippa always offered a bespoke response depending on how Leo was reacting/ adapting to all the changes and it was reassuring that a generic approach wasn’t just being applied.

After six months of sleep deprivation, it feels like a miracle and we are all so much happier as a family! Thank you again!” 

Danielle, mum of 6 month old Leo.

I just wanted to drop you a short note to say thank you so much! It has been over a month since we started our sleep journey with you and the sleep our entire family is getting has improved dramatically.

If you remember my nine month old was being breastfed and rocked to sleep, would wake in the night and was not napping well during the day.
Since we went through the programme with you she now calmly goes to sleep on her own in her crib, sleeps through the night and is much better at getting her naps during the day.
It goes without saying that all of us in the house are getting a lot more quality sleep and are seeing the benefits but what really surprised me were the unexpected gains. Jo is more interested in solid foods and my husband is able to take over sleep time routines so I can go out to the gym. In fact I am so confident of her improved skills in eating and sleeping, I have booked a three day trip to New York with my best friend, something that i would never have thought of a month ago. 

I could not have done it without your clear guidance and support. Even when things felt very tough you were empathetic but firm which encouraged me to persevere.

I will think of you at the top of the Empire State building!

Natalie, mum of 9 month old Jo, Hampshire

Our son was a good sleeper, in fact a GP once told me to wake him so that he could feed! He got to about 15 months and started to climb out of the cot, I was concerned that he would fall and hurt himself and so we changed the cot into a bed. Things were fine, he stayed in his bed and slept through the night like he had always done. Then it all started to go wrong! He wouldn’t settle at bedtime unless I laid my head next to him so he could play with my hair. This often used to take 30mins which was an issue as I have two other sons to get to bed. If I left him in the room awake he used to scream and kick the door which meant I often used to have to let him out of his room just so I could read and be with my other two boys. After that he wasn’t always guaranteed to stay in bed during the evening. It wasn’t unheard of for him to come downstairs about 8pm and be up for a few hours. He then started to wake at 1am every single night and refused to go back into his bed. He used to sleep with us from 1am until the morning. I got his head and my husband got his kicking feet!

I tried everything, feeding him more food/milk in the day, taking his dummy away from him, stopped breastfeeding, restricting his day nap, giving him a longer day nap. I was at the end of my tether, completely out of ideas and my husband and I were both exhausted. This carried on until he was 2 years old and I said enough was enough.

A friend of mine had used a sleep trainer very successfully and so when I heard about Gemma I contacted her to see if there was anything she could do to help. I wasn’t sure if a two year old would be too old to train, whether her advice would just be aimed for babies. Gemma and I had an initial short phone call to discuss my son, his personality, any relevant background and his sleeping issues. Right from the first phone call I was filled with confidence that Gemma would be able to help.

There was no judgement or eye rolling! No “you lay next to him and let him to what to your hair?!” Just a practical, problem solving approach to an issue which was starting to have a profound impact on my mental and physical health as well as the wellbeing of my family.

Gemma asked me to complete a questionnaire which didn’t take very long and after that we had a Skype call to discuss the plan which she would like me to follow. This was communicated very simply and clearly and followed up with lots of written notes which were equally easy to follow. I was left under no doubt that if I followed the plan, it would work. And it did! In four days, my son was self settling and sleeping through the night, sometimes for 12 hours. This is the stuff of dreams!

The whole way through the two week consultation, Gemma was so supportive, always on hand to help and advise me. Constantly showing empathy and understanding.  Gemma answered any questions I had, however silly I might have felt they sounded.

I have already recommended Gemma to a friend, I honestly feel if she’s been able to help my son sleep then she can help anyone! What a gift 🙂

Very Happy Mummy Emma

We came to Gemma for help with our son, Jaxson who is 3 years & 3 months. Jaxson was unable to get himself to sleep, and needed me (nobody else would do!) to lay with him on his bed until he fell to sleep. 

I’d come out of his room after around 45 minutes each evening, then be back in by 10pm laying on the bed with him again until he was asleep for me to creep out. This continued every hour or 2 until 5:30am when we would be up and at the day.

I was exhausted, Jaxson was exhausted and myself and Jaxson’s Dad hadn’t slept in the same bed for 6 months because most nights I would be so tired that I’d let Jaxson sleep in our bed and Daddy swap to Jaxson’s bed. We realised that we couldn’t keep going the way we were & to seek help. We found Gemma and it was the best thing we have ever done, she guided us step by step through our plan, and was always available to help us.

We now have a much happier Jaxson, within 1 week of completing 2 weeks of sleep therapy he potty trained himself which he was nowhere near doing when we first contacted Gemma. Broken sleep really had affected him, more than we realised. He has a much better appetite and loves his bedtime routine- amazing! 

We would recommend Gemma to anyone, our only regret.....that we didn’t find her sooner. 

Gemma mum to Jaxson, 3 years old Southampton 


“If you are looking for some help with your baby’s sleep I would highly recommend Philly. She was amazing!

Her calm and gentle approach to sleep training has enabled my little boy to sleep through the night every night. I wish I had found her sooner when he was waking hourly! She was supportive and understanding throughout the process and made a  bespoke plan specific to my child that was adapted during the program.

Not only did she manage to get my baby sleeping well, she also helped with a nap routine and removing the bottles and dummies.

I would highly recommend Philly and her sleep training to anyone! Thank you again.” 

Vicki, teacher, Basingstoke mum of 18 month old Arthur

“Thank you so much for all your support and energy.

I am so glad we undertook this process - it has really given me the structure and tools to help my daughter sleep well and my family life is almost unrecognisable. She is more interested in solids and is getting so many more hours of sleep than before. Thank you.”

Natalie, mum of 9 month old.

“I really cannot recommend Philly enough.

Her gentle, personalised approach was perfect for our family. I am amazed at the impact the changes to our routine have had on my daughter’s sleep and her mood, and, in turn, my wellbeing! It was so beneficial having regular contact with Philly who offered reassurance and advice, all with a very positive attitude. She also adapted the plan as we went along in response to my little girl’s needs.

My only regret is not starting sooner! Thank you so much Philly!”

Hayley, Teacher and mum of 6 month old Olivia from Basingstoke

Want to extend a massive thank you to Maria for all her help and support.
I reached out to Maria when my little girl was nearly 4 months old, after 3 weeks of no sleep and lots of frustration. We were used to 6/7 hours of uninterrupted sleep a night but all of a sudden my little one started waking every 45mins/1hour and needed comforting.
I was shattered and miserable. With Maria's help, my little one now sleeps 12 hours a night and naps in her cot for 4/5 hours a day without any protest at all! My friends & family are just shocked by how good she is at sleeping. The road was tough and took us 3/4 weeks before it all fell into place. I was ready to give up on multiple occasions but Maria was there to give us help and support the whole way through. The tough times were definitely worth it!

I now recommend Maria to everyone who asks!   

Clara & Lauren (4 months old)

"I only have positive things to say about my experience working with Becky.

Her simple and flexible approach has made a huge difference for the whole family especially my 7 month old daughter who has gone from waking 3 - 4 times in the night to sleeping through for 12 hours. Her naps are long and at consistent times which has given me a more predictable routine in the day so I have been able to get out and about much more without worrying about nap times and feeding times.

I would recommend Becky and her techniques she has so much knowledge as well as first hand experience of the challenges of baby/ child sleep."

D mum to Neva, Manchester

“ We started working with Becky after 9 months of quite interrupted night time sleeping, never quite sure what each night would bring with our little girl. With my return to work looming I knew that I would struggle to cope with a busy job and I knew my little girl would be so much happier if she could get more uninterrupted sleep each night. 

From the initial consultation Becky was very thorough, asking lots of questions about our current routine and it quickly became clear that she could help.

What really made the difference for us was having Becky’s email and telephone support. Within three nights our little girl was sleeping for twelve hours each night and has been very consistent since. It has made a huge difference to all the family and I’m so pleased we sought some help. “

Kate, Mum to Ella (Middlesex)

Becky's help and support has been life changing for me and my family .

We were really struggling with the lack of sleep and decided, after 10 months, to seek help.

Becky came up with a plan that suited us all as a family and it's worked so well .

My son now naps regularly and sleeps through the night , something we thought would not be happening for quite a while .

We are no longer anxious at night and look forward to bed knowing that we will not be woken up several times.

We can't thank you enough Becky and we only wish we had done it sooner .


Becky, Mum to Joe, Aldwick, West Sussex

We had read online about different sleep training methods but had never had the confidence to give them a try. At 6.5 months it was clear that we couldn’t continue to rock our growing baby to sleep and multiple night wakings meant that all of us were overtired. We never would have considered a sleep therapist but happened to meet Becky after a particularly rough week of sleep and got talking. 

We signed up almost immediately very excited about the prospect of a good nights sleep - thinking we had nothing to lose and a lot to gain! 

Becky gave us a lot of time from the outset and gave us very clear, easy to follow plan to follow. The first night was difficult but with Becky’s reassurance we persevered with the plan and saw results immediately. 

We now have a baby that can self soothe, sleeps through most nights and actually seems to quite enjoy naps and going to bed! 

We are so pleased that we decided to work with Becky and would recommend her to anyone struggling with baby sleep. We were told time and time again that some babies just don’t sleep but turns out ours just needed a little help.

K, Sussex

Becky was brilliant at giving my family some fantastic tips to help our 5 year old to sleep so much better than he has ever done in his life. She was so easy to talk to and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is hoping their little baby through to older child will sleep better. She is awesome!

From Ruth

We were having a difficult time with our second child sleeping through the night and also at nap times. When I rang Becky and she reassured me that by the 3rd night she will sleep through the night and at the end of the two week plan if you stick to it you will see great results. I must admit we were sceptical, but it is no exaggeration to say that that is exactly what happened!  So if you put your trust in Becky and follow the plan properly you will be amazed at the results.

Tanya & Kenny Mason (Dublin, Ireland)

Becky has offered some great advice that’s easy to implement and had instant effect!

My little one wouldn’t nap for more than 30 mins after phone consultation with Becky I was made aware of what the problem was and how to solve it! Tried at next nap and worked a treat, I actually had to wake her up for a feed! With her wealth of experience and first hand knowledge I can’t recommend her enough.

Lara Mum to Bonnie, Ireland

Becky has done something I never thought would be possible.

My 3 year old was having bottles of milk to go to bed and all through the night, I was reading her a story until she fell asleep (sometimes 5+ story’s), she was also in my bedroom for half of the night. After two weeks working with Becky following her sleep training plan all her bottles are in the bin, she is going to bed in her own bed with no bottle or story to get her to sleep and she stays in her room until it’s time to wake up. She has even slept through the night for the first time in her life.

Her behaviour has improved during the day and I am finally catching up on three years worth of broken sleep!

It’s the best thing I have done the only regret is not doing it sooner! Thank you so so much Becky. Eternally grateful for your constant help and support.

Charlotte (Mum to Piper) Sussex

I’d had other friends who had used sleep consultants successfully but I knew they all had really strict routines and had to have all naps at home. I didn’t want to be one of those mums, one that focused their whole day around their baby’s nap but then I didn’t sleep for longer than 3 hours at a time in 19 weeks and suffered with PND so something had to change!!

I found Becky and we had a phone conversation where I expressed my concerns and she was confident she could help with a flexible plan that would enable me to leave the house and have baby that slept the night within 10 days.  

My husband had his doubts, he didn’t think that it was going to work, thought it would be a waste of money. But he wasn’t the one that was up all night, every night feeding the baby every 3 hours, so was willing to give it a go if I wanted to do it. 

I was really apprehensive the first night of the plan, I was expecting the worse and actually I needn’t of worried. Our little girl was 4.5 months old when we implemented the plan, and I was worried that it was too young, I was doubting my decision to do it, torn between something needing to change and just putting up with it as this is what motherhood is, but actually now I think that it was the perfect age. At 4.5 months she hadn’t had the time to develop really bad habits, she was really receptive to teach how to go to sleep without me, and to stay asleep. She is now 8 months and it still works, she now knows and expects the routine, she is a brilliant sleeper compared to some of the other babies we know.        
We now both say that the money we spent with Becky was the best money we have ever spent! Becky gave us a set of instructions which enabled us to get our baby to sleep, this totally transformed our lives!

Happy well rested Mummy to EB

I would like to thank Becky, the Independent Sleep Expert for helping me get my 8 month old to sleep 11-12 hours every night. Very practical advice and support that showed results from the first night.
I didn’t believe I would be able to get a good nights sleep before I went back to work but it is possible

Thank you and highly Recommend


Sam mum to Arthur, West Sussex

My partner and I always used to say that our 14 month old daughter was perfect… except that she didn’t sleep. People used to laugh at this but in truth it was not funny at all. If left to fall asleep in her crib she would cry, try to climb out, play with her bedding and just generally mess around. The only way she could fall asleep was if her daddy held her whilst she drank from a bottle. And this would take two hours and much crying, I kid you not. Then, once she finally fell asleep, she would wake every few hours and we’d have to attend to her. It got to the point where the whole family was run down with exhaustion and very unhappy.

I contacted Shelly in desperation after our daughter started getting much worse and I realised that this wasn’t something she was going to grow out of. Shelly arranged an initial consultation where she met the baby and got to talk with us and set up a plan. She is such a lovely person and she has experience with sleep problems herself – it was really nice to chat with someone who understood our struggle and the impact it was having on our family.

Shelly wrote a personalised sleep plan for us to follow and it worked. The first night the baby fell asleep, independently, in FOUR MINUTES. I was absolutely flabbergasted. The results of the sleep plan were insane. There was a point where it was a bit tricky but we stuck to the plan and got through it.

That was six weeks ago. Last night my partner and I were watching our daughter falling asleep peacefully on the baby monitor from the comfort of our living room. She was chatting happily away to herself and then just fell asleep. Six weeks ago I would never have thought that would happen in our house. I said to my partner then that we have an awful lot to thank Shelly for and that’s why I’m writing this review today.

Hiring Shelly Terry was without doubt the best thing we have done for our daughter. Reading reviews about her service beforehand, I was extremely sceptical about all the claims that these troubled babies start sleeping well and settling themselves within a few days. BUT IT’S TRUE. Our daughter is happier and isn’t run down, tired, grumpy and always catching colds like she used to.

She sleeps better at nursery too. We parents are able to have stress-free evenings and a good quality of sleep at last. Working with Shelly has been a joy and she has made our family happier. I would recommend her to everyone in a similar position to ours – it won’t sort itself out, children don’t “grow out” of bad sleep habits but you can get all the help you need from Shelly.

Lauren, Mum to Orla 14months, Poole UK

As long as you stick to the carefully designed plan I believe you cannot fail. 

We saw results as early as the third night. 

Since starting the plan our Ruby eats better and sleeps 11-12 hours uninterrupted every night!

Changed the quality of everyone's life in our family massively.

Luke, Dad to Ruby 9 months, Thailand 

We did Shelly’s sleep training program for newborn stage and again at 11 months. I have only amazing things to say and highly recommend this for all parents! Because of our initial start with the newborn sleep training, we learned so many tips that helped us along the way.
Friends and family would comment all the time on how amazing it was that our son slept so well that early on. I suggest getting a head start on sleep training from the beginning and we plan to do so again with our next baby. As the first year went on, our son continued sleeping well during the day but was still getting up in the night wanting a bottle. We went back to Shelly for help and within one week he no longer needed night feeds! Sleeping is a skill and we learned the strategies to help him learn to self sooth to sleep. Within 10 days, we had a baby sleeping 7 to 7 all night! She also helped us prepare for daycare when he would need to readjust his sleep schedule.

Shelly went above and beyond with her communication and was there for us every step of the way! She explains everything so clearly and calmly, that even sleep deprived parents of a newborn can understand.

We tell everyone about sleep training and how waiting for things to get really hard doesn’t have to be the case, start from the beginning how to help your baby learn to sleep.

Thank you soo much Shelly, your program is a game changer, we cannot say enough great things about it!

Laura mum to Gareth 11 months, Canada

“Maria was immensely helpful in helping us to get 13 month old Finlo into a routine and sleeping through the night before my return to work. It’s amazing how quickly he took to it and we are so grateful for Maria’s help as we are all getting more sleep and can now function much better as a family.

Thanks again. It’s my first day back in the office today and I really couldn’t imagine where we would be without your help.''

Louise & Finlo 13 months old.

When we hit the dreaded 4 month sleep regression myself and my husband were at a complete loss how to help our baby sleep through the night.

After two months of split nights and early mornings we sought help. Anna was amazing she analysed our current routine, listened to my concerns about fitting naps in around the school run and helped us achieve a sleep environment for our baby where she can happily put herself to sleep. I learnt how to sleep train my baby with lots of support from Anna and could not be happier. We are dummy free and have a happy baby who routinely sleeps for 12 hours per night.

From Hannah, very happy and well rested Mummy!

We were still struggling to get our 14 month daughter to sleep through the night  and whilst she would nap well, go to sleep at bedtime and self-settle, something kept her awake for a couple of hours in the night or made her wake up early. We didn’t know what else to try so we went to Gemma for help. Gemma suggested things we would never have thought of and they worked!
We made the changes Gemma suggested and after a rough first night, our daughter started sleeping through and was gradually waking later in the morning. We couldn’t believe it and still can’t two months on! I am so glad we got Gemma’s help - my only regret is we didn’t do it sooner!

Jennifer mum to 14 month old Evaline ,  London


To anyone thinking about working with Gemma, if you are not sure - my advice would be do it right away.

We were at our wits end with our almost 2 year old, who hadn't slept through EVER, and who had massive night-time tantrums that woke the whole house up. Bedtime was a nightmare and it regularly took two hours to get him to sleep. If you've suffered similar issues you will know how awful it is to have your own sleep affected for that length of time, whilst trying to go to work and get everything else done that you need to do. 

Our child was so bad at sleep that I honestly didn't think that anyone could do anything to help - eventually we went to Gemma only to be sure that we had tried everything. We were completely desperate by that stage. I wish we had got in contact earlier as we could have avoided being zombies for so long. 

We were completely amazed that after a few days he was going to sleep within a few minutes of going into the cot and we went from spending almost the whole night with him to not having to go into his room at all! 

I cannot stress how much this has changed our lives. We are getting more sleep ourselves, we suddenly have time to do things, and best of all, our little boy is happier, and seems to be coming on in leaps and bounds. 

Gemma was professional, understanding, and provided us with a plan that worked and that suited us and our child. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is like us and who has a baby/toddler that doesn't sleep. You don't need to suffer like we did! 

From Ian very happy and well rested Daddy to Felix aged 2 Birmingham


Having had a baby that started sleeping through the night at 12 weeks I had a rude awakening at 16 weeks when the 4 month sleep regression hit and my son started waking anywhere between every 45 minutes to 3 hours. After 7 weeks of extremely broken sleep I felt there was no end and felt broken myself! Thank goodness for Maria who was super supportive, responsive and positive. By night 3 our son started sleeping through the night again and this is still going some 5 weeks later! 

Sleep is so important not only for the parent’s sanity but for the babies’ development and so this is such an important thing to get right. I would 100% recommend to anyone who is struggling with their baby and the nights to work with Maria and she will show you there is light at the end of that dark tunnel!’

Gabby & Zac, (5 months old)

Meeting Gemma and using the sleep plan has been life changing - this may sound dramatic but it is true!

When we first met Gemma our little girl was 13 months old and was being rocked, walked and fed to sleep, she was having a lot of milk which made daytime eating a huge challenge. On a good night our little girl would wake twice, on a bad night she woke every 2 hours.
My partner and I were beyond exhausted and with our wedding coming up we decided we needed some help. In stepped Gemma and we have never looked back!

The plan has been a huge success for us, our little girl now sleeps 7pm to 7am with a 1.5-2 hour nap in the day and if she does wake in the night she can now get herself back off to sleep with no crying whatsoever!

Since doing the plan, not only is our little girl sleeping but she is eating better, developing so quickly and learning so much and she is so happy, she now wakes in the morning and after naps in such a lovely mood, chatting away to herself in her cot until I get there. It is amazing, it is life changing.

I won't lie, the first 3 nights were tough but they are soon forgotten and I am so glad we found Gemma and stuck to the plan.

Gemma I can never thank you or recommend you enough xxx

Carla and Andy, parents to Lottie 13 months from Hagley 

Husband: (to wife) My Dear, if you could wish for anything, what would you wish for for Christmas this year?

Wife: (wistfully and fighting back a yawn) If I could wish for anything, it would be for a guaranteed 8 hours sleep…

And this is how we came to meet  and work with Shelly Terry. She was like our blessed Christmas Fairy.

We came to Shelly having had not so much luck achieving solid sleep for what felt like an excruciating amount of time.Our daughter, who was 11 months old, seemed to have developed a need to be soothed and settled by one of us up to, at worst, 15 times in a night.We were flailing and needed some direction and support to correct the negative sleep associations.

From our very first conversation with Shelly  she was supportive, understanding and hugely positive  and confident that she could correct our current sleepless situation.Even though we began the program on Christmas Eve, Shelly was one hundred percent there with us every step of the way (Even on Christmas Day!)

Shelly devised a bespoke routine for us to follow and it worked like a dream- excuse the pun but there are no other words for it- Shelly was able to guide us into the blissful and deep sleep we so desperately needed and our daughter took to the routine so very, very well.

It was reassuring to know that Shelly was always only a call away- but with our daughter responding so positively to the new way of sleep, it meant that, as parents, we knew we were doing the right thing.

Shelly’s communication and inter-personal skills were exactly what we needed- she’s an excellent sleep mentor and it has really worked wonders for our family. Without a  shadow of a doubt, I would one hundred percent recommend Shelly to anyone considering seeking advice from a Sleep Consultant.

I did get my Christmas wish,  and it is all down to how brilliantly Shelly worked with us to guide us to make the right changes and create positive sleep associations for our daughter.

Thank you ever so much Shelly- you really have been our Christmas Fairy!


We had never imagined being in a situation within a number of weeks where our just turned 9 month old is sleeping through the night but we are there!

Despite a couple of set backs on holiday we have overcome those waking nights and can all now have a good night's sleep. We can't thank Sally enough. Very professional and friendly. Held our hands throughout the whole process and always so helpful with any questions we had.

I would strongly encourage anyone going through sleep deprivation with their little ones to put their trust in Sally.

Rachel Hergest, Mum of Baby Boy, 9 months, Wimborne

“I was initially sceptical, but Sally promised me results if I followed her clear and pragmatic approach, so I went for it, and it has been the best money I’ve spent since the twins were born!

If you’re kids are having sleep troubles, trust me Sally will solve it, just go for it.

Philip, Dad of 14 month old twins, Zurich, Switzerland


“Lucy came to rescue when we moved house and my 8 year old daughter struggled with her new surroundings. My daughter (who had been a good sleeper previously) had started to complain about strange noises, shadows and began waking at night.  The sleep routine was to begin reading and cuddling in bed until she fell asleep and for an easy life we allowed her to sleep with us when waking at night.  This was becoming hard in general and we were worried it was impacting on her adapting to the new house.  

My sister had used ‘Baby Sleep the Night’ for her young children and had great results so I called Lucy, who had a great profile that made us feel comfortable. After the initial call and questionnaire Lucy visited us at home, spoke to Us and our daughter about her bedtime routine and gave us some great pointers to remove the props that we inadvertently created. 

Being an older child we were concerned that our daughter would rebel as she understood more but we nervously spoke to her about the reasons behind the changes and Lucy’s gift / ‘bribe’ to sleep 3 nights was a great incentive and did the trick to entice her.  For the first few days our daughter said she ‘didn’t like the routine’, but soon she was sleeping with ease.  The big change that Lucy helped us implement was to make bed about sleeping only and reading out of bed and repeating the same pattern every single day.  

The difference in our daughter is unbelievable – her confidence and energy has changed.  She bounces out of bed in a cheery mood and is less clingy.

I cannot recommend Lucy highly enough, her advice has made us all much happier in our new home.”

Kal, Mum to 8 year old girl. Birmingham

I worried that doing some gentle sleep training with my four month old son was too soon, and I should be expected to just deal with the multiple night wakings for a few months more. But I’m so pleased we decided to go ahead with Anna’s plan - the fog of exhaustion that comes with having a newborn baby has lifted, and we are all getting good nights of sleep!

We’ve gone from 5 feeds at night to none at all, and on the whole, my son sleeps 7pm to 7am now (apart from a few blips due to teething etc which is inevitable). And the nap time routine has gone from being a tough mix of rocking to sleep, tears and a very sore back for mum or dad over the course of an hour or more, to a lovely, calm and relaxing process of no more than five minutes.

My son puts himself to sleep so easily with every nap now, and he naps for up to 2 hours - which I thought would never happen. My son is much happier baby now he is getting the sleep he needs, and his development has come on leaps and bounds too.
Anna’s plan, expertise and support has changed our lives. And it isn’t about shutting the door on your child and leaving them to cry - you are there comforting them and reassuring them - which is what mattered to us the most. There is a gentle way to teach your child to sleep and Anna can help you find a way that is perfect for your family.

Thank you Anna!

We contacted Sally when our 9 month old baby girl was waking at least every two hours throughout the night and needing rocking or nursing back to sleep.

With Sally's detailed plan and constant support we were able to completely change our bed time and nap routine with our daughter and within a week she was sleeping throughout the night for 11 hours straight!

Sally's guidance gave us the confidence to trust that our baby could self settle and did not need our constant attention or intervention. We never met Sally in person, but with video calls, phone calls and constant email support, we always felt we had the support we needed to see the sleep plan through. Life is much improved now with a 10 month old who can self settle and sleep all night long!

Jess, Mummy of Rosie, 9 months, London.

“Kelly has helped us no end with our little boy’s sleep patterns.  We had an 18 month old who would rarely sleep beyond 5.30am and was often in our bed from as early as 4am.  We had hit a particularly bad sleep pattern when we contacted Kelly (regularly sleeping in the spare bed with him from 11.30pm).

 Kelly was tremendously supportive and knowledgeable.  Her confidence in her ability to rescue us all from exhaustion gave us the confidence to tackle the issues head on.  There was no “cry it out” approach (which I had been dreading) and after only a couple of nights we started to see a difference.  Throughout our time with her Kelly offered daily text message support and very regular phone calls.  She was on hand whenever we needed her, without complaint about how often we asked for a call!

 We’re now 3 weeks later and we have a champion sleeper on our hands – he sleeps 12 hours a night (rarely waking) with a predictable 2 hour nap in the day.  Even better, the dummy has gone as well.

 If you need a sleep consultant, it is absolutely worth speaking to Kelly.  We only wish we’d called her earlier!

Mum to Charlie, aged 18 months


We contacted Anna as our son was having trouble self settling, napping and sleeping past 5am and it was one of the best decisions we have ever made!  On the final night of the tailored 10 day sleeping plan our son was napping twice a day, self settling at each nap/bedtime and sleeping 7am - 7pm. 

We were sceptical at first if it was going to work but with the tailored plan, telephone support from Anna we now have a happier little boy and his personality is shining through! 

We cannot thank Anna enough for helping our family and her positive attitude throughout. 

Vicky Mum to Jasper - 11 Months Old

I contacted Anna to help with my daughter’s sleep after a year of very disrupted nights. Since she was born, my daughter was a difficult sleeper. She never fell asleep on her own, always needed to be rocked/cuddled/driven in a car/pushed in a pushchair. Even once she did fall asleep in my arms, or whilst breastfeeding it was almost impossible to put her down without her waking up. In the end, I gave up trying and accepted the status quo – all naps in my arms, night sleep with my boob in her mouth. In the evenings I would breastfeed her to sleep, gently put her in her cot once asleep, and creep out of the room. She would then wake up any time between 20 mins (usually) or 2 hours (rarely) later. So I spent my evenings on tenterhooks always anticipating her crying and being ready to go back in and start the process again. At night she was pretty much permanently attached to the breast, making it for a very uncomfortable night’s sleep. The situation had vast implications on my life, and I felt things could not carry on the way they were. I was never keen on the idea of sleep training, but in the end I decided she will never learn to sleep if I don’t facilitate the change.

I was told about by one of the mum’s in my baby group. I decided to contact Anna and it turned out to be the best decision since having a baby. Anna took good care to get to know my family, our particular circumstances, and my daughter’s sleep habits. The plan she came up with for us was clear, well-structured and most of all, it worked! My daughter slept through the night on second night, and has done since then.
Almost 3 weeks later, she has not woken up in the night once! There were difficult moments, as the change in our evening routine was quite significant, so she obviously protested quite a bit. I found it hard at times, but knew I had to stay strong for both of ours sake. Anna supported me over the phone and via emails, which was very helpful. My daughter now sleeps through the night and puts herself to sleep within minutes of me leaving the room – no need to rock, cuddle, breastfeed etc. She also naps on her own, in her cot now.
It truly was like a miracle for us, and the improvement to our lives cannot be stressed enough. I wholeheartedly recommend Anna’s help if you’re struggling with your little one’s sleep.

(Anna, Alicia's mum)



Great support in getting our 9 month old to sleep through the night unaided (having previously woke every 2 hours throughout the night!). Within a week of following Sally's plan we had a baby sleeping for 11 hours straight!!

Jessica Smith, Mum of 9 month old baby girl, South London


"It took only 4 days and now my baby sleeps through the night and we have never looked back! I was able to get my life back!" - Ozzy, Nigeria

"Our 6 month old Maddie is doing really well now and this is both for naps and night time!!"

Lucy, Hong Kong

"I would highly recommend Temi to any tired parents. Any babies who will only sleep if they are being held, rocked, or given a pacifier. She can help you! It was worth every penny" 

Tobi, London

"The most amazing thing about our experience with Temi was her flexibility and ability to work with all the commotion of needing a different routine each day and my husband away mid-way through the process.

Within three days my bambino was sleeping through the night!

I am finally enjoying a good nights sleep"-

Lucy, London

"The best thing about working with Temi is that she never gives up on her clients.
I started introducing positive sleep habits when my daughter at 5 weeks old. She is now able to sleep for 12 hours at night, and needs no help self settling. This also applies to her naps. She’s a happy baby and I’m so thankful for the support of Temi and that she never gave up and encouraged me all the way!

Thank you so much Temi!|" - Tutu, Nigeria

“Getting in touch with Temi for baby sleep help was the best thing I did for my sanity. From day 2 of fully committing to the plan, my baby was sleeping though the night for 11 - 12 hours at a time! I’ll be honest, I was anxious for the first few days, but I learnt to trust my baby and more importantly, to trust Temi!

Her methods are really gentle and, as a mother herself, she totally understood what I was going through. Temi is amazing at understanding your situation and creating a plan that will work for you and your family. She offers a truly personalised service and is very dedicated to seeing you succeed. She is with you every step of the way, checking in often and troubleshooting as needed. I’m so glad we stuck with the plan...I have my life back!” 

Stephanie, USA

'So after many months, if not years, we were on our knees with sleep deprivation thanks to our gorgeous two year old daughter! She had us up multiple times in the night and we used every trick in the book to get her off to sleep as quickly as possible. That involved everything from bottles to dummies and many times, sleeping on the floor holding her hand. Lack of sleep was affecting all areas of our life and the situation had become intolerable.

So in walked Magic Maria and with her calming and soothing tones and she introduced a plan for Daisy. It involved the removal of the bottles and dummies and frankly we were terrified! However the dummy fairy arrived and the first night was so much better than expected. Yes there was some protest but we were in her room to give her our physical comfort. Night one was so much better and we did not have to go into her room once! It was somewhat of a miracle and it only improved night on night. Indeed every night since, Daisy has been sleeping through and if she wakes she resettles herself independently back to sleep.

The bottom line is listen to Maria, follow the plan to the letter and you'll see immediate results. And Daisy's happy day time demeanor has not been diminished in anyway. She is still the same happy girl but without the tired and grumpy parents!

I would not hesitate to recommend Maria and would encourage you to go for it. There is light at the end of the tunnel!

Thank you Maria for your help.

Annabel & Darren xx Daisy, 2 years old'


Before contacting Lucy my daughter was a nightmare at sleeping. She would wake nearly every hour in the night, needing to be fed to sleep and was sleeping in bed with me. My husband and I had no time together as she would constantly wake up and need me to get back to sleep. Equally naps always were done by being fed to sleep, in the car or being taken for a walk. I kept thinking things would just improve but they didn’t.
When Isabelle turned one and with me returning to work I decided I needed to do something. After a recommendation from a friend to the website I searched through testimonials and that’s where I discovered Lucy. 

Lucy was so easy to talk to and I felt completely at ease, she didn’t make me feel guilty for how I had been getting Isabelle to sleep. She reassured me and made me feel more confident, she assured me that Isabelle could and would sleep through the night. After sharing the plan with me I wasn’t sure it was going to be achievable, after the first night of the plan I still felt like it wasn’t going to work! However, by night 4 things had massively improved and by night 7 Isabelle has slept through for the FIRST time ever. Incredible. Now over a month in Isabelle has continued to sleep through the night, she puts herself to sleep at night and self-soothes should she wake. She even naps in her cot in the day, which I thought would never happen. I wish now I had done it sooner!

Fantastic, thank you so much Lucy! The support that you get throughout the process is great, the plan is simple and easy to follow and the follow up support from Lucy was brilliant; answering questions and giving tips. My husband and I finally have our evenings again and Isabelle loves sleeping! 

I cannot recommend Lucy more! Thank you. 

Amy,  Mum to Isabelle, 13 month, Lincoln.

After 17 months of my our little boy waking every hour and relying on just half an ounce of milk to settle I honestly thought this was just something I had to get used to.

As a result of the broken sleep my work was suffering, and so was our relationship we were both so tired and felt like we tried everything! We went desperately seeking help and were told of Gemma and we never looked back. In just 2 nights our son went from waking every hour reliant on milk to self soothing himself to sleep and sleeping for 12 hours. Bottle and dummies have gone and he is now taking a 2 hour nap.

Our little boy is so much happier and we’re all finally getting the good night sleep we’ve been longing for. I would recommend Gemma to anyone who needs help, the support she gave from our initial consultation and throughout our sleep training programme was great!

Don’t suffer silence in silence when there’s help out there. This lovely lady has changed our life. So much so we’ve now moved onto cracking child number two now 😊 xx

Mum to Oscar 17 months , lower gornal

Gemma has changed our life!

When we first met Gemma our baby was being rocked and patted to sleep and with at least two milk feeds at night - not being a great eater during the day. After using Gemma's plan this ALL stopped.


Her great plan enabled us to now have restful nights - our baby boy can self soothe himself to sleep and he sleeps 11-12 hours in one go. We had never experienced this prior to using Gemma plan.


If you want to take control of your nights again use Gemma’s expertise. I have a happier marriage and restful nights and more importantly my child is happier and healthier for it.


It’s not easy for the first few days but trust me once your cross week one you never look back! 


Gemma thank you for helping us our family it has really made a difference to the quality of our life  xx

Amber Mum to Isaac, 13 months Birmingham

"After previously sleeping for longer stretches, Oliver had started to wake more frequently once he'd reached 3 months. He was up at least every 2 to 3 hours during the night and rarely napping for longer than 45 minutes during the day. He was starting each day exhausted as were my husband and I. We had tried to follow recommendations in a baby sleep book and although the situation had improved slightly, we needed someone to tie everything together for us. Lucy's support was invaluable - she provided a tailored plan for Oliver that helped him develop his own sleep skills. Within only a couple of days he was waking for just one night feed and sleeping for 5 to 6 hours at a time. The length of his day time naps also increased to up to 3 hours and he quickly became much happier during his awake time. He now falls asleep on his own within minutes without any need for a dummy or for us to soothe him. The support has made a big difference to our lives - thank you Lucy."

"Dear Sally, Thanks so much for your help with all of this.  For the first time I was able to complete my twin milestone card that reads "we both slept through the night for the first time" a goal I was hoping to reach for a long time.😀  I cannot thank you enough for your help Sally I really thought it wasn't possible to train twins especially in the same room (another sleep consultant had told me that) but with your help & hand holding we did it, it's quite amazing & even more surprising which never even entered my head is how happy & full of life they both are now Siofra never stops laughing & "talking".  We are one very happy family thanks to you Sally I will definitely be singing your praises to all my Mum friends especially the twin ones.  
You really have given us our lives back & helped us enjoy our babies even more"

From Ciara, Sam, Cillian and Siofra, Paddington


Our 2-year old daughter (2nd child) has been a ‘bad sleeper’ all her life. Over the last year this has manifested in my wife and I having to get up at least twice every night to settle her - every night… We met Anna by chance, and laughed when she told us that she could get our daughter sleeping from 7am to 7pm, without any need to settle her, within 10 days. After completing a questionnaire and then running through a consultation with Anna, we had a bespoke plan presented to us with clear instructions not to deviate.

It resulted in changing the bedtime routine, how we put her to bed, how we settled her (if required) and a plan for the days 1-3, 4-6 and 7-10. It still amazes me to say that within 3 nights she settled herself at bedtime and slept through the night without requiring settling. My wife and I shared the responsibility to ensure that one of us wasn’t associated with the new routine, so it required some hands-on support from us both, but the results are amazing. Anna was always available for any questions, support and advice.

2 months on and our daughter sleeps from 7pm-6.45am without the need for any settling - completely transforming our nights and ensuring we can catch-up on much needed sleep! I simply can’t recommend Anna enough - the results she promised she’s delivered, and the immediacy was astounding.

Chris Bown

By the time our daughter was almost 2 years old, I'd resigned myself to the fact that she just wasn't a 'sleeper'. She never slept through and always woke 2 -5 times a night. Every time she'd wake, either myself or my husband would have to get up and go and settle her. This became such a part of our normal life, that we no longer considered it a problem and became more and more accustomed to this routine and the sleep deprivation that went with it.

A chance meeting with Anna was to completely transform our lives. She suggested that with her help, our daughter could sleep from 7am to 7pm without waking and the dummy would go to boot! I remember laughing when Anna first said this as I just couldn't imagine anyone knowing how to change our daughter's routine, especially as we really thought we'd tried everything.

After completing a consultation and interview, Anna devised a bespoke sleep plan for our daughter. Initially we felt some nervous trepidation as it was going to require a lot of dedication and strength from us as parents. But Anna was always patient, sympathetic and supportive. She was always available to talk through any worries and made us really believe in the plan and gave us the confidence to see it through. So much so, after the third night, our daughter slept through the night and I'll never forget the feeling of elation!

A couple of months on and our daughter now sleeps though from 7pm to 6.45am and our lives are transformed. I feel I have a stronger bond with my daughter as the sleep deprivation is no longer there rendering me impatient and irritable. We're all also much more relaxed, confident and happy. I couldn't recommend Anna highly enough and would urge anyone who has had a similar experience to ask her for help, you won't regret it!

From very happy mummy Claire 🙂

"Sally offers a professional and detailed service for any parent needing sleep advice and daily routine. Her approach is kind and caring but highly informative. The initial consultation offers reassurance before you commit financially and the face-to-face video consultation is excellent, lasting 90 minutes. The follow up literature is bespoke and tailored for your child. Sally is there for support and is empathetic when things can go off schedule. Would thoroughly recommend.”

Zoe Mather, Mummy to Sophia, 8 months, Poole


Following 9 months of sleep deprivation my twins are now sleeping through the night & self settling thanks to Sally she has given us our sleep back and made us one happy family. We are so grateful to Sally she's nothing short of a miracle worker & we highly recommend her I only wish we'd contacted her sooner.

C. Trotman, London, Mum of 9 Month old Twins



Our son was 6 months old and has reflux but although this was under control he just was not sleeping. I’m exclusively breastfeeding and night-time’s were so tough, he would wake every hour to feed through the night and daytime naps were so inconsistent. We also have a four year old daughter and to say our house was miserable from lack of sleep is an understatement.

I tried so many things, constantly looking for an answer and nothing ever worked. Then Maria Murphy was recommended to me, I just had to take some control. She turned everything around, and even from our first conversation I knew that things were going to change, for the better! 

Even the first night was nowhere near as hard as I thought it would be and the continued support I received was so needed and appreciated. Our little boy is now 7 months and sleeping through the night for 12 hours, if he wakes he self-settles himself independently back to sleep, he takes 2 good naps during the day and the change in him and us all in unbelievable!

He is weaning now and just such a happy boy! 

I cannot thank Maria enough, she saved me! 

Jodie & Marley (7 months old)

I had to share my experience with Gemma as she’s helped me enormously.

My 10 month old boy was waking constantly through the night for feeds. There were two issues the first being the constant lack of sleep which was exhausting and rendering me useless the second was constantly picking up my son was causing me agony from a slipped disc pre pregnancy and with the added weight week on week it was worsening and unbearable.

I had read many other methods but I needed results quickly due to a fast approaching return to work. I didn’t want to be picking up and putting down all night for fear of further damage to my back. Three nights was all it took and I now breathe a sigh of relief knowing that when I get into bed my back has a full nights recovery before the stresses of tomorrow and a full nights sleep is helping me prepare for getting back to work.

Thankyou again Gemma

From Joanna, GP, and mummy of Jonathan 12 months, Kidderminster , 

Sally and the Baby Sleep the Night programme have literally transformed our lives!
Izzy was 11 months old and waking twice at night. I was feeding her back to sleep each time. I was due to go back to work in a month’s time and was wondering how on earth I would cope on so little sleep. Thankfully that is when we found Sally. We had an initial consultation and Sally really took time to understand Izzy’s routine and what she is like.
Sally came up with a tailored plan for us and it was incredibly easy to implement. We just made some small tweaks to what we were already doing and the results were dramatic. We couldn’t believe that on night three of the programme Izzy slept through the night and has done every night since (two months and counting) despite starting Nursery and picking up several bugs.

Sally was on hand for questions along the way and was always very supportive and responsive.  I can’t recommend Sally and the programme highly enough.

Thank you really has had an incredible impact on our lives!

From Kate - Mummy to Izzy, Kingston-Upon-Thames


Let me begin my review by saying that I am delighted with the results, and cannot recommend Sleep Training with Anna Rosseter strongly enough.

Our seven month old son Alexander, like many children his age, required feeding approximately three times a night when we approached Anna for help. He had recently moved into his own room with a camera to monitor him, and in the instances where he woke up he would need interaction with my wife or myself to get back to sleep and stop crying.

I was initially very sceptical that sleep training would be able to offer any improvements to his sleep routine, suspecting that it was just the current fashion with no scientific foundation. I could not have been more wrong! Within a few days of the start of his sleep training he was able to self-settle himself back to sleep at night with minimal crying, and night feeds were a thing of the past. The daytime naps have also worked very well, and given us the confidence to know when he needs to be interacted with and when he will settle by himself.

The format and quality of the guidance we received as parents was excellent, giving us the tools we needed to understand Alexander’s needs better, and to be strong when we were feeling unsure. The notes and bespoke guidance that were provided were very clear, customised to his specific needs, and highly effective. During the online sessions with Anna we were given detailed explanations of the reasoning behind the instructions, and told how to make fine adjustments where needed.

We followed the instructions and advice to the letter, and saw quick results. Within a few days we were both sleeping soundly through the night, and the whole family (Alexander included) were transformed. We had frequent online sessions to discuss our experiences, and to update us both on the next stage of the process.

It has been a while since our last session now, and I can say with confidence that taking the Sleep Training with Anna Rosseter was a great decision. I feel that Alexander has benefited from having the structure and routine in his life, and from the increased amount of sleep he is able to get. We are more effective as parents because we are getting proper sleep.

If you are unsure I would say it is well worth the investment - a good night's sleep makes all the difference.

(Elliott – Dad to Alexander, age 7 months)


Anna has been truly fantastic in supporting me and my family with our son’s sleep training.

He had a dummy from when he was 8 weeks old and I was particularly nervous about removing the dummy “cold turkey”! Anna was so reassuring and supportive and I had complete faith in her from the beginning.

I have gone from having to sit in my son’s room for at least an hour minimum and going into his room at least 4 or 5 times a night to give him back his dummy, to him sleeping through the night! I have seen such an improvement in not just my son but also myself and my concentration and patience. Thank you Anna!

 (Jodie – mum to Zak, age 13 months)

Anna has changed our lives!

Our baby had started off as a good sleeper and then the 4 month sleep regression started and I was getting up 2-3 times every night, feeding him until he fell back to sleep in my arms and then putting him back in his cot. After 3 months of this I was shattered and knew I couldn’t do it any longer. I fully expected it to take 2 weeks to get him sleeping through the night, as this is how long Anna’s programme is. I was prepared for 2 weeks of sitting next to his cot.

What I didn’t expect is that from the first night our baby would learn the skills he needed to self settle and I would be spending the whole night in my own bed, every night from then on!

Naps during the day took a little longer to establish, but because I had had a full night’s sleep I had the energy to focus on these and tweak nap times until we found the right times for our son.

The programme far exceeded my expectations. He sleeps a lot more than he used to which means I have time to do other things during the day and the time we do spend together is quality time where I can focus on him because I am not rushing around trying to get things done while feeling exhausted!

Anna supported us through the process. She was there at the end of the phone and she responded to emails promptly. We felt confident that we were in the hands of an expert. She certainly has a gift in helping babies sleep. She is a sleep guru!

 (Arabelle – mum to Alexander, age 7 months)

“After months of bed sharing and still waking every few hours to nurse back to sleep we knew something had to change. The sleepless nights were manageable whilst I was on maternity leave, but not compatible with full time working. They also weren’t doing much for our relationship given my husband was relegated to the sofa most nights. 

I wanted a sleep training approach that would work, but that didn’t mean I left my baby to cry it out. Anna devised a personalised plan taking account of our baby’s sleep props, our existing routines and our parenting styles. Everything was laid out step by step and the follow up phonecalls were really reassuring. There were some tears, but I was there to support him whilst he learned and I was amazed how quickly he began to sleep long periods overnight.

He’s now consistently sleeping 11-12 hours overnight and napping for longer during the day. I am so grateful to have my sleep and health back.” 

(Angela - mum to Ashton, age 13 months)

My Husband and I were struggling to get through the night without our 1 year old Son waking up 2-3 times a night. Our Son needed to be rocked/held to sleep every time he woke up. We were all suffering from sleep deprivation which was starting to take its toll on our daily lives.

We decided to contact Gemma for help. Gemma was kind and listened to our struggles and offered a 2 week plan to try and help us to teach our Son a better way of sleeping. Initially the first two nights on the new sleep plan were tough, full of a lot of crying, but we had good advice from Gemma on how to support and comfort our Son through his sleep transition. By Night 4, our Son’s sleep pattern transformed from waking up to 3 times a night to him sleeping up to 12 hours.

Apart from my Husband and myself getting better sleep, we have noticed a big change in our Son’s behaviour, he is now happier and more energetic. We never realised just how important good sleep habits were for children until now.
Thank you Gemma for your help and support and for listening to all of our concerns, but more importantly for helping our Son to gain independence in his sleep journey.

Kind Regards

Karishma Mummy to Khrish age 1 Shirley

Since our son Archie was born in Dec'17 we had not had one full nights sleep from him, or even slept longer than 3 hours at a time. We would have to bring him in our bed, rock him or repeatedly find and pop his dummy back in to settle him. We really were at breaking point.

When our friend passed on Gemmas details, we contacted her immediately ... after a brief phone call we felt confident this would be our best chance at getting Archie's sleep sorted. When we discussed the plan with Gemma over Skype we were eager to put it into practice as soon as possible, although we were nervous parts of it were going to be tough, with Gemmas confidence in her plan and fantastic encouragement and support we really felt it would pay off.

After just 4 minutes of crying on the first night Archie was sound asleep (without his main comfort, his dummy!) he woke only a couple of times during the night and cried for just a couples of minutes before self settling again. This was the best sleep we had all had since Archie was born and it has only improved since with him sleeping for 12 hrs unbroken nearly every night which at one point we thought would never happen.

We are so grateful for Gemma and her fantastic advice, she really has transformed our life!

Thank you

Jannah  Mum to Archie 13 months old -  Knodishall, Suffolk


We first began our journey with Gemma when our little girl was just 3 months old, Gemma was so understanding and supportive but after suffering from postnatal depression with our first child I didn’t feel mentally ready to make the change. Gemma was so kind and told us she would be happy to help us when we were ready.
We went back to Gemma just after Christmas and she has helped us get our daughter sleeping through the night and having two good naps a day. Gemma has just been amazing and we can’t thank her enough.
he made us feel so supported and made it so easy for us. She was always happy to answer any questions we had and was just so helpful and didn’t let us feel like we were doing it alone.

We are so grateful to her.

Annie and Joe parents to Grace age 6 months from Fordingbridge, Hampshire.

Gemma was recommended to us by a friend, I had been in contact with another sleep therapist before speaking to Gemma and it just wasn’t working for us. 

My son was 14 months old and waking every 45 minutes all through the night and barely napping in the day. My husband and I were at breaking point with exhaustion. We have a 4 year old daughter also and a family business so it was crucial we got some help. After speaking to Gemma via Skype, she sent across our plan of action. It was incredibly detailed and we instantly felt this was the right approach. 

Gemma supported us throughout the sleep training, she was always there with encouraging words of advice and gave us confidence that we could crack the sleep issue. Within 2 weeks our son was sleeping 12 hours a night, and having a 2 hour sleep in the day. We even managed to have our first night away in 18 months without the children within two weeks of starting the programme!!  

I can’t recommend Gemma enough. She’s worth her weight in gold!!

Thanks so much again for your help, Logan is still sleeping through and having a good two hour nap in the day! 

He’s even going down awake and babbling to himself happily until he falls asleep 

Thanks again 

Emma Mummy to Logan 14 months


When I contacted Sally I had a nearly 3 year old that had never in his life slept through the night. He would take up to 40 minutes to get cuddle off to sleep after milk, wake during the night up to 4 times and always end up in our bed so I could have whatever sleep I could.

After meeting Sally I immediately felt positive that things could change, when explaining the current bedtime routine, I never felt judged that he was in our bed, or I was cuddling him off to sleep. Sally came up with a detailed plan how to change things, it was simple and straightforward and well explained. It was also adaptable to our family. After the first night of the new routine I was genuinely shocked how well it had worked. He had fallen asleep on his own without milk or a cuddle at a sensible time for the first time ever, when he woke in the night, the plan Sally had in place was followed and he settled each time in his bed alone.

A follow up call to see how things went and if I needed any extra support was always gratefully received. It was nice to have someone check in with us to make sure it was all going to plan. By day 4 he was going to bed alone, sleeping through and staying in his bed until the sleep clock signalled he could get up.

We are 3 weeks in and bedtime is now a pleasure to do. Sally has helped restore ‘normality’ back into our house. My little boy now gets 12 hours uninterrupted sleep, he isn't having as many tantrums and is generally a happier little boy to be around. I am also getting a nights sleep, I have more patience with everyone, we have our evenings back, along with our bed. Getting this help was as much for myself as it was for my little boy. I would highly recommend Sally to anyone.

Nicola, Mummy to Zach age 3

I contacted Sally for help with our son’s sleep when he was 7 months old. After initially experiencing 4 ½ months of reasonable sleep Joe’s regular sleep patterns suddenly changed and he was often waking 5 or 6 times during the night breastfeeding each time, only falling asleep with feeding. It was exhausting for me and impacting negatively on our family life.

Sally was very thorough getting to know us as a family, Joe’s routine and his sleep associations. She drew up a detailed sleep plan that was unique to us and easy to follow. I was anxious at first, but Sally was able to put my mind at rest with her consistent support. I feel that we were given just the right balance of assistance and independence. She was quick to acknowledge our persistence and celebrate any progress made. Also, Sally was quick to adapt the plan when necessary following our feedback.

Within a few nights Joe was sleeping for longer stretches at night and waking less often, settling himself quickly. Before the end of the first week he was sleeping through the night. Now at 8 months Joe consistently settles himself to sleep independently at bedtime and for naps, sleeps for 12 hours and wakes happily. This has been a very positive experience for our family and so my husband and I would 100% recommend Sally to other parents with similar sleep dilemmas.

Genevieve and Joe

We were recommended ‘baby sleep the night’ by a friend, and are so glad that we went ahead and used Gemma for sleep training. Our 7 month old son had never napped well in the daytime, and nighttime sleeping was getting worse by the day. Eventually we were exhausted and desperate so we decided to try sleep training. 

It honestly was the best decision we have made. Gemma was so friendly and helpful, with lots of knowledge to share with us, and kept in regular contact to offer support. Our son now settles himself to sleep, sleeps through the night, and has consistent naps in the day. 

I can’t thank Gemma enough and would recommend her to anyone! There really is no need to suffer with sleep deprivation as this plan genuinely works.

Thanks again Gemma 

Sophie Mum to 7 month old Reggie - Southampton

Newborn sleep programme, ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Sally has been invaluable in the advice and support she has offered as part of a new born sleep programme for my daughter. Her approach is practical, straight forward and guarantees excellent results.

Sally has listened to the issues I have been facing and offered a comprehensive package which has shown good progress and results so far and I look forward to keeping in touch with her to update on progress.

I would recommend Sally whole heartedly for anyone considering sleep advice for their babies and children.

Natasha, Mummy to baby girl Aria, 6 weeks old. 



"Sally was professional, but extremely thoughtful, understanding and above all knowledgeable.

She turned my nights from up every hour going between the two kids rooms to the first full nights sleep I had had in a year in a matter of a week ( with the baby sleeping through after one night!). Thank you Sally! "

Laura, Mummy to 9 mths and 3yr old boys, Dulwich, London


I started working with Maria when my daughter was over 4 and a half years old. I actually thought I was too late that a child of this age was too old to be sleep trained, but I was wrong.

From day 1 Maria put me at ease explaining that if I stuck to the plan we discussed together that Kate would sleep through the night & she did. Previous to this I was lying beside Kate in her bed hoping she wound fall asleep quickly before I did but many times this didn’t happen & I would wake up in the middle of the night still in her bed. When I moved Kate would then follow me to my own bed so neither of us were getting a good night’s sleep & that led to tiredness & crankiness on both sides. I’m delighted to say Kate is now sleeping for 11-12 hours in her own bed each night.  If she wakes she re-settles herself back to sleep independently.  

She’s in better form & myself & my husband feel the benefits of having our evenings back and some time for us. We have a new bedtime routine with Kate that she absolutely loves. I would highly recommend Maria and I can’t thank her enough for what’s she’s done for our family. 

Kind Regards

Emma & Kate (4 years 10 months old)

"A massive thank you for all your help and guidance to sleep train Alex. I felt like I just got a baby who never slept and he'd grow out of it. I just thought it was something "we just get on with", being constantly tired. Thank you for being so supportive and being on hand and having such patience and understanding of exactly what we were trying to achieve.

 When I got in contact with Maria, Alex was 2, still waking for bottles at night, had a dummy, was held while falling asleep. With your amazing plan, he now sleeps in his own room, and is an independent sleeper, who no longer wakes in the night and if he does he re-settles himself independently.

 It truly is the stuff you dream of. I can't thank you enough." 

 Barbara & Alex (2 years old)

"Our son Oscar, aged two and a half, hadn't slept through the night since he was five months old. It could take hours for him to settle and our sleep would be disrupted every night, with him waking up to three or four times. We had a routine in place, but clearly it wasn't working. 

 Maria really took the time to find out more about Oscar and his sleep patterns and habits. When she presented us with a new bedtime routine to follow, we thought it was mad - there was no way Oscar was going to cope with these changes (or us for that matter). How wrong we were - Oscar adapted so quickly and the difference was noticeable even after the first night. Bedtime has now become a really enjoyable experience for us all. 

 Oscar is sleeping through the night and settling down quickly - we've even had the odd lay in. Most importantly, we're all feeling so much happier and healthier as a result. 

 Maria has been a fantastic support throughout the whole process, guiding us every step of the way and we couldn't have done it without her. She's made what we thought was the impossible, possible."

 Hannah, Tom & Oscar (2 ½ years old)


Working with Maria has literally changed our lives. My baby was only sleeping for an hour and a half at a time on a bad night and three hours on a good night. She would cry out for milk or her dummy and I never had a decent night’s sleep. Since working with Maria she has guided us and supported us to make small adjustments that have worked wonders! My baby is now in her own room and only wakes once during the night. When she wakes she doesn’t cry or call out and re-settles herself back to sleep independently when she’s ready. She is in her bed for 12 hours and we all now feel amazing! Would highly recommend Maria if anyone else is struggling with their baby sleeping through the night or their baby not being able to fall asleep independently’

 Thank you again for all your help,

She is still sleeping ‘like a baby’

 Danny, Serina and Baby Darcey (6 months old)

Our 2.5 year old was a great sleeper as baby but the moment he turned 2 it all went to pot! As the months went by it got harder and harder to get him to sleep. Finally after 6 months when only I was the one able to put him to bed (usually after hours of crying and me eventually sitting on the floor while he fell asleep) and I hadn’t read with my eldest for months, we decided enough was enough.

Being a bit sceptical about sleep training (how can you sleep train a stubborn 2.5 year old??) we kept telling ourselves it was a phase......then along came Jana!

She patiently got to know our son, routines and the whole family in great detail. She was understanding and flexible with our plan and there every step of the way, checking in with us daily and being a constant reassurance on the difficult days. When a short bout of illness set us back a few days Jana was still there supporting us through night times with a poorly one and giving us routines to suit his needs.

Our son is now an amazing sleeper, he goes to bed immediately, on his own at 7pm and I get to read every night with my eldest. I have a happy son, a happy House and I’m a happy mummy. I couldn’t recommend Jana and her gift of sleep enough!

From very happy mummy Sam

When we heard about sleep consultants it made us think about how well our own children sleep. 

We had always thought they both slept well as they rarely woke during the night, but we realised that our 6-year old daughter had gradually started going to sleep later and later, sometimes not until 9.30 at night.  Jana designed an easy to follow sleep program for us, along with helpful advice about our daughter’s bedroom (such as the colour of the night light) and supported us through implementing it.  Within 1 week our daughter’s sleep time gradually got earlier and has now come down by over an hour.  We are so glad we asked Jana for help, this has made a huge difference to our daughter during the day and our evenings are now much less stressful. 

Thank you, Jana.

Katherine and Mark, parents of 6 year old Harriet


Jana is a fantastic sleep consultant she really gave us the tools to help our little girl sleep through the night in her own bed after a short two consultation.

I could count on one hand how many times my 2.5 year old daughter had slept through the night and yet day two of following Jana’s programme she was going to bed with no tears, loving her big girl bed and would happily go back to bed if she woke up in the middle of the night.

I never thought we would see such quick results but within a few days we were getting a full nights sleep and starting to feel much more human. 

Sarah, mother of 2.5 year old Grace

I am happy with the results achieved with the support and orientation from Lucy. Our little baby girl, who was 17 months-old when we initiated the process, had a really hard time to sleep by herself as she was completely addicted to milk bottles, dummies and heavily cuddle dependent as part of her sleeping routine. I usually took an average of 2 hours every single night to make her sleep.

Following the instructions provided by Lucy we managed to achieve good and tangible results. The new process was initiated on a Friday and after a long and tough weekend, we finally managed to make our baby forget the dummy. My husband and I also followed strictly the new sleeping guidelines provided by Lucy and as a result the overall getting to sleep process reduced to 10 minutes on average. Such results were achieved on a 10-day window so it`s also considerably quick but it does require a lot of commitment and determination from the parents to maximize results. We really thank Lucy for her support as we see our baby growing more settled and independent while my husband and I also have more extra time for ourselves during the nights.

Thank you very much!!

Kleber and Angela

Before we started on Lucy's sleep plan our 8-month-old daughter was waking up every 45 mins to 2 hours, every single night, from birth. It made me beyond exhausted. We had tried everything we could think of to help her sleep longer but nothing we tried was working, until we started sleep therapy with Lucy.

At first I was quite apprehensive that the plan wouldn't work, I thought that Lucy was being too ambitious, but we noticed an improvement after the first night. We had a few setbacks due to illness, but now she is sleeping at least 11 hours straight through the night every night.

The plan was easy to follow and understand and Lucy was a dream to work with. She was so friendly and approachable and didn't even tell me off when I went off plan but helped us to get back on track. I would absolutely recommend Lucy to anyone struggling with sleep issues. She's actually changed our lives, I couldn't thank her enough. 

Gemma – Mom to Lowenna 8 months old.

When I first contacted Lucy regarding sleep training, my 8 month old son was waking up to 10 times a night and feeding every 2 hours during the night, feeding himself to sleep and often being brought into our bed. During the day he was napping 3 times after being rocked to sleep but only staying asleep for 30 minutes at a time and often only napping on my chest. 

I kept hoping it was the 4 month sleep regression, then that it would improve when he was on solids and then when he went into his own room but none of these improved a thing and I was exhausted! Lucy straight away reassured me that we had been doing a good job and that with some guidance and tweaks we could achieve a full nights sleep, I think I laughed at her at this point, I was very sceptical but was hoping she was right. 

The initial full consultation was extremely informative, and I felt confident and excited to put the plan into practice. The first night although taking him a while to settle was fantastic and it was the first time that I had not held my baby in over 12 hours as he did not require my assistance to get himself back to sleep and didn’t need feeding through the night and it’s improved daily since then. 

We had a couple of minor setbacks with my son catching a cold on night 2 and then he learnt his new skill of rolling over but getting stuck, but with Lucys reassurance we continued with the plan and still managed to make progress. Within a few days we had mastered the day naps with him happily babbling to himself before getting himself comfortable and drifting off in a few minutes without a single cry and sleeping 1.5-2 hours a time. 

During the consultations and email follow up a few minor things were tweaked in response to how we were progressing and by night 13 he had achieved a solid 11.5 hours sleep and perfect naps. It has resulted in a huge improvement for the whole family, my little boy is generally happier and well rested, my husband has more confidence with my son due to the routine and lack of dependence on being breastfed for comfort, I feel amazing for finally getting some sleep and having energy to play all day, the house is looking cleaner and as a couple we have managed to regain our evenings getting some wind-down time after babies bedtime and no child in the middle of our bed. 

I can whole heatedly say that without the one-to-one guidance and follow up with Lucy I would not have been as successful so quickly and most likely would not have seen it through and would still be foolishly hoping that sleep would improve at the next milestone whilst becoming more and more exhausted. I would highly recommend Lucy to any other exhausted parents, we cannot thank her enough x 

Laura – Mom to George 8.5 months old.

As a mum, I recognized that my son’s sleeping was not ideal. (Never mind, my own.) By 2 and a half he had still not ‘slept through’, required about an hour to ‘get off’ to sleep, and was waking regularly, requiring co-sleeping, and breastfeeding to get back to sleep. Whilst this had worked in the short term, it was clear that things were not going to change without something drastic. I was worried that the poor sleep habit would impact on his health and education in the longer term, and his behavior, so that is why I engaged Lucy’s help. In the past, the only advice offered to us by a health visitor was to leave our son to cry, which was uncomfortable for me, so I was relieved to find there was an alternative solution.

Lucy was very helpful and approachable from the start, relating easily to our worries and without judging our decisions or parenting, which was a relief. As Lucy is a mum, she knew and understood what my worries and concerns would be and did much to reassure me as the process went.

Lucy’s plan provided exactly what we needed, it was simple and easy to follow. Importantly for me, it also did not require us to leave our son to cry or shut him away with a stairgate. The plan progressed quickly, and our son responded way beyond our expectations; by the third night he was settling quickly back to sleep after waking. Lucy called us regularly and offered her support. We had one bad night when our son was ill, and Lucy immediately offered to call to offer her advice regarding back up plans and reassured us that we could get back on track, which we did.

Lucy checked in with us over email daily and offered further advice and tweaked aspects of our routine. After two weeks our son has finally ‘slept through’ for two nights, and bed time no longer involves an hour of lying on the bed ‘demonstrating how to sleep’. This hour is now better spent playing and reading, and bed time is an enjoyable process. He has learned his routine and looks forward to all aspects of it, as do we.

I would not hesitate to recommend Lucy’s help and advice to anyone with a child who has trouble sleeping. Sleep is such an important part of development. As a parent, I needed some structure, and to have confidence in what I was doing, which Lucy provided. We are very grateful to her for her valued expertise.

Wendy – Mom to Harrison 2.5 years old.

"Kelly has just been an amazing help to get a routine with our 9months old boy, most importantly to achieve him to sleep 12 hours (7pm to 7am) with no waking up in the middle of the night and nap well over over the day.
Adrian was falling sleep with me feeding him, in my arms, and then giving him the dummy and putting him in the cot when he was sleep, obviously was waking up in the middle of the night a few times, either for the dummy or just because wanted to be close to us, so he ended up sleeping with us in the bed. I was starting working and he was starting nursery, so we needed some help to improve this situation....My partner was a bit against an sleep consultant because of the money and he thought we could do it ourselves, but I needed some help and some support and someone that actually know how to do it... so I decided to go for it...and has been the best money we ever spent in this 9 months of parenthood, and my partner by the second night was just super impressed as well as so impressed by the support I had from Kelly not only for my little boy, as well she was caring for me. Kelly was all the time available on the phone or email if I had any questions or any worries, and she was reinforcing me that I was doing a good job. She just changed our lives and we are a couple again, with a little boy that sleeps all night and naps very well at home and at nursery, and self-settles in the middle of the night if he wakes up. So now I can have a proper rest and sleep. If we have a second one, we will contact her again earlier to start the routine and the self settling situation earlier ;-). I could not recommend her strongly enough"

Thanks for all your help and support, has been amazing working with you and I m sure we ll contact you again for more help, if needed it 😉

Maria, mummy to Adrian 9 months.

‘After 6 months of very little sleep I knew we had to do something about Albie’s sleep pattern. A family member told me about Gemma’s Facebook page, so I had a look.
I read all of Gemma’s testimonials and about her and I knew we needed to contact her. I was adamant I would not do ‘cry it out’ and also didn’t want my breastfeeding journey to change. We had a 15 minute consultation with Gemma, and she discussed our situation and told us a little bit about herself. She was so friendly and reassuring that we weren’t doing anything wrong. We decided to go ahead with Gemma, and a few days later had our consultation via FaceTime. Gemma discussed in detail how the plan would work and reassured us and answered any questions we had. Night 1 was difficult and there were a few tears, but we were able to reassure and comfort Albie every step of the way. By night 2 Albie was sleeping through the night, and has continued to do so since.
We cannot thank Gemma enough, sleep deprivation is like torture and now we are all getting more sleep and we couldn’t be happier as a family.

Thanks so much Gemma!’

From Amy and Gary,  Halesowen , baby Albie 6 months 


Kelly Dawson is incredible and I urge any Mums/Parents who have been battling with sleep issues to go to her!

Rory had slept possibly 7 nights through the night after his 16 week injections up until the age of 28 months!! Most nights I was up for 2-3hours sitting on the landing. Two weeks ago after feeling I’d tried everything I got in contact with Kelly. I honestly didn’t believe she would be able to help us. We spoke a lot and she tailored Rory his own sleep plan which I was hugely apprehensive about but after being sleep deprived for so long I threw all my trust in her and did everything she asked. With her amazing support 2 days in Rory slept through the night independently and 2 weeks later he sleeps through the night without his milk, dummy, white noise, he’s not cuddled to sleep. I simple say goodnight and leave for 12 hours!! ..... and he now loves going to bed!!! (I’ve totally just jinxed it now haven’t I! �)
If you are even thinking about it just do it! She’s bloomin’ fantastic and in my eyes an angel who has made my boy sleep and be so much happier for it!!!!
We can’t thank her enough!!

Karen, mum to Rory aged 2yrs old.

I first came across Baby Sleep the Night at my local mum and baby club when Karen gave a talk about sleep and sleep tips. At that point I was breastfeeding my little one to sleep at night and every time he woke in the night he would need to be fed or rocked back to sleep. He would only nap in the pram or car during the day and would cry until I picked him up if I ever tried to put him down for a nap in his cot during the day. After 6 months of broken sleep, walking miles during the day to get him to sleep and knowing friends whose toddlers still weren’t sleeping well, we decided to see if Baby Sleep the Night could help us establish good sleeping habits that would not only improve our lives and our baby’s quality of sleep in the short term, but also set him up for the future.

Kelly’s bio appealed to us because she said she created a plan tailored to each family’s circumstances. From my initial chat with Kelly she put me at ease and gave me confidence she would be able to help us. We coincided starting the plan with moving the little man into his own room. The first night was tough as Kelly had indicated it would be, but within a few nights he was sleeping through the night, settling himself when he woke and falling asleep on his own rather than needing me to feed him to sleep. I couldn’t believe that he could go from waking several times a night to sleeping through in such a short space of time...!

Kelly told us that improving naps would be harder and she wasn’t wrong! Having learnt to fall asleep on his own, my little one started napping in his cot straight away which was great, but naps were short for the first couple of weeks. It probably took him a month to get used to having a decent length morning nap and about three months to start having decent length naps in the afternoon too.

I have so much more energy now that I’m getting a decent night’s sleep and have even been able to start exercising again whereas before I was too tired! And my little boy is so much more content now he is getting plenty of sleep. I have recommended Kelly to a number of my friends who are having difficulties with their babies’ sleep and have said to all of them that this has been the best money I have ever spent. Having a baby is life changing, but Kelly’s help in getting my baby to sleep through the night has also been life changing. I can enjoy being a mum so much more now I am no longer tired all the time. Thank you Kelly for all your help!

Caroline, mum to Leo aged 5 mths.

Right through the night from about 6 weeks so we were wholly unprepared for our second baby to be such a nightmare with his sleeps! From day one he would not sleep without cuddles from either myself or my husband and for about 3 months we shared a bed with him. Not ideal! And completely puzzling seeing as we did nothing different than we did with our daughter! It was all so frustrating.
When we finally got him into his own room and his own cot we understood there might be a bit of an adjustment period but he was constantly unsettled. A GOOD night would be him waking up 3 or 4 times a night. A bad night it could be 8 to 10 times. The only thing that would settle him would be a bottle or his dummy. When he turned 10 months we were at the end of our tether and contacted Kelly. Kelly was amazingly supportive from the start and her advice and structured sleep schedule was put together with a view to starting the process one Friday night. Kelly warned us the first night might be a little tricky but it would improve……. Well, our boy settled himself within 8 minutes that first night and slept through the night from 7pm to 7am. We could not believe it! From that day to now he has been so much better and it really has made us all a much happier family with less stress and more energy. We really can’t thank Kelly enough or recommend her highly enough!

Helen, Mum to Benji aged 10

Highly recommended!!

After more than 3.5 years of sleep deprivation with my second child, I saw something on Facebook written by Sally and decided to give her a call as she was offering free 15 minute consultations. I was ready to try anything! 

From the moment I started speaking with her, she made me feel at ease and that I wasn’t alone. Although I wasn’t convinced that there would be anything she could do that would work - however to my utter astonishment IT WORKED! And what’s more, he started SLEEPING THROUGH THE WHOLE NIGHT BY DAY 2 of the plan! This is something that had NEVER happened in the past. 
Now, if he wakes up in the night he is able to settle himself back to sleep and no longer comes into our bed at all.
The difference that him sleeping has made to the whole family is astounding - life changing in fact!
Thank you Sally for helping us get our life back. I just wish I had asked for your help sooner.

Samantha, Mummy to Arthur 4 years, Poole, Dorset

When we were having problems getting our six month old daughter to self-settle, we didn't waste much time in getting some professional help, and we are so happy we did. We'd had months of breastfeeding problems earlier on, and in hindsight we wished we'd got help sooner for that rather than struggling on, so when it came to sleep being an issue we knew it would be well worth it. We'd been happily co-sleeping from very early on, and for a while it worked well and we all managed to get some rest. But as time went on my daughter started breastfeeding more and more during the night and getting increasingly restless, disturbing herself and us. Not being able to put her to bed before us was a big issue too - she would fall asleep feeding on me and then have to be woken to come up to bed when we did. My husband works evenings so I'd be alone tied to the sofa all night and then she'd wake up grumpy and crying while I tried to get us ready for bed. No fun for either of us! And with my return to work coming up in a few months we knew we needed to get it sorted as soon as possible.

We did try to put her down ourselves for about a week, but she ended up crying for three hours straight in our arms one night after we'd attempted to put her in her pristine, unused co-sleeping crib! After deciding we needed professional advice, I found Kelly online and read her testimonials and couldn't believe she'd managed to help someone in a very similar situation to ours. On speaking to Kelly I had complete faith that she could help us, but also couldn't help wondering if our baby would be that one that was impossible to help!

The results have been absolutely amazing, and Kelly has been a huge support every step of the way. From the first night of sleep training we were able to get our daughter to sleep in her own cot in her own room, having only ever slept right next to me in our bed. At first we were still giving her a feed during the night, more for our peace of mind as she'd been feeding so much before, but within five nights she dropped this and slept through from 7pm until 7am. It's been life-changing. Within ten days we were able to pop her down, say goodnight and leave the room and have our evenings back and a restful, full night's sleep. And it is so much better for our baby to get the sleep she needs. Even teething didn't get in the way of Kelly's programme - our daughter's first two teeth popped through a couple of days in to sleep training and she was quite miserable but it didn't affect her sleep.

I would not hesitate to recommend Kelly, and I have done to all of my friends. It is the best money we've spent since having our daughter and we've been so impressed by the amount of support and personal investment Kelly has put in to helping us. She feels like a family friend now. We really can't thank her enough.

Jodea, Well rested Mummy to Larke 6 months

We used Gemma’s service when we had found ourselves stuck in a routing of feeding our 10 month old boy to sleep. 

He refused to let anyone or anything else settle him apart from feeding from me. 

We had tried other techniques ourselves and had read a lot online that gave conflicting answers and routines to solve the problem. We turned to Gemma and since then have not looked back!  She was super friendly, offered to come to the house to meet us and discuss our current routine and what we wanted to achieve. She didn’t pass judgment or make us feel in the wrong which is something I think all parents struggle with. 

Gemma’s plan was perfect, the first few nights were a struggle for us but she was there for any questions we had and kept us going with support and positive feedback which we were so grateful for. Our baby boy was particularly stubborn but she kept us going and came forward with things to try to help solve new problems. Thanks to her support, guidance and perfect sleeping plan we now have a happy 1 year old who is sleeping unaided through the night. He has easily self settled through teething and illness since introducing the routine. 

Nights away are also now particularly easy as the routine it is also easily passed onto to friends and grandparents which is perfect!

We would like to say a big thank you to Gemma and would recommend her help and expertise to anyone seeking assistance with their child’s sleep!

P.S We have never slept better

Jessica and Jonathan parents to Jacob age 12 months, Stourbridge 

I contacted Gemma in sheer desperation as didn't know how to juggle my week old baby as well as my 2 year old son who wouldn't self settle.
My son (who had always been fed/rocked to sleep) would also wake in the night and need cuddling back to sleep but could often be awake anywhere between 1-4hrs which was not an option with a newborn!  

After starting the plan, by night 2, my son nodded off within 10 minutes all by himself and slept through - I couldn't believe it! There were a few testing moments & tears which Gemma said to expect but 4 weeks later, I'm now able to say goodnight to my son at 7:00pm, turn his light off, leave the room and he goes to sleep on his own and sleeps right through to 6:00-7:00am. One month ago I honestly didn't think it was possible! 

Gemma's plan was very clear and simple to follow and thanks to her advice and support I now have a happy 2 year old who is better behaved in the day thanks to getting more sleep. Sadly my newborn hasn't quite perfected the art of sleep so no extra sleep for me just yet but I now know who to call if help is ever needed! 

Thank you Gemma for giving me my sanity back - am now less stressed, have more energy and actually have an evening where I can sit down and eat dinner with my husband. Just wish I had done it a lot sooner!

Fiona mum to Spencer age 2, Surrey 

I decided to find a sleep consultant as my 3rd baby hadn't slept for more than 3 hours at a time since birth.
From age 3 months to 6 months he had taken to waking almost every hour and we were on our knees with exhaustion as we also had a 2 year old and 4 year old. Gemma was highly recommended on a local parents networking page so we set up a 15 min consultation. From the start she was clear and confident and guaranteed she could help us. Better yet she offered face to face consultations and for me this made all the difference as most sleep consultants just do everything by email and phone. Gemma actually met all of us and reviewed my baby's sleeping arrangement. She offered options for how to deal with sleep training and put together a detailed plan to deal with all eventualities. The most important thing of all was the support. Gemma was in contact with us each day. We never felt unsure about what we needed to do. Our baby slept 9 hours the first night and was weaned off the dummy, rocking and feeding. Not only that, she helped us get a handle on his feeding routine which was important as he had reflux and had never drunk more than a few ounces at a time. I can honestly say the service is life changing and wholeheartedly recommend Gemma to anyone dealing with a poor sleeper. Most importantly- my baby is happier and content.

From Angelyn mum to Thoren 7 months. From Shirley 


Unable to cope any longer with what had become a 7 month nightmare of sleepless nights I turned to Gemma for a solution and thank goodness I did. Gemma put me instantly at ease and I knew after our initial chat that she could help me and my solution was just around the corner. I was very adamant that I didn’t want to jeopardize breast feeding and she took this and the needs of my older children into account.
I now have a peaceful household all night long, my older children are performing better at school without disruptive nights and I have my sanity back. I wish I had known about her earlier!

Jenny, mum to Jonty aged 7 months  GP from Worcestershire.



I couldn't face another winter of 430am get-ups, so I consulted with Gemma who devised a comprehensive, individually tailored plan for my child. She was comprehensive in explaining the plan and offered constant support in getting us started, even including a few tweaks along the way.

I am both happy and amazed to say that we have had a few "something past 6 wake-ups!! I hope this continues, but I honestly can't thank Gemma enough for sharing her knowledge and expertise.

Highly recommended!

Holly, mum to Freddie 22 months, Longbridge

I used to have to rock, “sshh” and pat my baby to sleep, after sleeping for around 2-3 hours he would then wake and needed to be nursed back to sleep almost every hour all night long! We co-slept, with him attached to me through the night I found myself stuck, uncomfortable and desperate for sleep. With my husband away during the week for work and the return to work myself looming, we decided that enough was enough and we BOTH needed better sleep and it was time to transition him to his own cot. I found Kelly’s profile on the website and something drew me to her, she was approachable and seemed to really know her stuff. Kelly’s guidance and support has been life changing. At first my husband was sceptical, we even made a bet: split the cost 50/50 and if it worked, he would pay the total cost! I myself was a bit anxious as I was breastfeeding so wasn’t sure exactly how our baby would sleep through the night when I had been nursing him back to sleep every hour some nights!

There was no ‘cry it out’, I simply offered reassurance for him to learn how to self-settle. On the first night he went to sleep on his own after just 9 minutes. By night two, he slept through the night.

To say we were astonished would be an understatement! Kelly has been a life line and she was on hand to help for the next 4 weeks whilst we established a day routine to improve his naps. She was patient, supportive and trustworthy. She even helped steer me back on track when we had a minor set-back! Kelly clearly knows what she is doing as she was able to tweak and customise a plan for our baby in order to meet his needs and to prevent him from being under or overtired. Also, my husband and I finally have our evenings back!! Our son reliably goes to sleep in his own cot at 6:30/7pm and we can go out again, with the confidence in knowing that he will not make a peep until 6:30am at the earliest. We have already been on several date nights now the grandparents have an easy job of watching the monitor for a few hours! This has had such a positive impact on not only my energy, but our relationship and my confidence in returning to work knowing that our parents and the nanny have a clear routine to follow and our baby will reliably sleep when he needs to. I owe this all to Kelly and I could not be more grateful for her help. Now I just need to remind my husband about that money… 😉

From Alex

'I contacted Sally when my son Max was 4.5 months old. I was completely exhausted and after breastfeeding on demand up until this point, I was ready for some more structure in the day and more sleep at night. Sally helped us tremendously with both. There is a lot of conflicting advice on the web about sleep training and with a demanding toddler in the house as well as a newborn, I didn't have the time or energy to tackle this on my own. Sally came up with a reliable plan for Max based on our individual needs and most importantly provided support in the days and weeks following. Max's sleep quickly improved after working with Sally but when things didn't go "according to plan", I was able to talk to her about what to do and make a plan for the next day and night. Her knowledge and experience gave us confidence to be consistent with Max's sleep training until we were all sleeping well. Sally is also just a lovely person to speak to and when I was feeling exhausted, I felt in very good hands.' 

Clare, Mummy to Max, 5 months, Switzerland 

“I came to Becky for help for my 7 month old son because it was taking two hours to get him to sleep, using a mixture of feeding and rocking, both of which were losing their effectiveness. It was also a nightmare getting him to have naps and we had no set routine. After just one night using her techniques, my son was settling himself to sleep unaided- something I never thought I’d see! Following a routine and also being able to self settle has changed all our lives incredibly.
The early wake ups and nap lengths have taken a bit longer but Becky has given us the tools to help with these. She has given extra time and support to help us through and didn’t just abandon us which made such a difference.
My son is a happier and more content boy and my husband and I have regained so much time and sanity! I would recommend Becky and these techniques to anyone. It was so worthwhile.”

Fiona, Mum to Joshua (7 months), Emsworth

“We had a consultation with Becky back on the 22nd April. Our little boy (20 months) would wake for anywhere between 2 and 4 hours every few nights and would scream unless he had cuddles and a bottle. Becky's guidance was great, and apart from on the very first night I have not had to go in to his room at all. He now sleeps from 7pm until usually about 6am (but I don't go in and get him up and out of his cot until 6.45) and if he does stir in the night he settles himself back down fairly quickly. It's really made a huge difference.”

Emmaline, Mum to Sebastian, Portsmouth

"We first contacted Becky in desperation when our son was 5.5 months old following recommendation by a friend.

At this stage, we were finding things quite difficult to deal with…. our son had never slept for more than 5 hours straight (a very recent development at this stage!) and was awake most of the day and night, feeding on average every 2 hours. We had already started early weaning under medical advice in the hope of helping him to sleep a little more and routinely pounded the pavements in rain, hail or shine as he would only sleep in his moving pram and woke as soon as we arrived home, refusing to settle in his crib.We were beyond exhausted!

After our initial consultation with Becky, she formulated a bespoke sleep plan for our son and we set a date for implementation following a holiday and house move. Once we got going, the results were astonishing! By the end of the first week, our baby was sleeping through the night until 7am and had started to settle into two solid daytime naps. By the end of the second week, he was happy to be put down to bed and had really settled into his schedule (as well as sprouting his first tooth!)

Becky was so supportive during this time and it helped us to focus our efforts knowing that we would be reporting back to her for her feedback and advice. She was professional, empathetic and offered really helpful solutions based on any concerns or when we encountered blips in the road. Our son, Cameron is now almost 8 months old and could not be happier and as a result, we are too. The difference this has made to us is really incredible and has really turned things around.

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Becky to anyone who is struggling with this problem - there is light at the end of the tunnel! Honestly Becky, thanks so much again - it really has been a game changer for us.”

Siobhan, Mum to Cameron, 8 Months, Surrey

With our very strong willed one year old daughter fighting sleep each night for up to two hours, we were at breaking point as a family.

As the afternoons rolled into evenings we started to dread what was coming each night. Over time we'd fallen into all sorts of bad habits; getting her to sleep on the bottle, rocking her and letting her sleep on our bed only to then move the ticking time bomb into her cot when she'd finally drifted off. She'd wake at least once a night then be up at 5ish ready to start the day. 

We bought books, read online plans, took advice from friends (and strangers) in a desperate bid to help. Everything seemed so harsh to us. We weren't prepared to leave her on her own to cry herself to sleep when she'd had us at her beck and call since she was born. That leap just felt too big for us to attempt. 

A friend of a friend suggested we look into Baby Sleep the Night . . . Who even knew sleep consultants were a thing!? I contacted Becky and we were booked in for our consultation quickly due to a cancellation. The extremely comprehensive consultation instantly made us feel better. Becky explained to us how sleep actually works, how much our baby should be having and confidently reassured us that things would get better really quickly as she could clearly see where we were falling down with her bedtime routine.  

So desperate we were to get her sleeping sorted, we started that very night. Within 3 days we went from a 2 hour grueller of a bedtime to just 45mins. By night 9 we were putting her down in her cot awake and leaving the room for her to settle herself. My days used to revolve around driving our daughter round in the car or her pram to get her to nap- now she happily gets into her cot for a 2 hour lunch time nap! The difference it has made to our family life is incredible.

Along the way Becky has been a constant support, checking in and answering my every question no matter how erratic and emotional they were. I'd secretly like to keep her on speed dial just in case but she reassured me on our closing call that we're more than set up to go it alone.

Our darling daughter is happier now she's getting all the sleep she needs, as are her Mummy and Daddy who no longer bicker about the many possible reasons for the daily bedtime battles we used to have.

We just wish we'd met Becky sooner! We can't thank her enough xx

Faye, Mum to Rosie, 12 months, Corby

“When our son was 15 months old we noticed he was regressing with his sleep. We were also aware of the different routines he had with nursery and 2 sets of grandparents- all of whom had a different style to getting him to sleep.

We were absolutely broken by our son's sleep pattern and felt exhausted. We decided it was time to get advice from an expert. 

During the first consultation with Becky it was obvious we had no structure at all. But Becky didn't judge us. She gave us lots of simple advice which we took on board. Initially i found it very difficult to be firm and stick to the schedule, but after 1 week we found we had our evenings back and a happier, more alert child during the day. 

We cant thank Becky enough and would recommend her to our friends and family.”

Shiv, Mum to Aran, London

“Our son had gone backwards in terms of his sleep routine, often staying awake until 9pm and sometimes 10pm! He would often wake in the middle of the night and wouldn't settle unless he jumped in bed with us. Becky's wonderful advice and support soon had our son in a clockwork routine which not only meant we had our nights back, our son became more alert and happy.
This has really changed our lives
so I'd recommend it for all parents who are experiencing the same.
Becky is brilliant
and tailored our plan around our situation. We will always be grateful.”

Sen, Dad to Aran, 18 months,  London

“Having a clingy, breastfed and co-sleeping baby, I would never believe this could work, but it DOES. I used to spend my evenings up and down the stairs responding to my baby and sometimes not bothering to attempt to sneak back downstairs. My husband was in the spare room due to me having to feed every hour throughout the night. I used to have to have him on me for nap times and was stuck for sometimes hours.


Now my little one sleeps in his own room, from 6.45-6.45 and for 2 naps during the day. 

Becky listened to my concerns and completely understood mine and my babies needs. She is there throughout the process providing support and advice responding to emails, texts and calls which shows she cares about what she does.


Our family life has now changed for the better and most importantly everyone is sleeping!”


Vicky, Mum to Oscar, 9 months, Portsmouth

“Teaching our son to sleep properly was one of the best decisions we have ever made. It wasn’t easy at first but Becky was absolutely amazing supporting us through every single step. In particular we liked that Becky’s approach was gentle but it really worked. We now have our evenings back and our son is well rested.“

Asta, mum to Alexander 19 months, Middlesex

My 7 month old baby was waking at least 4 times every night and had no real nap structure. She’s my 5th baby and I thought I would know how to fix it myself but couldn’t. I had never experienced this with any of my other babies. I was at the end of my tether and absolutely exhausted. In two weeks, strictly following Emily’s sleep plan my baby sleeps at the same times every day and through the night. I could not recommend Emily highly enough. This process is truly life changing.

(Jodi, mum of 5, Andover)

We were lucky enough to find Emily through a friend. Becs and I had a discussion about ‘sleep training’. I wanted to do it as my mental health was really poor, Becs wasn’t so sure and was troubled about leaving Teddy to cry and expecting him to soothe himself at such a young age. Becs did eventually agree but only out of concern for me. Our main concern was leaving the baby to cry. Emily assured us that the plan wasn’t like controlled crying and that we wouldn’t be leaving him to scream and scream alone for hours on end, or even at all.


We have to say that it was honestly the best thing we could’ve done.  Emily gave us a pre-plan to try and change a few things so that the transition for Teddy would be easier. We managed to get some of the tips in place before we started. We then had a Skype consultation where Emily explained the theory behind her technique. She sent us the plan she had written for Teddy. On first read we found it daunting, even though we had a basic understanding for the reasons for its design, we were unsure if we would be able to follow it. There seemed to be lots of rules! We weren’t sure we would have the nerve to sit through any bed/night time crying without picking Teddy up, so we asked Emily to come and stay with us the first night. Becs had a terrible day at work, dreading the evening and what we were about to ‘put Teddy through’. When Emily turned up at the front door we liked her immediately (and she looks nothing like the child catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang). She arrived just before bath time and stayed until 7.30am the following morning. It was super helpful to have her there, and she’s also a fun person to hang out with! She talked us through everything and then held our hands when we implemented it. The best bit was that we did not need to leave Teddy alone to cry, one of us was by his side through the whole process (and, with a timer on, the crying did not last as long as we thought it might). On night two we were confident enough to follow all the instructions and know we were doing it all correctly. By the fourth night our baby slept through. It was amazing. Teddy went from countless short feeds in 24 hours to five substantial feeds. After the fourth night, he dropped the night feed altogether. Naps were harder to get right, but three weeks in our baby pretty much has two long naps (1.5-2 hrs) one in the morning, one in the afternoon, a short cat-nap around 5pm and then sleeps from 7pm to nearly 7am. Now when we put him down in his cot we often get a broad grin before we leave and he is happy to go to sleep! 


We were sceptical and desperate when we first approached Emily. We were wary about being cruel and selfish to Teddy as we thought we were the only ones missing out on sleep. As Teddy began to sleep well, for the first time in his short life, he transformed into a relaxed and cheerful chap and we’re so grateful for the transformation Emily has brought about. Although Emily was there for us, we were there for Teddy, sitting by him and supporting him as he discovered a new skill - sleeping - that will see him through his whole life. THANK YOU EMILY!!!

(Research Manager, Southampton, mother to 5 month old son)



We are extremely grateful for the help Emily has given us with giving us back our lives again.  
Two weeks after our daughters third birthday, our daughter went from going to bed quietly and sleeping through till 7am, to screaming when left alone at bedtime, and then waking in the night, coming out of her room into ours, and saying “I don’t want to” when put back to bed.  We tried all the tactics we had at our disposal but to no avail. After 4 weeks of ever decreasing sleep for all in the house, Emily came to our rescue.

Emily listened to our dilemma, talked us through a sleep plan and then supported us fully through the process and encouraged us with phone calls initially and then emails after. I am really pleased to say that bed time is once again a pleasure, and that night times are under control, with not a word until “mummy, mummy, clock’s awake” which is at a time of our choosing (usually 7am). Although it took a while to get the light mornings quiet through till 7,  Emily stuck through us and helped us troubleshoot until we had got there. (Self employed, mother of 3 year old daughter)

Emily has been brilliant. She came to our house, listened with sympathy and support, took us through her plan - pointing out what would be harder to deal with, what it would achieve and why and where there would be flexibility, and kept in regular touch with us as we put the plan into action. 

The plan worked from day 1. Our daughter has slept right through every night now for nearly a month save on a handful of occasions when she she either soothed herself to sleep or was ill or too hot. And in the latter two, she went back to sleep after little intervention from us.
We cannot rate Emily highly enough. The joy of sleep. For all of us. She has brought it back.

Thank you! (Nurse, Winchester, mother of 2 year old daughter who had never slept through the night)

I recently wrote a rather desperate email to the Baby Sleep the Night Team entitled ‘Edie the untrainable’ and within 48hrs Gemma had completely disproved my theoryabout our daughter. After an excruciating 3 months meticulously following the plan of another sleep trainer we turned to Karen & Gemma based on a few of our friends recommends. From the very first night 7pm came and went without event or the screaming/self combustion we’d become accustomed to. I’m still not 100% sure what wizardry has gone on but we are so hugely appreciative of all your wise words, the incredible unwavering support and ultimately our happy sleeping baby! We will sing your praise from the roof tops or to anyone who will listen forever more.
Thank you, thank you.
Steven, Hannah & Edie

When a friend first recommended babysleepthenight, I wasn't sure if they would be able to help as my son had just turned 3. Although he slept through the night it was getting him to sleep that was the problem. My husband or I would be spending up to an hour laying with him before he drifted off. This was not something we could continue with as a new baby was on the way. I contacted Gemma and she was very friendly and informative and went through the things she could help with and we discussed in detail our routines etc. She then drew up a plan of action step by step and we followed this by the book. It was amazing how well my son adapted and within days he was falling to sleep minutes after he was placed in his bed. I would highly recommend Gemma to anyone having sleep issues and would not think twice about calling upon her help in the future if we have problems with our new arrival. Thanks very much Gemma

Mum Rosie to 3 year old Edward from Portchester


What a life changing experience! I was sceptical having tried many different approaches previously from a variety of books and the web and had just settled with the idea that my husband and I are both bad sleepers so we have obviously produced children who are too. Shelly changed all of this for the better. She devised two personalised plans to suit our children and explained them thoroughly to us, enabling us to ask any questions needed. She empathised with our situation and was extremely supportive and positive the whole way through. She made it clear the importance of consistency which we adhered to and it all really paid off.

We went from spending up to 3 hours every evening getting our children off to sleep to putting them to bed and them getting themselves off. This was something we only ever dreamed would happen. Our 3 year old now goes off to sleep within 5 minutes and our 18 month old has gone from needing, milk, a dummy, rocking, singing to and music throughout the night to popping in her cot and she happily gets herself off to sleep and has slept through every night since starting the plan.       

I would highly recommend Shelly. She is approachable, explains things clearly and tailors the plans to your children and situation. She is very knowledgeable and offers a high level of support and positive praise throughout and after the process. All of our lives have been transformed, we have an evening every evening and SLEEP! And our girls are now getting their much needed sleep. This is all thanks to Shelly. Anyone who is having troubles with their child sleeping needs a Shelly!

Many thanks

Ramona, mum of Isla 3yrs and Elsie 18mnths, Poole.

After 11 months of no more than 4 hours sleep at a time I was ready to try anything. I had previously tried controlled crying and other more gentle methods and nothing had worked. We were cosleeping and were still having between 4-10 wake ups a night. It’s a cliche, but I just thought that he was too strong willed and that nothing would work.

I was put in touch with Shelly and she instantly made me feel like I wasn’t alone and lots of other people were in this situation too. The plan that I was given was suited to our situation and Shelly explained it step by step. The phone support each day was invaluable and made sure we stayed on track. I had plenty of chance to ask questions and make sure I knew what to do in different situations.

My son became poorly part way through the two weeks support and Shelly was great in offering support and advice as to what we could do to make sure we kept making progress. The night wakes reduced from the first night and we had our first full nights sleep within a week. We’re now 4 weeks in and my son sleeps 11 hours a night. This from a boy who hasn’t slept more than 4 hours in a row his entire life.

Now I just need to sleep through and we’ve got it cracked!

Thank you so much for everything Shelly!

From Shan, mum of Jack 11mnths, Bournemouth.

Thank you Shelly from the bottom of our hearts for helping us teach Evelyn and Rowan how to sleep. I was at my wits end, living on next to no sleep or any time off in the evenings to do work or have a break as Evelyn was waking every 45minutes for comfort and both Rowan and Evelyn were taking up to 2 hours or more to get to sleep in the evening. Both children will now typically sleep 7-6, YIPEE!!!!!! It has changed our lives having evenings together and getting sleep and now my husband and I feel so much happier. Evelyn herself is even happier and has so much energy now she is getting the rest she so needs and Rowan seems well rested and content. 

The support and understanding you have given us to get us through the transition into this was perfect, when we needed to sound off ideas or tell you we were struggling you were able to talk it through and get us back on track and we really did appreciate it. You were clear and took your time to explain every single part of their sleep plans to us and how important each step was. 

I am so grateful that you have given me back some much needed sleep so I am now the fun Mum I always wanted to be. I am loving life now, thank you, thank you, thank you.

From Christianne, very happy mummy of Rowan 4yrs and Evelyn 15mnths, Devon.


Exactly what we needed!

We went to Sally with regards to our second child who was waking every night at 3am like clockwork aged 8 months.
After a consultation over the phone, Sally provides you with a detailed sleep plan for your child that lays out a simple to follow schedule but also explains the theory behind what you're being asked to do which is very helpful.

Depending on your situation, it's hard sometimes to stick to a schedule but the Baby Sleep The Night plan really helps.
Our eight month old got to grips with the routine really quickly and we saw almost instant results from the plan and we're starting to get some full nights sleep!

I'd recommend using Sally's service over any books out there on the market because it's tailored exactly to you and your child's situation.

Russell, Dad to Francis, 8 months

I really cannot praise Gemma enough. I was having a nightmare with my second child sleeping through the night.
We were exhausted and just thought this was our life from now on. However after chatting with Gemma about our situation I felt like there was hope. She is so knowledgeable on this subject, we followed her advice and techniques, and within one night Albie was sleeping through, and we haven’t looked back since.
He’s now a great sleeper and goes 12hours through the night, as well as his sleeps in the day. And it’s all thanks to Gemma. She puts you at ease from the second you speak to her, and makes you feel like there is always a cure for whatever issue you are facing.
Would highly recommend and wouldn’t hesitate to call on her skills again if I ever need to.

From mum Laura with son Albie who is 7 months.  They live in Wollaston


At first I was really nervous about changing our daughters routine and doing the sleep training, however we found that from the first bit of advice Gemma gave it worked wonders! We changed her naps from two to one which helped with her to stay asleep at night. I was very apprehensive about the training as I cannot bear to hear her crying. But Gemma was really supportive and said we can take it as slow as we like, there's no rush. So immediately I felt better and reassured we were doing something I could work with.

Me and my husband were really pleased with the progress we made within a few weeks we'd gone from rocking her to sleep to her falling asleep in her bed. We would recommend the support of Gemma to anyone having difficulty.

14 month old baby Charlotte and happy mummy Laura  from Bristol

When I contacted babysleepthenight I had been umming and ahhing for weeks about whether or not to seek help. I knew in my gut we needed help but kept hoping that the sleep problem would just sort itself out. My baby had been waking hourly overnight for several weeks, Naps were frequent but short all day. I had a constantly tired baby and I was exhausted and Im sad to say that I was not enjoying new motherhood. One day I had had enough, I was crying every other day and my family were concerned I had or was getting postnatal depression... I knew it was exhaustion. So I got help and contacted Gemma through the website. I am so glad I did and I really wish I had just done it all those weeks ago rather then carried on struggling.  Gemma spent ages finding out our story and got to know us.
She made us a very clear and easy to follow plan. And I was adamant to stick to it. From the very first night there was considerable improvement. A few tears but the way I saw it is we were up crying so much anyway, these few seconds/minutes of tears were far less negative to my babies well being then the lack of sleep that was affecting him. Gemma’s approach was so gentle and allowed me to comfort my baby with a positive outcome for both of us... sleep! Yes he cried a bit... but ultimately the tears were hours less then when he was awake all night crying! Over the next couple of days not only did my baby sleep through the nights, he also started consolidating his naps for longer and fewer naps... was waking up happy and refreshed. Watching him learn this new invaluable skill of being able to go to sleep by himself and seeing him thrive made me beam with pride.  

Gemma has been caring and considerate of our needs as a family from day one. She has provided me with consistent and informative advice daily and she has been at the end of the phone or email whatever the time of day and given reassurance when I’ve needed it most. Gemma cares and is very much on this journey with you. 

I know there will be bumps along the way as my baby grows and changes, but thanks to Gemma I feel more empowered and confident to be able to help my baby find his way back to sleep again. 

Thank you so much Gemma 

Leila - Mummy to Robin 3.5 months, Lancing West Sussex


“Our twin girls were a few weeks shy of their first birthday when we sleep trained them with Sally’s help. Having slept beautifully til they were 3 months old, they were waking every 1.5hrs and unable to settle by themselves. Their night time wakings were also disturbing our other two older children and our tiredness levels were out of control!

Sally’s measured steps of sleep training is manageable and not distressing to implement. We took on board the suggestions but adapted things to suit our approach to parenting and our family schedule. 

Our girls took to the program- first night was best night we had in months, and by night 3 they were sleeping through until 5am

More sleep and predictable evenings have revolutionised our family time. Being a twin mum, and mother of four, is a juggle but now knowing that they sleep - everything is becoming easier!

It was great to be able to talk to Sally, herself another twin mum and hear that it can work with them sharing a room. Sally gave me confidence that they were ready and able to tune each other out. Sally is available and wonderfully flexible for any follow up questions you might have.”-

Jess, Mum of twin girls, 11 months, Bath


Our son was waking at least every 2 hours! This meant that night times could be pretty rough and the lack of sleep was pretty draining.I was a bit apprehensive about someone we didn’t know telling us how to deal with our own baby, but I also knew that we had to do something to change.After talking with Becky, we were assured that she would work with us to come up with a plan that could work.

Night 2 - he slept through the night. We were amazed, but a bit suspicious that it couldn’t be that quick.He’s had at least 10.5 hours sleep every night since that night! It’s so nice having time and energy to do things in the evening.  We even had our first baby sitter (my Mum) the other night, while we went out for the evening!

Thank you very much Becky.

Bread Daddy to 7 month old well rested baby boy

We had the pleasure of working with Becky to help to get our 7month  to sleep for more than 1-2hrs at a time though the night. From night two to now he averages 11/11.30hrs a night. The change is amazing, I never thought our baby could be one of those magic babies that sleeps through the night. With out Becky and the plan she made for us and all her support we may never of achieved this. It’s so nice to have our evenings back too. Thank you very much Becky.

Abby Martin - Mummy to Rufus 7 months Shoreham-by-sea



Our 12 month old was getting worse and worse at sleeping, both at night time and nap time. He couldn't go to sleep or stay asleep without us helping him. He wouldn't sleep more than 30 minutes on his own and was ending up in our bed more often than not. We were stumped as our other 2 children had had their sleeping issues, but nothing as seemingly insurmountable as this. We were exhausted and having tried some strategies without success, didn't know where to turn.

Having Emily help us was the best thing we ever did. After the first night following her instructions, we have not had to go in to him once and he now sleeps regularly for 12 hours at night. Nap times were a bit more tricky, but with perseverance and continually following and repeating the steps, we have got a baby that can settle himself to sleep and resettle if he wakes up. Our lives have been drastically changed, and our other two children are having better sleep too as a result of not being disturbed by anything now.

If you are considering seeking Emily's support, I would completely recommend that you do. Emily will talk you through everything, answer all your questions, put your mind at rest, support you through the tricky times and equip you to continue with your new great sleeping child!

James, Legal Manager, Hampshire, Dad to 12 month old son

We are so glad we started to work with Becky due to our 6 month old daughter waking every 2 hours in the night and napping poorly throughout the day.  We were not in a good routine, clearly, stress was building and needed some guidance.  Becky gave us a 2 week plan and surprisingly we noticed significant differences after the first night!!  She now sleeps through almost every night and although the naps are harder to crack we feel they have improved and we have a better routine.  Becky has always been very clear and concise even with some of our most difficult questions, so would absolutely recommend her highly!  My advice to anyone taking this on, be as regimental with Becky's plan as possible and note any wakings with as much detail as possible, as these will help in the long run.  Becky will also continue to be there after the 2 weeks if required, which is a welcome relief as it is a challenge for both our daughter and us!"

From Scott, well rested Daddy from Andover!

"Our 6 month old daughter had been waking up every 2 hours for over 2 months, which was exhausting. We are so glad we made decision to work with Becky, as we saw a real improvement already after the first night of implementing the plan. Becky was brilliant in guiding us every step along the way, always very understanding of our situation and there for us when we needed some extra advice. We feel it was so worth the money, as we could have never come up with such an effective strategy ourselves. Our daughter now sleeps through the night and her day time naps have improved too, which is a bonus. All in all, we can't believe how our life has changed in just 2 weeks! Thank you Becky for all your help!"

From Christianne, Mummy to Myla 6 months


We are really happy with the progress he's made so far under your advice, compassionate support, humour and understanding! We'll keep up the work and hopefully we'll see more improvement overnight. The sleep he gets now - both in the day and night - is amazing given where we were last week.  (he is proving himself an increasingly excellent self settler when wind is not troubling him and you were quite correct to identify his inner genius (roooooooooaaaar! tiger mums!)). 

Thanks for all your help we're SO GRATEFUL!  (Feedback after just 6 days of following the sleep plan)

(Radiographer, Southampton, 5 month old son)


We knew sleep was important but we honestly didn’t realise how important sleep was, to our family of 5, until we went through this process with Emily from Baby Sleep The Night.

We were helped to discover our baby’s individual sleep requirements which we made a priority for 2 weeks. All our non-essential trips were cancelled. The phone and email support we received from Emily gave us the strength to continue and then, the evidence spoke for itself! Our baby now sleeps for almost 12 hours every night and has 2 established naps during the day. We have resumed our family activities around these daytime naps with ease.

It has been such a life changing process . Thanks Emily for all your hard work and support as we really appreciate it. You were exactly what our family needed!

(Teacher, Romsey, 6 month old daughter)

Since my baby boy was born (and since the last few months of pregnancy) I hadn’t had a single night of unbroken sleep. I knew that he should be sleeping through the night, especially after he turned one!! Being a military family, my husband had been posted away for 4 Months and our older daughter (10) was at boarding school so the baby and I had got in to the habit of sharing my bed and he would wake up several times a night and I would instantly give him a bottle of milk. This meant that he couldn’t sleep unless I was laying with him and feeding him milk so I had no evening and no real rest, I was just going to bed with him and waking up with him.
He was clingy and grizzly and I was tired and low. He also didn’t nap unless he was in the car! Looking back now he and I were both completely sleep deprived!
Emily has been my good friend for many years and had told me of the training she was undertaking in order to help families who had got in to difficulty with sleep (or lack of it!). Emily explained to me that she herself had followed the program in order to help her second child to sleep through the night and nap properly during the day and (most importantly) it had worked!! I have to admit I was sceptical, I couldn’t see a way out of the cycle I was in and just assumed I would have to carry on with the co-sleeping and continuous feeding indefinitely! But because I absolutely trust Emily and admire her as a mother, I decided I was going to give it my all and try. My husband was due home in about 6 weeks at the time and I was panicking thinking I need to get the baby out of our bed before he gets back and has to sleep on the sofa! So I began taking Emily’s guidance right away! What I really liked was the amount of information Emily asked about me and the baby and our situation and totally tailored the plan to us. She was extremely supportive and reassuring and I really felt as though me and my baby were her soul focus. I’d bedded in for several nights of hell and no sleep and had all the supplies I might need and Emily and I started night one of the new plan. After some expected hurdles, the baby slept through the night, in his room, in his cot, without me and without milk ON THE FIRST NIGHT! To say I was flabbergasted would be an understatement, I just couldn’t (and still can’t) believe it! To have success that quickly is obviously very lucky and won’t be like that for every family but even so, sleep is usually massively improved by night 4! And if you follow the plan, your child WILL sleep through the night. And it is soooo worth it! The baby and I have such a happier life now we are rested. He has slept through every night now for 5 weeks and one of those weeks we were on holiday and I kept to the program and he slept through there too in a completely new environment from day one! He also had a good nap during the day which gives me some time to sort the house or prepare food etc. I pinch myself every night when I get in to bed, by myself, after having had a whole evening to myself, knowing I don’t have to wake up again until the morning. After over a year of broken sleep it still feels like such a luxury!It is one week now until my husband returns and instead of dreading the battle of the bed I’m so excited to welcome him back in to our calm, rested life! Emily really could not have done more for me and the baby on this journey, she was full of in-depth info about sleep and was there to support us every step of the way. Emily was not at all judgemental about all the little habits I’d accidentally got in to in order to get some sleep and that made it really easy to be totally honest so that Emily could help us in the best way. Having a tailored, clear plan and a deeper understanding of the issues and how they could be resolved has honestly changed our lives and the positivity of solid sleep has had a knock on effect in to every other aspect of our lives! If you are reading this, tired, drained and desperate, please, please contact Emily, you will be so so pleased you did and soon it could be you writing a testimonial just like this, with your child asleep in bed and a full night of sleep ahead of you! (Social Worker and Military Wife, South Wales, 12 month old son)

'Dear Sally, we spoke at the end of April and you gave me some free tips on how to get our restless 2 year old to sleep and said we were SO close! 

Well, we lost the wretched dummy and the favourite music box that very night and started seeing instant improvement going from 3-4 wake ups to maybe 2, and now 3.5 weeks on she is finally sleeping through the night! I ❤ you! She hasn't developed an attachment to one thing but rather she demands about 5-6 certain toys and a particular blanket over them all and sleeps in the middle of a veritable zoo.... quite peacefully, and normally now settles herself back to sleep in the night if she does wake up. Thank you so much Sally we can now sleep again, I started exercising for the first time in months and life is just so much more fun all of a sudden ❤ ? xx'

It’s like we have a different child!

Our 5 month old had very erratic sleeping patterns, going to bed for the night anytime from 6.30-9.30pm, we then had no idea what the night would hold. He was sometimes awake within an hour or two and would be wide awake for the next 3 hours & then up repeatedly through the night only being pacified with feeds, alternatively he would sleep 11 hours straight. Day time naps were also a mess, rarely sleeping more than 45 minutes and going for up to 9hr stretches with no sleep. He also only ever wanted mum, with his dad having never put him to bed or settled him.

Gemma took an in-depth description of his sleeping and daily habits & started formulating a plan. Just the initial conversation was helpful in giving us the confidence (he had been very ill when younger and this had knocked me back on everything) to initiate some of the approaches we had previously successfully used with his big sister, who has been a great sleeper from early on. What the plan did was highlight that we hadn’t been giving our baby clear signals that it was bedtime and that his bedroom wasn’t as conducive to sleeping as it could be. Talking with Gemma we agreed on an easy bedtime routine which he got on board with very quickly with bedtime and daytime naps- even his dad can put him to bed now. We approached his awakenings at night similarly which almost immediately stopped. He has been going to bed at 7pm and sleeping 11hours straight ever since, we even got through 2 teeth coming through. Day time naps are stress free, easy to do and a good length.

I have worked out that he must be getting now at a minimum at least 4hrs more sleep in a 24hr period than he was before. I now know what the night will be like and can plan around his daytime naps. Most importantly the miserable, chronically over tired, clingy baby is gone and I know have a very cheerful, giggly baby instead!

From Hannah, mummy to a very happy Edgar 5 months old . Chaddesley Corbett 

“We went to Sally for help with our 12month old who had got into some awful sleeping habits. He only fell asleep if rocked and cuddled. Then in the night he was just in our bed co sleeping and he always needed to be given milk to go back to sleep. Sally helped us to withdraw the milk completely and he’s now sleeping through the night. He goes to sleep in his cot each night without the need for milk or rocking now. It’s amazing what has been achieved in just 2 weeks. It was an incredibly hard journey as he was a VERY attached baby and was very reluctant to let me (Mum) leave him. But we persevered and with Sally’s support and encouragement we’re out the other side now with a happy, sleeping baby.  We make up for the lack of nighttime cuddles with lots and lots of day time cuddles instead and we know he feels settled and loved. Thank you Sally for everything you did.”

Alanna, Mummy to Arthur 12 months Bournemouth

After a spate of back-to-back illnesses my daughter was waking every two hours at night, and cat napping throughout the day. I was beside myself with sleep deprivation and I couldn’t imagine her sleeping well again. However upon speaking with Sally she immediately put me at ease and instilled confidence that this was a problem we could tackle together. I was a tricky customer with my baby and the schedules of two other children to consider, but she worked flexibly with me to teach me a set of clear strategies that I would need to follow in order to get my daughter sleeping well...and it worked! Within a week my daughter had learnt to self settle and within a month she was sleeping consistently throughout the night and taking longer naps in the day. My baby wakes happily in the morning and is thriving, and I couldn’t thank Sally enough for all her advice and support. 

From Gemma - Mummy to Mia 

I have just come to the end of my second week with Becky and I honestly thought she would not crack my pickle of a 2 and a half year old daughter.
My daughter would often take an hour plus to get to sleep and would wake at around 1am every night, didn't matter what time I got her down. I thought I had tried everything, gradual retreat, letting her cry it out but it often resulted in me sitting with her until she had fallen asleep.
Becky was always so approachable and even though I knew I had hadn’t made it easy for myself, Becky never judged me as she understood how I was feeling.
So my daughter did have her nights of regression as Becky did explain she would, so it wasn't a surprise but she gave me strategies to cope with this so made me feel like I was back in control which I honestly thought I had lost and I use to dread bedtimes.
My daughter now settles really well and is sleeping through the night so I now have my evenings back to spend with my husband.
Thank you Becky


Amy, Mum to Freya (2 ½), Felpham

I've known Becky for years and always remember her own son sleeping so well whenever I was there. My daughter started waking every hour, refusing to nap, it carried on for almost a month before I thought to even seek help, we were all so exhausted we were falling asleep eating, it wasn't until one day when I collapsed on the floor after FINALLY getting her to sleep and woke up 40 minutes later to my daughter crying I realised we needed help. I wish I had asked for it sooner- with Becky's gentle and understanding support we came up with a unique and personalised plan- we have been able to carry on attachment parenting, respectful parenting but Alice now sleeps 11 hours a night, has 2 naps and is a much happier baby which means a much happier mummy and daddy!

Sam and Mark, parents to Alice – 9 months, Portsmouth

I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for sending Gemma my way. From our very first Skype call I felt completely comfortable with her and secure in her knowledge of babies in sleep. Gemma has been there every step of the way in this journey we’re on to get Isabella sleeping through the night and I’ve known I can contact her if I needed to if I was worried or had a questions.

Gemma really has gone above and beyond in my view and I’m thrilled to say last night was the 4th consecutive night Isabella has slept through. I couldn’t have done this without her and I will always be so grateful for her unconditional help and support in something that was so important to us as a family. There were times when I felt like I wasn’t sure what I was doing and she reassured me, one night I panicked as I thought Isabella had Poo’d whilst asleep (it was wind) - I text Gemma immediately as I didn’t know what to do for fear of waking her (I knew changing her was the answer, but how not to wake her!) and I felt a bit stupid but she completely reassured me and guided me through, no judgement for being so silly - just support was give .

Thank you again and it’s my honest view that Gemma is and will continue to be a wonderful asset to Baby Sleep The Night.  What a brilliant person she is!

From Anne-Marie - Mummy to Isabella 13 months Croydon

When we got pregnant we promised ourselves that we would give our son or daughter whatever they needed and we would never leave him or her to cry. We read books on what to do and had a range of techniques we wanted to implement. When our daughter was born we felt love like never before and restated the promise to always give her what she needed and never let her cry. From the very beginning it was always a challenge (to say the least) to get our daughter to sleep. Sometimes she cried for hours as we rocked, sung, and shushed her. When she went to sleep, however, she would sleep pretty well. We got 3 or 4 hour stints and we thought it was only going to get better. But 4 months hit and her sleep deteriorated to the point where she was sleeping for about 30 minutes at the most. At its worst she woke every 10 minutes. We were shattered. Every time she woke, we would pick her up, soothe her, and put her back down, only to have to do it again a few minutes later.

Despite the difficulty, we did not want to consider sleep training for a 4 month old baby. We read books and websites and the two extremes of leaving babies to cry and never letting them cry. Then there was the middle ground of picking up and putting down. We thought we had tried it all except leaving her to cry. We thought that would be cruel. We believed she just needed some reassurance, to be close to us, and that things would get better. But with no signs of improvement, and even having our daughter cry for long periods of time in our arms, we thought we had nothing to lose from trying the sleep training Gemma suggested, after we were put in touch with her through a friend.

In all honesty, we listened to the theory behind the sleep plan and what it would take to do it, and we didn’t agree with it. We concluded it was just another form of ‘cry it out’ in all but name. Gemma was more than compassionate, sharing her personal experience of her own children and we felt she really understood where we were coming from. She took our scepticism with openness and empathy and we discussed the plan in detail, made changes, and we were still unsure. We discussed it every night. We worried about doing it. But while we worried, our daughter’s sleep continued to be very poor and we continued to be shattered. We came to the conclusion that what we were doing was part of the problem and maybe Gemma was right that we were not giving her the ability to go to sleep by herself, as we were interfering too often and too soon. So we decided to give it a go - but the gentlest version of the plan we could think of. The first night was horrendous. She cried for 40 minutes despite our efforts to comfort her. We cried and questioned what we were doing. But the next night saw a significant improvement, and so did the night after that. And over the period of 10 days her sleep improved considerably.

We now put our daughter to bed and she goes to sleep with no (or very little) crying. She stays asleep for most of the night, waking only once to be breastfed. She is still only just under 6 months old, and small for a 6 month old baby so we weren’t expecting her to sleep the night without a feed until she was bigger. We get more sleep now than we have done since she was born, and this is without doubt due to Gemma’s plan, advice, and support. We are indebted to her for this. Our daughter has started to develop at a much quicker rate, improving her coordination, body movement, and social interaction. She seems happier -  smiling and giggling in a way she didn’t before. We are all much more rested. Thank you, Gemma. We would not be where we are now without you, and we wholeheartedly recommend you.

Louise & Matthew, parents to now sleeping baby Eva, 5 months from Sutton Coldfield


Our daughter, age 3, was having some difficulties going to sleep and staying in her own bed. Since the arrival of a new baby in the family, she had begun to wake frequently wanting to go into her daddy’s bed. Initially this wasn’t a problem, and at 4-5am daddy would take her to bed. Over time she started waking earlier and earlier until we got to the stage where she refused to go to sleep in her own bed, and would be in daddy’s bed from 9pm.  After our initial FaceTime conversation with Gemma we were reassured that we would be able to get our daughter sleeping well again. The plan Gemma gave us was described in detail and she helped us understand where things had gone wrong and why strategies were going to be used. It was complicated in some respects but clearly written down step by step so we were able to follow it easily. We felt comfortable and confident with what was going to happen.

Gemma offered us a range of strategies, some more gentle than others, but the plan was going to have to involve some crying. Before getting Gemma’s help we had tried a number of gentle strategies including sitting in the room with her, sitting outside the room and holding her hand, but none of these had worked as our stubborn little madam knew how to get what she wanted. What I liked about the plan was strategies to specifically engage our toddler so that she felt positive about bedtime and really wanted to stay in her bed all night. The first night was pretty awful, but we saw improvement night on night.  She is now sleeping well and going to bed much easier and quicker, with no drama. She is well rested and is proud of herself for staying in her bed all night. 

Gemma was so supportive along the way and helped guide us through the process. She facilitated us to do, what we knew we needed to do, through a step by step plan and we are so grateful for her support.

From Sarah, Mummy to Poppy aged 3 - Hagley


To say that I was mildly sceptical when I had my first consultation with Becky from Baby Sleep The Night to discuss my son’s ‘sleep’ (note deliberate and intentional use of inverted commas!) would be something of an understatement.  I had reached a point whereby I had come to accept that four hours of sleep was an achievement – and an inconsistent one at that!  My son was three and a half at the point that I met with Becky and an average night with him would consist of him waking multiples times and either only resettling with milk as an aid or in our bed.  Tiredness and frustration had become a norm.

I had been reluctant to pursue sleep training prior to this point…everyone I knew had children who slept and so I had resigned myself to his poor sleep pattern as being something that he would “grow out of” or something that I was embarrassed to admit was because of things I had done “wrong”.  I also genuinely believed that we had developed good bedtime routines – I even suggested to Becky that evenings in our house were “like groundhog day” – however, through sensitive questioning and responsivity, Becky calmly guided me through a new Sleep Plan for our son that was incredibly detailed and incorporated a number of factors that I had never before considered.  Importantly, I also did not feel judged and she accepted my cynicism with good grace and reassurances.  I came away feeling reassured and open to the idea of trialling the Plan, knowing that Becky would be following up our progress.

The first night, as Becky predicted, was the most challenging but I reminded myself of her absolute conviction, that if we remained committed to the plan, it would work.  The extent of negotiation that my son embarked upon that night went beyond the realms of creative brilliance and emotional bargaining!  However, it stopped.  Over the course of the next night, he settled more quickly and, on night three, he slept through the night!  I actually considered arranging a party to mark this astounding occasion!

Looking back, I know now that I had in fact reached a point that was unsustainable in terms of believing that four hours sleep should be goal to aspire towards.  Becky helped me to realise that my son has the ability and capacity to learn to sleep but that this would be a skill that we, as parents, would be instrumental in helping him to learn.  He now sleeps through the night and has no milk until breakfast time; the money we are saving in his milk alone would balance the perceived “expense” of the consultations and follow-ups!  Importantly, he is proud of himself and, as he told me on night five, he “knows that he can do it!”.  My husband and I have treated ourselves to a new bed which WE KNOW WE WILL BOTH GET TO SLEEP IN!!!  The only ‘downside’ of the intervention is that the fact that my already energetic pre-schooler now resembles a demented Tasmanian Devil, such is the surge in energy he has experienced since getting uninterrupted kip!  We would recommend Becky to anyone and would be happy to offer further assurances.

From Kimberley, Mum to James Aged 3 - Portsmouth

I must admit that when a friend (aware of our desperate predicament!) passed on a leaflet about the Baby Sleep the Night programme, I was cynical. It wasn’t that there was anything suspect about the blurb, its just that this was Mala! I felt that even if the programme might work for 99% of babies it wouldn’t for her. She is such a forceful, strong and determined little being, and I couldn’t comprehend how all of a sudden we would be able to break her out of her sixteen month habit of only falling asleep at the breast and watch her drop to sleep peacefully in a cot all by herself (?!)!

I was reassured to a degree by Karen’s visit when she explained more about how it all worked. Lots of what she said made so much sense, and I could see where we’d been making mistakes. Mala had been such a poor sleeper that we would always try to make sure she was as tired as possible when going to bed, only for her to have another terrible night and leave us wondering what more we could possibly do to help her sleep. Karen explained that over-tiredness was as much of a problem as under-tiredness, and this made sense as we’d started to notice that the days where she slept the least and went to bed the latest were amongst her worst nights. It was as if the frustration caused by over-tiredness would prevent her from getting into the calm place she needed to sleep solidly. 

Despite the reassurances I felt from understanding more about the method and from Karen’s kind and professional manner, I still felt worried that the plan wouldn’t work for Mala. I had images of her screaming for hours on end. It felt like after sixteen months of cudgy times in our bed with breastfeeding on demand, the cot would feel like such an alien experience to her. I tried to stay positive, knowing that with another baby on the way this was something which had to happen, there wasn’t any choice. Clair wasn’t going to cope with this pregnancy without getting more sleep. I also believed that our friend had picked up on Karen’s leaflet for a reason and that we’d been led to someone who could help us at just the right time, which gave me confidence in the face of my worries. However up until the first night of the plan I couldn’t envisage how Mala would actually fall asleep on her own!

In the end our transition from sleepless nights to sleep-full ones was easier than I possibly could have imagined. The first night was the most crucial one, and the hardest. As anticipated, Mala cried pretty forcibly when I first popped her into her cot, said ‘night night time Mala’ and she realised that she was being expected to fall asleep there on her own! The only thing that made this easier was reminding myself that Mala cries pretty forcibly about other things sometimes that there isn’t any choice about, like when she wants the keys when we’re driving the car and obviously there is no way to give them to her! I had to keep reminding myself that training Mala to sleep by herself wasn’t an attempt to hurt her or deprive her of something but was for her own benefit as much as ours and that it was so important for her growth and development that at sixteen months she experienced solid periods of sleep. This helped me to be strong through the ten minutes she cried forcibly as you battle against your parental instincts to pick your darling up and cuddle her. Then all of a sudden the moment I could never envisage came along; she fell asleep! 

From this first night onwards something seemed to click with Mala and over the coming days settling time got easier and easier and her waking at night got less and less until, on the third night, a miracle happened and Mala slept for twelve hours without waking! A week before, this would’ve been something we couldn’t even of dreamed of. Since then Mala has had her odd little wobble but generally she has slept solidly for at least ten hours each night, and the months and months of sleep-deprived desperation seem far in the past! 

We couldn’t be more grateful to Karen for everything she has done for us. Mala learning to sleep has literally been a life-changing experience that has improved our quality of life immeasurably. Our house is a much, much calmer, happier and more productive place than it was a few months previously and Mala’s solid evening sleeping even meant we were able to get a babysitter in and have our first meal out in sixteen months! One of the things that makes the programme so effective is the structured support that Karen gives – its amazing what a difference it makes having someone there to talk to and get advice from when your in the midst of something that feels so huge, and she couldn’t have been kinder or more supportive in her role. There’s one more person I have to thank in helping to bring this massive transition about and that’s Mala! She learnt so, so quickly what was expected of her and we literally couldn’t be more proud of the way she embraced her new circumstances at exactly the moment we needed her to the most. Its now her who talks me through each step of her night time routine, saying ‘jamas, books and ‘night night’ at all the right moments! Thank you Karen and thank you Mala for giving us our lives back!!

Alex Daddy to Mala 16 months 

“So, which method would you like to choose?  Pick up, put down?  Controlled crying?  Bringing your son or daughter into bed with you?  A wee dram of whisky?  OK, not the last one, but we had gone through the rest of the list, and the only one that ended up working consistently, allowing us and our daughter to sleep through the night, was bringing her into bed with us.  Without fail.  Every night.  For many, many months.  Oh sure, “pick up, put down” worked for a while.  Even controlled crying.  A week or two later, and then it was..... well, it was back into bed with us. 

We’ve all done it, and really, it isn’t conducive to a healthy family lifestyle.  We must be failures, right?  I mean what about all those perfect parents with perfect children who sleep perfectly through the night from day one?  Well, do they really exist?  I suspect not!  If they do, they’re about as far removed from our reality as it’s possible to get.

 Coming into bed with us was habitual.  We all got some sleep at least.  This was the way to go.  Until we found out that number two was due.  Oh.  Well, having number one in bed with us every night wasn’t going to cut it for long. 

By chance, one of our friends had heard about Karen and told us.  Were we going to give it a try?  The downside - we could be spending time and money on a technique that just wasn’t going to work with our daughter.  She was unique, after all.  The upside - well, let’s put it this way, with number two not far down the line, the upside to having number one managing to sleep on her own in her own bed was..... well, the upside was enormous. 

Even so, skepticism is hard to shake until you’ve been through any process and seen the results, and really, the results have been..... well, wow.  Just wow.

 Number one is now consistently sleeping through the night (that took all of about four nights from starting), and getting herself to sleep without attention too (OK, that took a bit longer, but in the grand scheme of things, nothing that we now look back upon as being excessive).  Even more thrilling - she wakes up in the morning happy and singing!

 What else could you ask for?

 Was the investment in time and money worth it?  Absolutely. 

Karen and her technique get a completely unreserved recommendation.”

Unmukt - Dad to Lilly - Romsey

We are a family of 5. Two teenagers and one 15 month old. When I was pregnant with my youngest - Mala - I read a book (an ancient hippy 1970's one to be exact!) That said, in no uncertain terms, that babies cry in cots because they are scared. There was no way my baby was going to be scared and as the book advised, that meant that she would sleep with us, by choice from day one. We never bought a cot. 

In the early days this worked OK ish, it meant that I could latch her on without properly disturbing each time, which led to more sleep, hooray! Everyone was happy and also it was lovely to all wake up together, warm and cosy... As Mala grew we split up at night, with my partner (Alex) sleeping on a single bed next to Mala and I in the double. Gradually the rustling of duvets, flushing of toilets, doors gently closing and in fact pretty much anything woke her up, every night... even if I wasn't feeding her, I was awake trying to keep still! It certainly was not much fun for the rest of the family either.

The lowest point we got to was after 15 months of feeding about 12 to 20 times a night (No exaggeration!)... My exhaustion meant that I could barely function. I HAD to sleep in the daytime in order to function which meant that I was barely dressed or ready for the day by 2pm... just in time to start dreading the next night. The trouble being that because this was of our creation, this habit, I could see no way out. Every time Mala murmured, she was pacified immediately,,, she was totally used to being in with me and being breastfed most of the nigh,t how would we ever break that? And more to the point I didn't have any energy at all for even thinking straight, let alone contemplating even less sleep whilst we sorted it out?! That was it. Life was awful and utterly unmanageable. I wont go into what this eventually evolves into within a small house, I'll let you imagine it all!

A friend who knew what we were up against passed us a copy of Karen's advert. It stayed around for a few weeks, but reading was something I wasn't doing anymore as it was blurry. My partner teaches and at the start of his summer holidays he encouraged me to call and at least find out what the technique was and if we stood a chance of it working. To say I was sceptical is an understatement. Mala is strong willed, intelligent and in a 15 month old habit. This would clearly work for all other children in the world, except mine!

Karen explained over the phone what she thought about babies crying in cots... instead of anxiety and fright, Karen explained it as being tiredness and frustration at not knowing how to stop the feeling... needing help to gain the valuable skill of being able to fall asleep on their own... it made sense and sounded great... 2 weeks of support and then she'd be doing it on her own.... would she???!

Karen came over one afternoon and spent a couple of hours with us finding out what sort of parents we are, what we wanted and what she advised we followed to the letter. 

After getting ready we embarked on the new routine. As that day grew closer I got more and more stressed as I 'KNEW' this was going to be a nightmare, and I cannot bear the sound of her crying. That's when Alex took over. On the first night as I sobbed into making a rissotto in the kitchen with earplugs in and the radio on (?!) Alex got her to sleep, in her cot, in 9 minutes flat?! I was ready to back out the second he found it hard, but he stayed strong. That first night she woke up between 7.45pm and 8.45pm on and off and each time, she cried for less that 3 or 4 minutes. She learned so much in that first night. When she woke at 2am, and 4am she self soothed back to sleep. I slept the whole night for the first time in 15 months! It was unbelieveable. I felt I could see better, and realised just how awful it had been. The next night we did exactly the routine Karen advised again and she woke at 1am and 5am and again both times got herself back off to sleep.

On the third night, with Alex still settling her, so that Mala didn't think about breastfeeding, she slept through the night!!! And, has basically done so ever since. We have the odd blip with cold or teeth etc but either one of us can now settle her and know that we wont be required again until the morning! It's changed our lives in so many ways. To have an evening together.... to catch up with work or household things....We went out together for the first time the other night.... she slept! We can flush the toilet, close doors, watch TV etc etc as she is in a deeper more satisfying sleep... she doesn't wake. For Mala it's changed her life too... she is a calmer, more observant and happy child...

Hilariously, she now loves her new found sleeping independence so much that she begs not to have a story or song shouting "IN IN" to get into her cot and lie down!

Do I recommend Karen?! Totally, utterly with no hesitation whatsoever! Do it, you can't be a good parent until YOUR basic human needs are met, and sleep is one of the most important.

I'm now pregnant again and Karen is going to help us get it right from day one... We can't go through that again!

Clair - Mum to Mala and grateful partner to Alex - thank you Darling for being strong for all of us x

Karen's advice and support has proved invaluable.  Following two years of regularly broken sleep, we really weren't sure what to do next.  Karen made sure she fully understood our situation before giving us strategies to use that have made a huge difference to our daughter's sleeping habits and our ability to enjoy a decent night's sleep. We can now deal with any problems with complete confidence. I wish we'd found Karen months ago.

Libby and Rich Maryon - Whiteparish

Dear Karen,

I just wanted to thank you for all your kindness towards me, I really couldn’t have sorted out Zac’s sleep without your support, encouragement and positivity.Its amazing, now I have time to myself of an evening and I am looking forward to sharing them with my husband!

Thanks again, I could never have done it without you!  Lots of love  Kay xxx

Put simply, Karen has enabled us to retake control of our lives. With Karen's guidance and unwavering encouragement our six year old daughternow goes to bed without a fuss and sleeps well all night - something we didn't think possible after many years of disturbed sleep! Most importantly Karen has provided us with the tools and confidence to continue this success into the long term. We can't thank her enough.  

 Clare Herbert – Romsey, Hampshire

This sleep programme is amazing; we spent a few very uncomfortable, sleep deprived months wondering why our daughter would wake very couple of hours screaming, would only settle in our arms and what we should do about it. Following one particularly rough night with her, we saw Karen’s article in our local newspaper and decided to give her a try. Miraculously, within four nights of following her bespoke sleep plan our daughter was sleeping well through the night and was more cheerful during the day. You are supported through the process and given advice on how to deal with situations that arise. This has had a hugely positive effect on Mum and Dad as they have re-discovered sleep too. THANK YOU SO MUCH KAREN, YOU ARE A LIFE SAVER. 🙂 🙂

A very well rested Saffer faily - Winterbourne Dauncey, Salisbury

I can’t thank Karen enough for her advice, support and patience!  She is THE best problem sleep solver.  Our 2.5 year old went from the perfect sleeper to the sleeper from hell. One email to Karen and 3 weeks later we now have our evenings back and a much happier little boy.  I only wish I had found her months ago. Claire, Marty and Daniel. Fareham

THANK YOU, THANK YOU SO MUCH  for giving me my SLEEP  back as well as my life. Before i meet karen i was up and down most of the night and suriving on a few hours sleep, which was hard especially when it was affecting my work as well as my home life and my general health. Within just a few days of meeting karen and sticking to my bedtime routine charlie my 20month old son had started to sleep through the night again as well as having a two and half hour sleep in the afternoon giving me time to myself again. Thank you once again. love jayne, scott ,teona & charlie hawkins x Southampton

Strength, determination and conviction that you’re doing the right thing are qualities that dwindle when in the depths of sleep deprivation! After 7months of existing on around 2-3 hrs sleep a night, desperation had set in to find a way of helping our gorgeous little girl to sleep soundly. When Karen introduced us to the clarity, simplicity and step by step approach of her plan, I knew this was exactly what I needed! With Karen’s unfaltering guidance and support, in a matter of days we were on our way to sleep like we’d never before experienced! The results really were astonishing and within a week our little girl had gone from not sleeping for more than an hour at a time to sleeping a straight 10 hours.  Success, blissful nights and a much healthier, happier household!
             Beth, Roger & Evie - Portsmouth

'Our 2 year old son had never been a good napper or sleeper and finally we thought enough is enough! Karen came to see us and brought a personalised sleep plan for us to follow. We felt she really understood our needs and our parenting style. With her support and encouragement, she gave us the confidence to enable our son to develop good napping and night time sleeping habits within a very short time. We are enjoying a brighter, happier toddler and we finally feel rested. We never thought it was possible! Thank-you Karen'

Lindsey, Tom & Alexander Jojic - Salisbury

We have struggled with poor sleeping patterns for a very long time with our 3 year old - almost since he was born. At times, the sleep deprivation and bedtime behaviour was almost insufferable and everyone was affected. We decided that enough was enough and felt that there must be something we could do, but we felt utterly powerless, as everything we had read and tried to date had failed. However, we came across Karen through a friend and within a week of starting the programme, we experienced a massive change in sleeping behaviour - a positive change that is maintained three weeks later and has now become the norm.
At a time when we were so tired and could not see the wood for the trees, Karen disected the route causes of the problem and constructed a programme that was the sum of many small changes. It was firm but fair, initially a challenge (mainly a psychological one as parents) as it required a concerted and consistent change of behaviour from us in order to bring about the required changes for our three year old, but it worked really well.
I cannot say how much better we both feel and as a dad, I feel my relationship with my youngest has improved massively as we now both have so much more energy to play and learn together thanks to so much more sleep. This programme and approach has made such a positive impact, it's hard to say how much. I cannot recommend Karen highly enough - it has made the world of difference, thank you! 

Mark - Dad Whiteparish

So before we had kids everyone use to take the mickey out of me as I was always going on about how much I loved my sleep!  I even had a badge that said I love my bed, I just love sleeping!!!  So it seemed strange (and cruel) that I could produce two children that didn't like sleeping, at all!!!  Sleep had become a distant memory as we had been suffering with a four year old who has never slept very well and now a 10 month old who was following exactly the same path and we had tried everything possible so I decided enough was enough! Our nights were just extensions of the day except for the fact we were desperately trying to catch 40 winks inbetween the kids waking up!  We were exhausted and had turned into parent robots!  So when someone gave me the Echo with Karens interview in I could relate to so many things I decided to give her a call.  Initially I hadn't decided to go ahead with it but just wanted to see what she had to say.  As soon as I spoke to Karen I felt like I had known her for years, she was friendly, understanding and gave me such confidence that she could help I immediately signed up.  OK so my husband nearly collapsed when I told him I had spent money on this 'sleep lady' who was going to solve all our problems, but I was willing to try anything.  When Karen came round for the consultation we went through all the relevant information and she came up with a plan, my little girl only cried for such a short spell of time those first few nights, the plan was easy to follow and it was a relief to have times to aim for so I felt I was doing the right thing.  After just one day my 10month old was sleeping through the night!  7-7 no waking!! I am not kidding it was a miracle!  She has continued to do this since that day!  My eldest one is no longer waking either with advice and support from Karen both my girls are now like little sleeping beauties at night and we are no longer robots but have got our lives back!  People don't understand what sleep deprivation is like, parents of kids who sleep well think you are just overreacting or being overdramatic they don't understand how it effects every single area of your life.  What we have now is 'normal' to most people but for us Karen has given us our lives back!  My husband and I believe Karen is worth every single penny!  You just can't put a value on your life or your sleep!!

Heidi - mum to Darcy 4 and Bonnie 10 months.

This sleep programme is amazing; we spent a few very uncomfortable, sleep deprived months wondering why our daughter would wake very couple of hours screaming, would only settle in our arms and what we should do about it. Following one particularly rough night with her, we saw Karen’s article in our local newspaper and decided to give her a try. Miraculously, within four nights of following her bespoke sleep plan our daughter was sleeping well through the night and was more cheerful during the day.  You are supported through the process and given advice on how to deal with situations that arise. This has had a hugely positive effect on Mum and Dad as they have re-discovered sleep too. THANK YOU SO MUCH KAREN, YOU ARE A LIFE SAVER. 🙂 🙂

A very well rested Saffery family (Salisbury)

"I think I may have been one of Karen's more challenging clients but this didn't faze her one bit!! She was just more determined to get it sorted. Ihad a 2.5 year old that had NEVER slept through the night and had been sleeping in the marital bed for the last 9 months. If he didn't sleep next to me I would be up anywhere from 3-6 times a night. I also had a 10 month old that was waking a couple of times a night as well. Sleep deprived was an understatement and my use of make-up increased ten fold!                                                                                                         This was a way of life that I only thought would resolve naturally and I just kept putting off dealing with it.  I saw Karen's article in a local magazine and felt I had nothing to lose by ringing her. Karen was warm and understanding and certainly gave me light at the end of the tunnel. She kept me focused when I wobbled - and I had a few - but was there for me every step of the way, confident and positive.  Without her support and guidance there is no way I could have done this.  She has gone over and above all my expectations.  Have we had the double sleep through? Of course we have - every night is a double sleep through! I'm not sure why I let this drag on for so long but sleepless nights seem a distant memory now. I've got my life back, my husband back in the bed and I can honestly say to my friends 'yes, my boys sleep the whole night and don't wake once' which I NEVER thought I'd hear myself say!!  Don't hesitate, call Karen, you won't regret it.  She's my new best friend!" 

Lucy, Darren, Evan & Brody - Surrey

Truly Amazing! Life changing! I never believed it would work for my son....until I tried it. From waking EIGHT times a night for a year and reliant on motion or feeding to now sleeping 11 hours without waking! Everyone is happier and we even have the energy to go and join in with fun activities.  Karen, so encouraging, positive, supportive and wise, she WILL help you succeed. I truly can’t thank her enough and could never have done it without her – Worth every penny! Sleep tight! 

Kay – Bournemouth

"We contacted Karen in desperation!  Our 3 year old has never been a great sleeper, but the last 6 months had been really hard, not actually understanding why he was waking and how we could help him get back to sleep.  We tried everything, and it left us all completely shattered everyday!!  His behaviour during the day became difficult, probably due to the fact he was so tired too.  So we made one of the most life changingphone calls, to Karen.  After meeting Karen I immediately started to feel more positive, we put her plan into action and started to notice a difference after 4 days, and now 3 weeks later we have our lives back.  He is sleeping through the night and going to bed on time and without any fuss.  I cannot thank Karen enough, the system works and I no longer go to bed each night full of anxiety!  Thank you so much Karen!!"

Sophie - Mum to Chester age 3 Whiteparish

Karen, the sleep guru, is who you need if you have had enough of sleepless nights due to a baby/toddler keeping you up at night! I contacted Karen after over two years of disturbed sleep and wish I had done so sooner, as after four nights, yes, just four nights, my daughter starting sleeping through the night. I never thought I would see the day (well night if we’re being precise!). Karen’s individualised sleeping plan meant that myself and my husband were equipped with the tools and confidence we needed to guide our daughter into learning how to sleep well, and I can honestly say, without hesitation, that she can now settle herself to sleep and sleep through the night without any parental input.  Karen has been a great source of help and support throughout the process, and has been so positive and encouraging. She is worth every single penny and I will certainly be calling on Karen’s expert advice when baby number two arrives early in the New Year! Thank you so much Karen for helping us all to get our sleep back

Jennifer - mum to Lilly Romsey

My son had always been a good sleeper and had no trouble going to bed. Suddenly at around 18 months he started waking in the night and not wanting to be left alone and he started early rising. We managed to pretty much overcome the night waking but the early rising became a daily thing with 5.15am the norm! On top of this, he refused to nap during the day when at home so we were stuck in a rut with a tired child and tired parents. With a brand new addition to the family and the increased lack of sleep that brings too, we decided enough was enough and I called Karen. My only reservation was that I did not want to pay to be told things I already know or have read in books and I hoped Karen would have some fairy dust up her sleeve...She did.

Just after I convinced my husband to let us spend the money on Karen's services, we had such a rough night that he said he'd pay double! I think he nearly hugged her when he answered the door to her. We had the complete solution package and the newborn package for our two children. We expected it to be hard at first but we saw a massive improvement on our very first night of sleep training our toddler. Over the two weeks of training we have turned things around and he is now sleeping through to more like 7am with no night waking a and still going to bed with no problems. We have also learnt valuable skills to help the newborn who is also sleeping through already at just 6 weeks.

The best thing about hiring Karen is that she is there for you the whole way through the process. She tailors the training to your family's needs and reminds and advises you if you come unstuck and she makes sure you see it through. You can't get that from any book. This service is well worth every penny and I feel we will have years of benefit from it. I highly recommend it.

Lucy - Mum to Joey & Sienna  aged 22 months and 6 weeks!

After 16 months of pretty much no sleep, myself and my husband decided we couldn't go on like this. Our 16 month old little boy was an awful sleeper. Some nights waking every 45 minutes, most nights just screaming.
After trying everything we could, we decided we needed professional help. My mother in law found an article about parents struggling with their babies not sleeping, so I decided to call Karen and I am so glad I did.
After meeting Karen who is fantastic and going through a plan suitable for Max it was time to start. I was dreading it at first but things couldn't get any worse. The first few days were hard but were so worth it, it's been 2 weeks now and Max has been sleeping through for a few days now which is amazing. Everything about nap and bedtime has completely changed for the better.
I would 100% recommend Karen to anyone struggling, not only is she amazing at her job she's a lovely lady too.

Selina & Steve Rubery - parents to Max 16 months Andover

Why we didn't do this earlier, goodness knows!!  After 21 months of disturbed sleep with my son waking at least twice a night, we made the call to Karen.  I knew a lot of the mistakes we were making, I just wasn't sure how to reverse them, we had tried before but often gave in or he would be unwell and we would be back to square one.  After a short conversation with Karen on the phone, she gave me the confidence to realise we could sort this once and for all. We completed a detailed questionnaire for Karen then met formally to discuss going forward.  It was very relaxed with no 'tuts' of I can't believe you have been doing that. She gave us a straight forward plan and target date to start.  After only 3 nights my son was sleeping through the night and within a week he was having proper afternoon naps.   He has been sleeping ever since, slight wavering when he got croup but with just a little adaption during him being ill, we have carried on as before following the new routine with total success"

Lara – Mum to Alex 21 months,  Winchester

Working with Karen has been life changing and I cannot recommend it enough. Our little boy was 16 months old and had never slept for more than 3-4 hours without needing us. Before starting work with Karen I had spent the previous month sleeping on the floor next to his cot which at 3 months pregnant with our second baby and working full time was pushing me to the limit. Zach had suffered with severe silent reflux for his first year and the management of his treatment (as well as his medication) resulted in very poor sleep habits - e.g. Dummy, night feeds, holding upright 20mins post feeding. Once he was better we had tried many things ourselves including controlled crying which just led to a cot phobia. Having spoken with Karen I felt confident she could help although couldn't quite believe we could fix Zach's sleeping in just 2 weeks. Before starting the first night we were very nervous and steeled ourselves for a very long night. It wasn't easy but he accepted the changes much better and faster than we ever dreamt he could and unbelievably on the 2nd night he slept through for the first time ever and has continued to do so!!! 3 weeks on I still have to pinch myself every morning that we now have a 'sleeper'.

Clara Walker, Surrey

I just want to say thank you for helping our 15 month old sleep through the night. He had been waking up for his bottle every three hours or so for as long as I can remember. Within three days of starting your programme he was sleeping through the night. One week in and now it is only me that wakes up at silly o'clock in the morning. It looks like it is going to take me longer to adjust than him!

Keith Gutteridge – Dad to James age 15 months, Winchester

After 21 months of crying for 2-3 hours a night we decided enough was enough and contacted Karen to help get our little boy sleeping through the night. We have read and tried numerous different ways to try and get him to consistently sleep through the night and none of them worked for us. Karen devised a sleep plan for us to work with and it was tweaked along the way to suit our little boy and us. Unfortunately during the process, we had the clocks changing, chicken pox and a nasty cough and cold to contend with but we have now had 16 nights of sleeping through!!! Not only are we feeling more human, our little boy is much happier in the daytime and napping better too.  Thanks Karen

Rachel Rowan, Mum to Adam aged 2 Lee-on-Solent

"Finding Karen has been truly life changing for both my husband and I as busy working parents (with previously no adult time) but especially for Aidan aged 18 months! Going down at bed time had never been a problem but the night waking got more and more frequent and coupled with lack of sleep resulted in Aidan joining us in bed most nights just so we could all sleep.
I had read lots of information in books and online and felt I had tried everything. I was at my wits end when I found Karen's details and little did I know that in less 3 days Aidan would be sleeping through 7.15pm until 7.45 in his own bed!
Karen's support and encouragement was unwavering and it gave us the confidence and determination to see it through. I would not hesitate to recommend Karen to anyone who is struggling as it has brought back to me how wonderful being a mother is now that none of us are sleep deprived.
Thank you so much and hopefully we will be in touch when there is a new addition to our family"

Emma Smith-Kind, Mum to Aiden 18 months  from Nottingham

Working with Karen has been one of the best investments that we've ever made! The whole process, from the initial 1.5hour consultation, to the daily update call or e-mail and the final hand off after 2 weeks was so easy and stress free. The techniques and changes that we applied to our 13 month old sons bedtime routine were simple and, after the initial nervousness of putting our boy down in his cot awake (for the first time ever!), we quickly realised that the plan that Karen had put together was one that we, as a family, could actually work to.
Within just a few nights our son was sleeping 10-11 hours with minimal wake ups. With Karen's experience giving us confidence we were able to stick to her advice and help our son learn how to put himself back to sleep on his own when he woke in the night. After just one week he was sleeping through the night for 11 hours and resettling himself when he woke up. A revelation after more than a year of considerably broken sleep!
2 months on and we are still amazed (and so grateful) that our son consistently sleeps 11.5-12.5 hours a night. We have travelled away from home on a number of occasions over this time and not even this throws our son off sleeping through. We are all so much more rested and ultimately happier! 
I would recommend Karen to anyone experiencing sleep issues with their little really is too short to struggle on through sleepless nights and the fix really can be incredibly quick and easy with Karen's help.
Karen - we thank you and salute you!
Beth and Dean, London

We were at breaking point when we contacted Karen for help with our beautiful twins. They were never good day time nappers but initially they only woke once in the night to feed and then would go back to sleep until 6.30 -7am. However, after one of the twins became poorly this changed and between them they were waking nearly every hour. We were exhausted and so were our babies, which then impacted on their day and my ability to enjoy my time with them.

When we spoke to Karen she was so positive and provided a sleeping program that was so individually tailored to our babies needs and our parenting style that it inspired confidence in our ability to help our babies learn how to sleep through the night and nap for longer. One of the thingsthat make the program so effective is the regular contact and support that Karen gives, it is invaluable to have someone to talk to who is so positive and kind when you are feeling so low and sleep deprived.  

Now my lovely twins are sleeping longer at nap time and throughout the night and they are developing both emotionally and developmentally in leaps and bounds as they are no longer exhausted.

We cannot thank Karen enough for the difference it has made not only to our lives but to our babies lives and we would recommend her to anyone who has children with sleep problems.

Jo, Martin, Harry and Grace – Southampton.

Amazing is just one word!!

My son is 16 months old and has only slept through the night 3 times.  He would wake up the same time every night at around 11pm and 3am.  He would always want milk to get him back to sleep. Me and husband had come to point where is was driving us mad and had to seek help.  That’s were Karen came in.  After having a new routine and the fabulous Karen at hand he was sleeping through after night 4!  I thought it wouldn’t work and that I would cave in but no I stuck to it and the result was amazing.  I have already recommended her to friends and I am sure that they will be amazed as we were. 

A huge thanks Karen for helping us get our nights back. Only after 3 nights James now sleeps through the night. We couldn't have done it without your help. I’ve already recommended you to others. Thanks again!!!

Rachel Guttridge  - Mum to James 15 months, Winchester

'When I called Karen I was feeling a bit hopeless about our sleep situation, my beautiful 15 month old daughter Evie had been sharing my bed since around 3 months of age and had been breastfed to sleep for every bedtime and nap since she was born.. I couldn't see how we could ever get out of that as previous attempts had proven upsetting for me and her and I had resigned myself to carrying on until she decided to get herself to sleep or wanted to go in her own bed, whenever that would be!! None of us were getting a good sleep as she would wake between 10-20 times a night and need to be immediately pacified (fed) back to sleep. As a result her appetite and moods were suffering in the day. I barely saw my other half and eldest daughter as i would go to bed with Evie and not be able to leave the room as she woke so frequently.. it was all a mess.. something needed to change!
I called Karen and she immediately she made me feel positive, her confidence told me that we were going to come out of this alive!! After speaking to her I just couldn't wait to get started. 
At the 90 min consultation I was made to feel even more at ease and confident.. Karen had put together a plan to suit us all with a routine that worked perfectly for our family.
First night was hard but even then she surprised us with how quickly she learnt.. By nights 7/8 she was sleeping 7-7.30 with one or two little shouts in the night but she was settling herself. I never ever thought she would be doing that.. I have my evenings back and my bed.. She is a different child in the day too.. So happy and she has a wonderful appetite now too. She loves her new routine and knows what's coming next and I think she is actually beginning to enjoy going to sleep as she leans towards the cot when we sing her bedtime song 🙂
Best thing I ever did ringing Karen, she has changed our lives completely and was worth every penny!'

Sarah, Mummy to Evie - Andover

I contacted Karen for advice regarding our six month old. At that time he was waking 3 or 4 times a night and could only return to sleep with milk or rocking. He was also unable to settle and nap in his cot during the day. Our initial 15 minute consultation filled me with hope and positivity and true to her word when Karen and I met for our one to one session she talked openly and honestly with me regarding the issues we were facing and how to change them. Her personal sleep plan for our son had him putting himself to sleep, and back to sleep on the first night, and sleeping through within days. I was amazed that he could adapt so quickly when we consistently carried out the plan. As Karen had advised naps would prove harder to master however two weeks later our son is successfully napping in his cot twice a day. The daily support in the early part of the plan is invaluable to discuss any issues and gain reassurance. An amazing service, from a genuinely kind and caring professional.

Becky & Chris, Hampshire

Thank you so much for helping us Karen! Madison had not really slept since she was 4.5 months old, regularly waking 4-5 times a night (sometimes more! ) and after months of sleepless nights, having exhausted most options we decided to bite the bullet and ask for help. This was the best decision we made . Madison has been sleeping 12/13 hours a night since Karen put together a plan for us (this started from night 2 of implementing the plan and we are now 3 weeks in!) She is dummy free and has now learnt to self soothe. We couldn't be happier!

Massive thanks to Karen at Babysleepthenight, our lives have been changed dramatically since our bundle of daytime joy has become a bundle of nighttime joy too!
We enlisted Karens help after many failed attempts at getting out little one to sleep! (12 months of frequent wakings plays havoc!) We started on the eve of her first birthday and I can honestly say within 3 nights our lives were transformed! Within 2 weeks our little girl was sleeping 11 hours a night!
We used Karens time change advice when the clocks changed and took her advice on our first holiday, with our little one still managing 10-11 hours! 
Now 6 months on we still stay true to the advice and get 11, sometimes even 12 hours of nighttime joy!
Thanks Karen!!     Liz mummy to Rose 18 months

I contacted Karen for advice regarding our six month old. At that time he was waking 3 or 4 times a night and could only return to sleep with milk or rocking. He was also unable to settle and nap in his cot during the day. Our initial 15 minute consultation filled me with hope and positivity and true to her word when Karen and I met for our one to one session she talked openly and honestly with me regarding the issues we were facing and how to change them. Her personal sleep plan for our son had him putting himself to sleep, and back to sleep on the first night, and sleeping through within days. I was amazed that he could adapt so quickly when we consistently carried out the plan. As Karen had advised naps would prove harder to master however two weeks later our son is successfully napping in his cot twice a day. The daily support in the early part of the plan is invaluable to discuss any issues and gain reassurance. An amazing service, from a genuinely kind and caring professional.

Becky & Chris, Hampshire

Thank you so much for helping us Karen! Madison had not really slept since she was 4.5 months old, regularly waking 4-5 times a night (sometimes more! ) and after months of sleepless nights, having exhausted most options we decided to bite the bullet and ask for help. This was the best decision we made . Madison has been sleeping 12/13 hours a night since Karen put together a plan for us (this started from night 2 of implementing the plan and we are now 3 weeks in!) She is dummy free and has now learnt to self soothe. We couldn't be happier!

Massive thanks to Karen at Babysleepthenight, our lives have been changed dramatically since our bundle of daytime joy has become a bundle of nighttime joy too!
We enlisted Karens help after many failed attempts at getting out little one to sleep! (12 months of frequent wakings plays havoc!) We started on the eve of her first birthday and I can honestly say within 3 nights our lives were transformed! Within 2 weeks our little girl was sleeping 11 hours a night!
We used Karens time change advice when the clocks changed and took her advice on our first holiday, with our little one still managing 10-11 hours! 
Now 6 months on we still stay true to the advice and get 11, sometimes even 12 hours of nighttime joy!
Thanks Karen!!     Liz mummy to Rose 18 months

Just over 7 weeks ago I was living off about 3hrs sleep (broken) per night and this had been going on for 5 months. I barely saw my husband in the evenings as we did shifts – dinner together, talking about our day or even just 5 minutes of TV was a big NO in our home and we both couldn’t see how this would change. One of my friends gave me Karen’s leaflet and since meeting Karen in August mine, my husbands and our daughters life has completely changed – it sounds dramatic but it’s true.
It got so bad that rocking Ruby (for 2hrs one night!!!) or even putting her next to me in bed was not helping her to sleep and now…she does between11-12hrs every night and she is such a happy, smiley, chatty baby – it’s amazing and her development just increases day by day.
For my husband and I we have our evenings back! We can sit and have dinner together, chat about Ruby, listen to music all with the knowledge that our daughter is sleeping soundly and its great to know that we’ve helped her to learn to self soothe - sleep is so important.
Karen, you were brilliant and supportive – I still pinch myself every morning when I hear her stir just past 6am – thank you very much.
Ps All of the tips you gave me for going abroad worked wonders, Ruby slept through the night even though we were all in the same room and in a totally different country. Thank you.

Kelli - mum to Ruby 5 months

My twins Olli and Jessi are nearly three with my son having speech and language difficulties.
I contacted Karen at the end of my tether, lacking in ideas and
suffering from sleep deprivation.
Jessi was not settling at night running me ragged. I was up and down the stairs for hours to a girl who would not stay in her bed and if she did she would cry and scream for hours..
Both twins were waking several times in the night with Olli coming into my room and refusing to return to his bed...
Both were often awake at 4.30/ 5am.........

Karen has been incredibly supportive, professional and very
honest and always quick to explain the reasons for the structured
programme we have introduced....
Has the past three weeks been easy.... no..... especially having two
toddlers one with special needs.... but we have stuck with the programme and three weeks on I am downstairs relaxing by 1830 every evening with my twins settled and sending them selves to sleep with their doors open....I have to say I never thought I would be where I am today...!

Karen is a life saver, she can solve your problems and get you relaxing for the evening.....

Thank you Karen.... I feel as if you have been sitting on my shoulder for the past 3 weeks and I will
miss you....and all your support.......


Su x Mum to Olli & Jessi 2 years 10 months

I cant recommend Karen enough even my husband agrees it’s the best money we have ever spent. Joel is my third child and hadn’t slept from day 1. As a newborn he would be awake for hours at a time, 9 months down the line he was waking repeatedly all evening and all through the night and the only way he would settle was if I fed him. My other two hadn’t been great sleepers and I couldn’t see how it was ever going to get better.
On night 2 of Karen's sleep plan Joel slept through and it really was so easy I almost felt cheated that it wasn’t a bit harder, had I really gone without sleep and looked after three children for 9 months and within two nights he was sleeping? I wish I had known about Karen 6 years ago when my daughter was born I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her. 

Claire - Mum to Joel 9 months

Thanks to Karen and her plan our 9 month old daughter now consistently sleeps 11 and a half /12 hours night and has 2 decent length naps in the day. We sought Karen's advise after all being sleep deprived and after realising that we were falling into bad habits at bedtime and nap time. We could be in and out of her room up to 6 times at night and sometimes trying to settle her for up to 2 hours in the middle of night. In sheer desperation and exhaustion I started bringing her into our bed, which I knew I didn't want to do but felt I had no other option. After religiously following Karen's sleeping plan Amelie slept through the night from day 2. We couldn't believe how quickly it worked for Amelie. We can't thank Karen enough!!
Caroline, Southampton

My 7 month old baby girl was waking every hour and needing to be resettled every night from the day she was born. Our lives were horrendous and my husband and I were arguing all the time and my other two children suffering as we were sooo tired all the time. Having read all the books and with two other children who always slept the night from 3 months I didnt think we were ever going to sleep believing Sienna was just a baby who wouldn't ever be able to sleep properly. I decided to hire karen and see if she could help. If im honest I didnt think anything would work.. I am an experienced mum and didnt think there was anything karen could do that I hadnt already tried. But it did work and on night 2 of karens sleep plan Sienna, to my complete surprise slept the whole night. . She has slept every night since. Most nights 12 hours solid. I cant thank her enough for changing our lives. Miracles do indeed happen (with the right help). My only regret is I didnt hire her sooner. Thanks karen xxx

Amber - mum to my beautiful sleeping Sienna.

At 18 months Molly had never slept through the night, waking up regularly and co sleeping with me. I decided that it was time to implement a new routine and help Molly learn to self-settle but wanted to make sure that whatever I did I followed it through and made it as easy as possible for Molly (and me!). A friend recommended Karen and I am very grateful she did as Molly now sleeps through the night for a minimum of 12 hours. The plan made a lot of sense and Karen made sure she explained the reasons for each step which made me fully confident it would work and demonstrated the importance of consistency. I really can’t believe that now, as long as I follow my routine, I put Molly into her cot, walk out the door and before I know it she is asleep and then I don’t see her again to the morning! Thank you Karen! From Vicky Gray

I waited until my son was nearly a year old before contacting Karen as his sleeping habits were erratic - we'd have a mix of good and bad nights and I kept thinking it would sort itself out. But around the year mark the lack of consistent sleep was really starting to take its toll - with early morning wakings standard practice (anywhere between 4:30 and 5:30) and usually some form of night time waking too. I wish we hadn't waited! Karen put together a plan tailored to my son's needs and since starting it he is sleeping between 11-12 hours a night and is able to self settle on waking. Naps are improving too, and I'm sure we'll get the consistency there in time too. It's not always easy but Karen has been on hand to provide advice every step of the way to support us on the journey to sleeping the night. Thank you for all your help.

Anne-Marie and Alex

Im really pleased I went with a friend's advice and contacted Karen. I have to admit that the free consultation was a great start and reassured me she could help. Then Karen developed a plan to meet my own needs (as little crying as possible!), as well as the baby's (who had a tricky start with very poor sleeping habits when first born and feeding issues, reflux too). My 7 and a half month old slept through the night the first night, with only 6 minutes of intermittent crying. Then proceeded to just really grizzle if anything and become a textbook night time baby since. This was great as I needed the help getting over the last hurdle- night time wakenings. Oh, and the dummy. And her association of sucking and sleeping. I thought she had been doing really well and that maybe i just needed to have more patience at night time, but Karen change things up and helped me jump the last hurdle really quickly with some changes to our routine and behavior that I wouldn't have been able to get from any of the books I had been reading. Karen held my hand throughout the next couple of weeks, and answered all my many and random questions promptly and thoroughly, which included sending studies my way as well as offering reassuring words from a fellow mum who knows her stuff and has helped hundreds. I would thoroughly recommend Karen. Hand on heart, it is the best money I have spent this year in fact. And the bonus is, I get to feel myself again.

Shireen Mummy to Aven - 7 months

We really cannot thank you enough for the help and support that you have given us with Dylan's sleeping pattern. For 12 months he had only ever slept through the night twice and due to personal circumstances outwith our control we had slipped into bad habits that we just couldn't reverse. We did not know what to do or where to turn for help and so when I was given your details it was like a light at the end of the tunnel.We thought it would take a lot longer but within 2 nights of your help he was sleeping right through the night managing to get himself back to sleep and he now regularly goes for naps during the day. The plan is simple to follow but more importantly makes sense so we understood the reasoning behind it. I must admit that my husband was sceptical to begin with but he admits it's the best money we have ever spent. In short Karen, you have given us back our lives and for the first time in 12 months we felt confident enough to leave Dylan with a friend and enjoy a meal out together.

From Gaynor - London

Wow what more can I say but thank you so much Karen, my son who is 17 months old slept in my bed with waking every hour for a bottle of milk to comfort him back to sleep, I was totally worn out, being pregnant too I thought enough is enough, so calling Karen for the first time was amazing, she told me my sons sleep could be sorted I thought it wouldn't work and was so negative about the plan given, but to our amazement our son slept through the whole night on the "FIRST" night!! I couldn't believe it, so thank you again Karen for your fab advice and support but most of all patients, we have our evenings back and a very happy little boy.

Mummy and Daddy to L-Ade

Our 8 month old had been a bad sleeper since the early days, with a brief spell of good sleeping at 6 months. However, after a bout of illness we slipped into bad habits and Euan would be awake for about two hours each night and usually ended up in bed with me as it seemed to be the only way to settle him. Napping during the day was also a problem, Euan rarely slept for longer than 40mins at a time. Thanks to Karen’s plan, Euan consistently sleeps for about 12 hours a night and if he does wake up he can put himself back to sleep without our intervention. He is also napping well - for up to 1.5 hours twice a day. I was surprised about how quickly we saw improvements in Euan’s sleeping and it was such a relief to finally get a decent night’s sleep. Thank you Karen for all your help. Jo & Neil, Hampshire

We first called on Karen when I was pregnant, to help get our older son James sleeping independently in his own bed in plenty of time for the arrival of his baby brother. This has worked like a dream and set us up really well for the first few weeks of expected sleep disturbance with the new baby, Alex. However, thanks to the advice Karen gave us on managing day and night sleep with a new baby, the sleep disturbance was really kept to a minimum, and by 4 weeks old Alex was only waking for one night feed. When we started to have problems with short daytime naps a few months in, which was leading to more night waking, we called on Karen again for some help tweaking our day and night routines. This has worked so well. Alex is sleeping through the night at six months old, and sleeping really well in the day which gives me some time to get things done or have a rest. I am sure the help we have had from Karen has helped prevent a recurrence of the post-natal depression I had with James which had a lot to do with being exhausted and not knowing how to change things. Karen has given us a proven toolkit to work through problems as they arise. The very reasonable cost has been a small amount to pay for the peace of mind it has brought us.

Liz - Southampton

Thanks to Karen and her plan our 9 month old daughter now consistently sleeps 11 and a half /12 hours night and has 2 decent length naps in the day. We sought Karen's advise after all being sleep deprived and after realising that we were falling into bad habits at bedtime and nap time. We could be in and out of her room up to 6 times at night and sometimes trying to settle her for up to 2 hours in the middle of night. In sheer desperation and exhaustion I started bringing her into our bed, which I knew I didn't want to do but felt I had no other option. After religiously following Karen's sleeping plan Amelie slept through the night from day 2. We couldn't believe how quickly it worked for Amelie. We can't thank Karen enough!!
Caroline, Southampton

My 7 month old baby girl was waking every hour and needing to be resettled every night from the day she was born. Our lives were horrendous and my husband and I were arguing all the time and my other two children suffering as we were sooo tired all the time. Having read all the books and with two other children who always slept the night from 3 months I didnt think we were ever going to sleep believing Sienna was just a baby who wouldn't ever be able to sleep properly. I decided to hire karen and see if she could help. If im honest I didnt think anything would work.. I am an experienced mum and didnt think there was anything karen could do that I hadnt already tried. But it did work and on night 2 of karens sleep plan Sienna, to my complete surprise slept the whole night. . She has slept every night since. Most nights 12 hours solid. I cant thank her enough for changing our lives. Miracles do indeed happen (with the right help). My only regret is I didnt hire her sooner. Thanks karen xxx

Amber - mum to my beautiful sleeping Sienna.

At 18 months Molly had never slept through the night, waking up regularly and co sleeping with me. I decided that it was time to implement a new routine and help Molly learn to self-settle but wanted to make sure that whatever I did I followed it through and made it as easy as possible for Molly (and me!). A friend recommended Karen and I am very  grateful she did as Molly now sleeps through the night for a minimum of 12 hours. The plan made a lot of sense and Karen made sure she explained the reasons for each step which made me fully confident it would work and demonstrated the importance of consistency. I really can’t believe that now, as long as I follow my routine, I put Molly into her cot, walk out the door and before I know it she is asleep and then I don’t see her again to the morning! Thank you Karen! From Vicky Gray

I waited until my son was nearly a year old before contacting Karen as his sleeping habits were erratic - we'd have a mix of good and bad nights and I kept thinking it would sort itself out.  But around the year mark the lack of consistent sleep was really starting to take its toll - with early morning wakings standard practice (anywhere between 4:30 and 5:30) and usually some form of night time waking too.  I wish we hadn't waited!Karen put together a plan tailored to my son's needs and since starting it he is sleeping between 11-12 hours a night and is able to self settle on waking.  Naps are improving too, and I'm sure we'll get the consistency there in time too.  It's not always easy but Karen has been on hand to provide advice every step of the way to support us on the journey to sleeping the night.  Thank you for all your help.

Anne-Marie and Alex

Im really pleased I went with a friend's advice and contacted Karen. I have to admit that the free consultation was a great start and reassured me she could help. Then Karen developed a plan to meet my own needs (as little crying as possible!), as well as the baby's (who had a tricky start with very poor sleeping habits when first born and feeding issues, reflux too). My 7 and a half month old slept through the night the first night,with only 6 minutes of intermittent crying. Then proceeded to just really grizzle if anything and become a textbook night time baby since. This was great as I needed the help getting over the last hurdle- night time wakenings. Oh, and the dummy. And her association of sucking and sleeping. I thought she had been doing really well and that maybe i just needed to have more patience at night time, but Karen change things up and helped me jump the last hurdle really quickly with some changes to our routine and behavior that I wouldn't have been able to get from any of the books I had been reading. Karen held my hand throughout the next couple of weeks, and answered all my many and random questions promptly and thoroughly, which included sending studies my way as well as offering reassuring words from a fellow mum who knows her stuff and has helped hundreds. I would thoroughly recommend Karen. Hand on heart, it is the best money I have spent this year in fact. And the bonus is, I get to feel myself again.

Shireen  Mummy to Aven - 7 months

We really cannot thank you enough for the help and support that you have given us with Dylan's sleeping pattern. For 12 months he had only ever slept through the night twice and due to personal circumstances outwith our control we had slipped into bad habits that we just couldn't reverse. We did not know what to do or where to turn for help and so when I was given your details it was like a light at the end of the tunnel.We thought it would take a lot longer but within 2 nights of your help he was sleeping right through the night managing to get himself back to sleep and he now regularly goes for naps during the day. The plan is simple to follow but more importantly makes sense so we understood the reasoning behind it. I must admit that my husband was sceptical to begin with but he admits it's the best money we have ever spent. In short Karen, you have given us back our lives and for the first time in 12 months we felt confident enough to leave Dylan with a friend and enjoy a meal out together.

From Gaynor - London

Wow what more can I say but thank you so much Karen, my son who is 17 months old slept in my bed with waking every hour for a bottle of milk to comfort him back to sleep, I was totally worn out, being pregnant too I thought enough is enough, so  calling Karen for the first time was amazing, she told me my sons sleep could be sorted I thought it wouldn't work and was so negative about the plan given, but to our amazement our son slept through the whole night on the "FIRST" night!! I couldn't believe it, so thank you again Karen for your fab advice and support but most of all patients, we have our evenings back and a very happy little boy.      

Mummy and Daddy to L-Ade 

Our 8 month old had been a bad sleeper since the early days, with a brief spell of good sleeping at 6 months.  However, after a bout of illness we slipped into bad habits and Euan would be awake for about two hours each night and usually ended up in bed with me as it seemed to be the only way to settle him.  Napping during the day was also a problem, Euan rarely slept for longer than 40mins at a time.  Thanks to Karen’s plan, Euan consistently sleeps for about 12 hours a night and if he does wake up he can put himself back to sleep without our intervention.  He is also napping well - for up to 1.5 hours twice a day.   I was surprised about how quickly we saw improvements in Euan’s sleeping and it was such a relief to finally get a decent night’s sleep. Thank you Karen for all your help.  Jo & Neil, Hampshire

We first called on Karen when I was pregnant, to help get our older son James sleeping independently in his own bed in plenty of time for the arrival of his baby brother.  This has worked like a dream and set us up really well for the first few weeks of expected sleep disturbance with the new baby, Alex.  However, thanks to the advice Karen gave us on managing day and night sleep with a new baby, the sleep disturbance was really kept to a minimum, and by 4 weeks old Alex was only waking for one night feed.  When we started to have problems with short daytime naps a few months in, which was leading to more night waking, we called on Karen again for some help tweaking our day and night routines.  This has worked so well. Alex is sleeping through the night at six months old, and sleeping really well in the day which gives me some time to get things done or have a rest.  I am sure the help we have had from Karen has helped prevent a recurrence of the post-natal depression I had with James which had a lot to do with being exhausted and not knowing how to change things.  Karen has given us a proven toolkit to work through problems as they arise.  The very reasonable cost has been a small amount to pay for the peace of mind it has brought us.

Liz - Southampton

In a desperate sleep deprived state late one night I stumbled across  I remember reading through all the testimonials from happy clients thinking to myself ‘this sounds too good to be true’ and ‘this will never work for us.’ Well if that is you right now, have faith and put your trust in Karen – she’s amazing and she very quickly solved our 13 month olds sleep problems. Our little boy had not been sleeping well for months, it was not unusual for him to wake 6+ times a night and his naps were all over the place.  It would take us ages to get him off to sleep and every time he woke he’d need us to help him back to sleep.  We followed Karen’s personalised plan exactly to the letter and now we have a very happy well rested little boy. He sleeps from  7pm to 7 -7.30am and naps for 1.5 – 2hrs every day.  It’s amazing when you consider that in one week he learnt to put himself to sleep AND to sleep all night. All this while transitioning from two naps to one! On a personal note, I have so much more energy and enthusiasm now.  I’ve gone from struggling to just get through the day to really looking forward to all the fun things we can do together. Seriously money well spent, it’s transformed our lives! Thankyou so much, you'll never know how much of a positive impact you've had on our lives.  All the very best, Michelle, Arps and Eashan x

For the first 8 months of Alice's life, Jon and I adopted a rather laid back approach to parenting. Alice wasn't in any form of routine, apart from the one which she naturally created herself, and I spent my days and nights breastfeeding her to sleep. After months of sleepless nights (getting up 3 times a night was considered a good night - quite often I was up every 45 minutes), I finally reached a level of exhaustion that I didn't know existed, and we decided that for my sanity, something had to be done.  I stumbled across Karen purely by coincidence whilst I was on a baby-based forum one night. Another lady was talking about how Karen had changed their lives in a matter of days so I picked up the phone first thing the following morning to talk to Karen and see if she could help us. And help us she did! By following the plan that Karen made for Alice, we saw our little girl transform from waking every 45 minutes, to sleeping 11 hours in a row on night 2 of the plan! Alice has been following the plan for almost two weeks now and no longer needs us to send her to sleep. She settles down for the night all by herself, sleeps 11-12 hours, and on the occasions that she has woken up, resettles herself within minutes. The transformation is incredible and Alice is much happier, as are mummy and daddy!Karen truly is a miracle worker and we can never thank her enough for putting happiness (and sleep!) back in our home. I would recommend her to absolutely anyone who is suffering from sleepless nights and I am already planning on talking to Karen again when we have another baby so we get it right from the very start next time - after we have caught up on our sleep of course!

 Karen, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  Rachel, Jon and our little sleeping beauty, Alice x

When we contacted Karen, we were absolutely desperately sleep deprived. Benedict, at 9 months, had gone from bad to worse in the sleep department. He was now waking up every 40 minutes to an hour throughout the night and my husband and I were taking it in turns to sleep on a mattress in his nursery. We had to rock him back to sleep every time he woke and even that didn't always work. Sometimes it took an hour or two to get him back to sleep. Then there was always the dreaded transfer back into his cot, which would invariably wake him.His naps were getting shorter and shorter as well- usually only 25 minutes or so. When I spoke to Karen I was reassured by her kindness and confidence of solving the problem. We were very worried about just leaving Benedict to cry and Karen was very reassuring that we wouldn't have to do anything we weren't comfortable with. Karen's sleep plan is incredible. It was hard work, but the benefits are huge- actually life changing for us. Benedict now sleeps through the night, every night. We put him down in his cot at night, leave the room, and 5 minutes later he is asleep. No crying, no fuss. He now regularly naps for 1,5 hours, again typically falling asleep 5-10 minutes after putting him in his cot. We finally have our lives back and even went for our first meal out together- unthinkable just a few weeks ago!Thank you Karen for transforming our lives and giving our baby the sleep he deserves. In my husband's own words- the best money we've ever spent!

Pippa, Chris and Benedict

"We contacted Karen in utter desperation and exhaustion, after 9 long months of our baby daughter Rose not sleeping for more than 1-2 hours at a time. We tried everything to get our daughter to drift into the deep, restorative sleep she clearly needed night and day, but nothing would work. We were beyond tired. After a difficult start in life, including a traumatic period in hospital, Rose quickly became a highly sensitive baby and a very poor sleeper. We felt we had tried everything, and just hoped things would get better as Rose got older; that she would naturally fall into a good sleep pattern all by herself. Unfortunately they didn't and in the end we came to realise we needed expert help. We were looking for a sleep solution that was as kind as possible to both our daughter and us. Karen reassured us that Rose's sleep problems were completely normal, and that we had done absolutely the right thing in comforting and responding to our daughter for those long and difficult months before seeking assistance. Karen took a detailed history and helped us to understand how sleeps works and the importance of good sleep. Karen was sympathetic, supportive and non-judgemental in her approach and advice. After following the tailored sleep plan, Rose now sleeps for 11 hours in the nights, and naps for almost 2 hours during the day! The difference has been simply life-changing for all of us. Rose is thriving after finally getting her much-needed sleep and we can enjoy our lovely, happy daughter to the full. We have already recommended Karen to all our friends with children."

 Emily, James and baby Rose

'When people found out we were having our second child with only 17 months apart many thought we were crazy! Our confidence in our ability to cope however came partly from meeting Karen. Karen taught us how to get our 6 month old sleeping through the night and when I knew baby number two was coming along I contacted Karen for her newborn packaged. Karen armed me with all the knowledge and skills needed to get my new baby into a sleeping routine within weeks of being born. Many have commented on how content he is and I put it down to Karens wake eat play sleep routine that has us both knowing what we are doing. Our newborn is self settling and has begun to sleep through the night at 9 weeks. When we hit the inevitable milestones that will throw this off track!!! I will be contacting Karen again for her advice and support.

Becky, Hampshire

My little girl had never been a great sleeper. From when she was born the only way I could get her to sleep was to feed her to sleep every night, and every time she woke - which was many, many times each night! As for nap times, well at eight months I could count on my hands the amount of times she'd napped in her cot during the day. Every day I'd walk for miles with her in the pram to try and get her to sleep. While this was very good exercise for me, my overall health was starting to really suffer from the effects of sleep deprivation. With a husband at work most of the time and no family local to help me out I was utterly exhausted, pretty miserable and feeling desperate. The final straw came after returning from two months away in my native Australia when my daughter was 8 months old. If her sleeping wasn't already bad enough she now had jet lag to contend with! Even when she had recovered from this she still would be waking every hour or maybe very two hrs if I was lucky during the night. I had to get up and feed her back to sleep each time and as I was breastfeeding my husband couldn't really assist meaning that I was out of my bed numerous times each night....
On one of these night feeds while awake and scrolling through my phone desperately googling methods to help get my baby sleep I came across Karen's website. I had read so much information already and I knew what our problem was (feed/sleep association) I was just having trouble finding methods to actually resolve this without it being too traumatic for all of us. From reading Karen's website details and the testimonials, I came to the conclusion that her fee would be a small price to pay if it meant we would all get a good nights sleep!!! Luckily my husband agreed after some initial scepticism (even I to be honest was a bit worried that nothing would be able to work with MY high maintenance little darling) but after speaking to Karen for the first time I genuinely had hope!

Karen was so helpful during the consultation and really explained the process and techniques that we were to follow, this made us feel prepared for the challenge ahead! From the very first night after the consultation I've not had to get out of my bed once during the night! Yes, my baby has had not one single night feed since the night before our meeting with Karen! 

If you'd have told me this would have happened so quickly before, even with Karen's help I still would have found it highly dubious. Ever since my daughter has also napped in her cot twice a day. Sure, it has taken a bit of work from us but this genuinely does feel a bit like a miracle! 

The effects on our little family are just great and I no longer feel like a sleep deprived zombie on the brink of a breakdown! We've even been able to treat ourselves to a couple of nights out recently, it is just sooooo nice to not need to fret about what will happen if she wakes and how the babysitter will get her back to sleep. Having Karen's follow up support really helped us keep on track with the plan and erased any fears that I had regarding the methods we were using. She explained the technical details so well and was always encouraging. 

A couple of months on and everything is still going brilliantly. Once we settle her we don't hear a peep from our little girl until a sensible time in the morning. A childminder even got her to nap well when I went into work for a couple of days recently. We are very grateful to Karen. It really was just so useful to have someone spending the time helping us work through our baby's sleep issues and 'hand holding' us through the process. Her advice and experience was just invaluable. I think a few people thought we were mad paying someone to help us with our daughters sleep issues but each evening as my husband and I relax without worrying when the next wake up will be and every time now when I catch myself thinking during the day 'wow, I actually feel really good and not tired, how amazing' I know that we 100% did the right thing getting help and contacting Karen. Possibly the best money we ever spent!

Jade - mummy to Anastasia 9 months

I came across Karen's details via a popular parenting forum, having spent far too many months googling sleep tips and reading baby books with advice on how to get my baby to sleep well.  We started sleep training at age 11 months, and at this stage it was becoming desperate for me as I was returning to work at age 12 months and was still rather sleep deprived with a baby who needed fed/walked or rocked to sleep in a baby carrier for naps; and sharing a bed at night - 75 centimetres of wriggling baby was not getting anyone a good night's sleep!    We had habits, which we knew were bad and weren't working for our family - co-sleeping,  breast feeding to sleep and using a dummy for naps/night wakings, and even these were not guaranteed to work as time went on and sleep time became a dread.    Whilst some of these 'habits' were lovely in the early days, you can only learn for yourself that they aren't ideal for teaching your baby good sleep habits, despite lots of anecdotes saying that these things never do harm!  We were very much against crying methods for our family, and this was all that had worked for anyone I knew.  Karen taught me that , yes you will have to listen to your baby crying and gave in-depth explanation of why, but that you can choose to be beside her so that she doesn't feel abandoned   Night 1 was very tough, but the next day held an amazing improvement and a few weeks on my baby enjoys the simple steps of our new nap and bedtime routine and reaches out for her cot to go to sleep.   I can return to work safe in the knowledge that anyone can put my daughter to sleep in the daytime and that Daddy can do his share at bedtime!    Karen is a great listener, with experienced ears and a ton of advice, you feel as though you are in it together and she genuinely cares - there is no judgement of your bad habits at all and I found her to be extremely professional and personable.   My daughter got a bug 3 days into sleep training, but fortunately she had learned the principles already and was still able to sleep in her cot all night and for naps and Karen supported us throughout the illness. If you are concerned about the cost of paying for help with sleep training, it is understandable, given than many of us are on budgets during maternity leave and beyond, however, this is one of the best 'baby purchases' for me.  You cannot put a price on a good night's sleep - it is really a transformation and I would suggest that you consult with Karen rather than buying books that you won't have time to read or follow through with complicated routines and plans that will confuse your sleep-deprived parent brain (from someone who has been there :)..)  Remember before you had a baby when you used to get a whole night's sleep? it can be very close again if you do something about it now - don't hesitate - the change is so uplifting and most of all you will very extremely proud of your child for learning these valuable new skills so well 🙂

F and Baby L, Scotland

"At 6 months of age, Henry had never slept for more than an hour at a time, night or day. He wasn't napping well in the day and was obviously grumpy. We were both totally knackered and feeling that we weren't able to engage with him as much as we should because we were so tired. Life was simply survival. We found Karen and asked for her help. She was fantastic, within 5 nights Henry was sleeping through for 12 hours and within a week he was having 3 naps in the day as well.We are now 2 months, one change of clocks, 3 holidays and one bout of illness down the line and all 3 of us are still sleeping well.Karen's advice worked and was tailored so that neither Henry or us were too upset with what was going on. She was confident and dealt with our problems in an open and understanding way. We would have no qualms about recommending her to anyone who is having problems with their baby's sleeping.

Many, many thanks Karen. From Sarah, Rob and Henry"

Ever since Harriet was born we had sleep problems. Inability to latch on, then silent reflux then lactose intolerance, then a major set back in building work on our house meant living here there and everywhere sharing a room with Harriet far longer than expected! As a baby she would wake every 20 minutes , she got to a year and we would get about an hour or so before each wake up,luckily I only worked part time so I managed to catch up on sleep an hour here or there when I could but I just felt exhausted depressed and saddened that we had this amazing bundle of joy in the day but such a terror at night. We didn't understand why she would constantly wake cry and want us. When Harriet was 18 months we moved back home , we never really had a routine and would dread night time every evening at dinner time my husband and I would get anxious and dread what was coming. We would either stay at my parents or Gary's parents for dinner then drive home late for her to fall asleep in the car just for an hour respite or else it would be her falling asleep downstairs for us to then take her up when the night was over for us! She seemed like the Duracell baby and never wanted to sleep or needed it! We thought , to try and encourage sleep we would put her in a big girls bed! Well it made no difference and so many times she just climbed out and called us. I was up and into her upto 10 times a night to quickly put the dummy in or settle her before she woke up fully. I was exhausted!!! My husband would go in from 9-1 and I would do the night shift to try and help each other out. But it got to the point where I was working full time and enough was enough and we couldn't go on like it anymore, and we felt so sorry for her little brain and body never resting!!! A friend of mine had used Karen and highly recommended her. My husband and I were a little apprehensive and thought it would never work with our strong minded stubborn independent 2 year old!

WELL IT IS SINGULARLY THE BEST THING WE HAVE EVER DONE! For all those non believers and pessimistic parents PLEASE HAVE FAITH!!

Karen gave us confidence and exactly what we needed to do without the crying out approach.We had to revert back TO THE COT which I felt so terrible for but the bed wasn't working anyway. We also had to take her dummy and taggy away (all the distractions) but she was allowed her soft dolly.We had a routine we needed to follow, and as hard as it was we stuck by it!!!

Night 1: an hour of tears and upset then settled- 2 wake ups, Night2: 30 minutes of tears and crying - 1wake up, Night 3:  10 minutes crying then settled- 2 wake ups and put herself back to sleep after only a few minutes of calling out!

Seeing Harriet so upset and calling out our names and begging for us even when we were sat in the room with her was heartbreaking and we felt distraught but it wasn't because she was actually hurt or sad it was just because of change, and she soon got used to it! And has days now when she is upstairs wanting messy bath time before we are even ready! 🙂 She asked for her dummy for 2 nights we explained how we gave it to her baby cousin and that was that. She soon got over that.

3weeks later....... My husband and I have never had so much sleep in over 2 Years!!!!! And can watch a film uninterrupted!!!!! A MIRACLE!!!!!!

I REALLY CANT EXPRESS WHAT A LIFE CHANGER IT IS FOR ALL THE FAMILY!!!!! We also had friends round for a curry night which has never ever been possible before without constant interruptions!!!  PLEASE DONT WAIT ANY LONGER..... IF you are reading this it's because you are probably desperate for a little sleep!!!! CALL KAREN you will not regret it!! Xxx  

Thank you Karen for everything! We will call you when our next bundle of joy is due to arrive to ensure we get it right from the start!         

Lymara, Gary and Harriet 26 months xxx

At 5 months old, I had reached desperation with Israel's sleep. At best he was waking twice a night, at worst 5 or 6. Naps were a daily battle and I had resorted to lying on our bed with him for every nap. Karen was great, she gave us the confidence to change things and by the second night he slept 9 hours straight and within just a few nights, Israel was sleeping all took a while longer for me as I had gotten so used to waking up multiple times! We're still working on naps but we're getting there. We're all much more rested and much happier. 

Nomia - Mummy to Isreal 5 months

"We first contacted Karen after the worst night ever!!!!! Our 7month old was having serious issues with sleep and they were only getting worse. He would never go to sleep easily. He would be awake until 10pm sometimes, only settle being rocked or laying next to us, them would wake up numerous times a night, require 1-2 bottles per night and have his dummy constantly. When he hadn't slept in his cot for 2 weeks (only in bed with us) we knew we needed help!

I found her on Facebook and looked at all the glowing reviews, and seen as Karen was offering a free 15 minute consultation, I thought it can't hurt to have a chat.

Karen was immediately reassuring, telling me that it was nothing she hadn't come across before and that with a little work, we could sort his sleep issues out for good, so we decided to go for it!

Now if you're reading this thinking, 'I bet my child will be the only one that it won't work for', I thought the same. But it has. In the 2 weeks we have been doing the plan, Cooper now sleeps from 7pm till about 6am. If he wakes in the night he is able to settle himself. He has not been in our bed at all. He has not had a night feed at all. He has not had a dummy (night or day) at all. His naps remain short but they are in his cot rather than taking the car out to get him to sleep and I know this will come together in the next few weeks. I am currently able to write this because he is asleep in his cot at 3pm!!!! 2 weeks ago he would have been asleep on me.

Was it hard work? Yes. Was there tears? Yes. Would I do it again? In a heartbeat!!! Absolutely and completely worth every single penny. We have our evenings and our bed back. But more importantly, our little man is getting much more sleep which will help him grow and thrive!!!"

Life was tough when my mum was diagnosed with terminal cancer and with a lack of sleep it was hard to keep things together! Mum gave me some money to buy myself something nice and I said the greatest gift anyone could give me was was the only bad thing I could take control of.  I did some research on sleep training and found Karen on the internet. I spoke to Karen and she was sure she could help. My husband was completely sceptical but I convinced him to give it a try.

Due to mum passing away in June we had some delay in starting as we did not feel ready to take on the challenge. Karen was sympathetic and understanding and said it was entirely up to is when we were ready. I wish we hadn't waited, as after weeks of night wakings and driving him round in the car at all hours when we finally did start in august, miracles happened! Thomas had a dummy all the time and at 20 months still had 4 bottles a day. Karen said we had to cut them all out, which we did. The first night he cried for an hour, but after that we have had no issues at all! He has taken to it so well and even settles himself at nursery or if we are away from home. We are 3 weeks in and he has not once needed us to go into him between 7pm and 6 am.  You need to be prepared to follow Karens advice to the letter (even if it goes against your "mum" instincts). It has changed our lives, we have our evenings back and we haven't had to try and function on 2 hours sleep!! It was worth every penny and would recommend it to anyone!

I didn't start this process entirely convinced it would work but I knew we had to try something. I couldn't keep up feeding every hour and I wanted my husband to move back into our bed after 3 months of sleeping apart. Nothing else we had tried had worked so we both decided to put our all into this training. On the first night, my husband sat with our son as he had his first ever attempt of falling asleep by himself. I couldn't stay in the house and went for a walk instead and by the time I came back he was asleep. I only had to feed him once that night and from the second night on he slept straight through! I couldn't believe it! My baby obviously was ready to sleep for longer periods but it was actually me stopping him from doing it by responding to every noise he made. This training has been the best thing we could have done for our son and it has transformed our family. Karen's expert advice, clear explanation and encouragement means that my husband and I now better understand our baby's needs and can read his tired signs, our son is a well rested and happier baby, and we are getting the sleep we so desperately needed at long last! I would recommend this to anyone.

I just thought I would email to let you know how brilliantly Ivy (now 15 months old) is sleeping.  We followed your newborn plan and she started sleeping pretty well fairly early on.  She had a wobble at around 5 months old and I did controlled crying 1 night and since then we very rarely have to go in to her room during the night unless teething etc.  She absolutely loves her sleep and even though she can't talk she signs BED when she wants to go to bed and has been known on days she has been at nursery to ask to go to bed at 445pm!

It hasn't meant she has woken stupidly early the next day and in fact she slept until her normal time.Her normal bedtime is now around 1830, she wakes around 0600-0630 most mornings but if we leave her alone she normally Resettles until around 8am, sometimes later. We are much better rested parents and have recommended you to numerous other friends expecting or who have children with sleep Issues.               Thankyou ever so much for all your help with Adam and Ivy.  Rachel

My wife sought out and registered us for the course following a recommendation on social media.  I was indifferent to the idea at first but was absolutely prepared to put my full effort into it as it would have been a waste of money not to fully commit to the course, and I wanted to get the most out of it and also solve my sons sleeping problems.  

The facetime interview enabled us to lay out Alex’s issues in fine detail, whilst also building a rapport with Karen. She was able to lay out the programme that we would be required to follow over the subsequent days and discuss the details of it.  It was therefore possible for her to tailor the programme to our particular situation. Subsequently we received the supporting course paperwork to be read before and during the programme.  This reinforced in my mind what we had discussed in the online chat.  The crib sheet proved particularly useful thereafter and is still sitting on the dresser in Alex’s room to refer to. 

Although not proposed on the course, me and my wife took the opportunity to walk through the process of the new routine whilst Alex was in playgroup.  In this sort of dress rehearsal, we literally walked through the new routine from bathtime through to bedtime, just to make sure we would have everything we needed to hand, that we had the ergonomics sorted out, the lighting correct, and to confirm we were both in agreement as to how things would play out and how we respond to situations.  I think this helped greatly as we it got the first night off to a good start with no disorganisation. 

I found that a small set of yellow ear plugs were a great help on the first few nights since crying was inevitable.  Having them in, I didn’t completely block his crying out to and I didn’t want to, but it took the edge, preventing his crying from getting the better of my instincts to see to him.  I also was able to message my wife who was downstairs with the baby monitor and this gave us mutual support and feedback. 

I had belief in the outcome of the course by the end of the online chat with Karen.  Her estimates of how it would play out were surprisingly accurate.  Needless to say in my opinion the course has been a complete success and was worth every penny.  Our lives have already improved significantly in the last two weeks.  

My advice to other parents who do this is for both parents to commit to the programme and then stick to it ruthlessly. 

My toddler woke up screaming about 11 every night

He would then stay up and sleeping was the thing that he would fight

We thought that we'd tried everything, exhausted and depressed

We found this sleeping website and desperate, put it to the test

It is by far the best thing we have ever signed up to

His dummy's gone, he sleeps all night which means that we can too

We cannot praise too highly this lady's method and her skill

Our family life is back on track Recommend her? Yes we will!!!

What can we say? After months of sleep deprivation and a toddler, who had just turned two, slowly turning into a vampire we finally decided enough was enough and after a recommendation enlisted the help of Karen at Baby Sleep The Night. After a friendly chat and then a thorough consultation a plan was devised. With a few simple and manageable changes with Karen guiding us all the way this new plan was put in place.On the first night we were not woken up and Theo no longer had his dummy. A fluke...surely? Well we are now nearly two months on and we have one very happy little boy who now loves his sleep - nearly as much as Mummy and Daddy do now. Thank you so much Karen. The difference you have made to our family life is amazing. I just wish we had asked for your help sooner.

With love and best wishes Charlotte, Darren, Lexie and Theo xx

'I was out for my third rainy walk of the day with the pram trying to get my 5 month old son Callum to sleep and I bumped into another mum with her pram trying to do the same thing, only her little one was 10 months old, I thought enoughs enough I don't want to still be doing this is 5 months time.  I was also breastfeeding him to sleep at night and doing the same thing when he woke, it was the only way I knew for getting him back to sleep. I was thoroughly confused looking on the internet for solutions and needed a step by step plan to follow. I contacted Karen and she gave me just that, a bespoke plan as well as very helpful advice and support along the way. The first couple of days were a bit rocky, but on thethird night he slept through the night. He is now also taking 3 naps a day in his cot. We would not hesitate in recommending Karen, and I am very glad she followed her calling to become a sleep consultant. Thank you very much, will be back when we have hopefully have another baby and get it right from the start'.

Kindest regards

Alison x

When we first contacted Karen, we were in a pretty desperate state. Max (our third child) had woken up every 1-2 hours and never napped for more than 20-30 minutes, it was affecting everything in the house including our relationship. A friend of mine recommend Karen to me and I am forever in their debt, Max is now not only sleeping through the night but sleeps for over an hour twice a day! I never thought it was possible, I cannot thank Karen enough for all the advice, help and support that she has given. We now really enjoy bed and nap times and max does now too!

Thank you so much Karen.  Francesca and Kevin (A well and truly happy mummy and daddy)

"I was really struggling to get my second son to sleep through the night, I was permanently getting up in the night to put the dummy back in, I was so worried he would wake my 4 year old I would do anything to keep him quiet.  But after 7 months of sleepless nights I'd had enough, I was desperate for some sleep.  I was at a loss as my first slept through from early on and I needed some help and guidance.  Some friends of mine has worked with Karen in the past and recommended her.  I now wished I had done it sooner.  She gave me the confidence to get Rory through the night and to give up the dummy.  Karen gave me a step by step instructions and Rory responded to them almost immediately.  She was there on a daily basis if we had any problems or if things needed to be fine tuned.  I had got to a point where I was so tired I couldn't think for myself, I was short tempered with my husband and children and didn't know where to turn.  Karen saved me and my family, I can't thank her enough for what she has done and couldn't recommend her more.  So if you are thinking about calling her, don't even hesitate!" 

Thank you for saving me and my family.Merry Christmas 🙂  Olivia

"Having already had one daughter who had mastered the art of sleeping within the first two months of her life, I was one of those smug mums who naturally assumed number two daughter would follow suit! How wrong I was. After a difficult start to life, numerous operations and hospital trips, our little girl decided that she wouldn't waste another moment of her precious life - especially sleeping. After 11months reading numerous books, googling different websites and trying all sorts of weird and wonderful new routines, sleep still eluded us, and I contacted karen at baby sleep the night as a last resort.  

After a couple of hard nights getting to grips with the new routine, I felt we were finally spending more time with our heads on our own pillows than against her bedroom wall, when a chesty cold hit our household and had everyone up throughout the night. I can honestly say, without Karens constant reassuring words that with patience and consistency we would get there; giving us new tips to try and holding our hands every step of the way, we would have thrown in the towel and admitted defeat. And of course she was right - sleep no longer eludes us, our daughter not only sleep soundly at night but loves a siesta twice a day. And all this just in time for her first birthday and Christmas. Thank you Karen for the best present money could buy - a good nights sleep" 

Many thanks once again and have a wonderful family christmas.  Emma

'This has completely changed our lives. Before contacting Karen I couldn't imagine how it would be possible to get my daughter to go to sleep by herself. I really cannot recommend this enough. Both my husband and I agree that this is the best money we have ever spent. We are all so much happier as we are getting some sleep! I can concentrate at work, my husband and I actually get to spend some time together and our little girl is so much happier (which I didn't think was possible). I wish we had done this sooner!'

Thanks for everything karen. Hope you had a great christmas.


Hello, my name is Kelly. 

If you'd have said to me six months ago I would be sleeping for more than two to three hours in a row at night and more than five hours in total, I would have never have believed it! Since the night we brought our baby Harry home he has not slept through a single night.. Until now!

After twenty one months of sleep deprivation we were at our wits end mentally and physically. 

When a friend recommended us to Karen, I was ready to get help. It had been suggested to me in the past but I think like many parents I hoped things would get better on their own and felt that if we just hung in there we could sit it out until then!  I must admit that as much as I wanted to put my faith in this stranger to solving all our night time traumas, I was somewhat dubious as to how she was going to achieve this. 

After all, many stories I heard were of babies or toddlers not wanting to go to bed and having to be asleep before being put into their cots etc. Harry rarely made a fuss about actually going to bed, his problem was the million times through the night when he would wake up! 

I couldn't understand how anyone could stop that. My doubts were outweighed though by my desperation for sleep! Working with Karen was very interesting. She had been where we were now and it helped knowing she understood. Most of the changes we were advised to make were so subtle that my doubts about how they would make a difference started to worry me.After the first two nights it was clear that these changes were extremely noticeable to Harry! 

Karen had always said from the start that the first few nights would be the hardest and she wasn't wrong! Also I wasn't expecting for the changes we had been advised to make in the daytime to be as challenging as they were also. Throughout it all though Karen was there and we followed her instruction to the letter. 

Well to cut a long story short! I am still waiting for this amazing transformation to Harrys sleep pattern to end and for me and my other half to fall back into our nights of cat naps and crying (apply that to whoever you wish)!! to reinstate itself! I just can't believe that pretty much from day four of working with Karen our boy has slept all night every night without us getting up to him.

I still do not know how this happened! But it did and all I can say if you are reading this through bleary eyes after yet another sleepless night when that first little murmur from their cot sets your adrenalin racing and your palms sweating is, get in touch with this lady! 

We are still working on the finer points of Harry's routine but everything takes time to perfect and obviously when he was poorly with a cold over Christmas things were harder, but we have the tools now to get back on track when we need to. All I can say is that it worked! Don't wait a single day more! 

Happy, restful new year!

At 6 months Amber was feed to sleep at night which could take up to an hour, was waking up to 6 times a night and had to be feed back to sleep. During the day I was walking around 7 miles a day with Amber in the pram so she could nap. I was exhausted and so was Amber. I knew something had to change but I didn’t know how to go about it. There is so much information about sleep out there working out what was best for Amber seemed impossible. In the end it was my Mum who found Karen’s website.

Having discussed the way forward with Karen I was bracing myself for the worst, however nether me or my husband had to get out of bed on the second night until 6 in the morning, it was unbelievable. Amber did amazingly well and picked it up very quickly despite some challenges. In the first two weeks Amber had a tummy bug, a persistent cough, her first teeth came through and she learnt to crawl but she still manage to self settle both at night and naps!

2 ½ weeks after starting Amber sleep programme we really put it to the test by going way for 4 nights over Christmas to two different places with 2  4-5hrs car journeys. I wasn’t looking forward to it. However Amber proved Karen’s programme works by sleeping through each night without too much grumbling and although most of the naps were short she still stuck to her routine!

Thank you Karen for giving us the confidence to follow the sleep programme through and I would highly recommended Karen’s services. 

Nikki, mum to Amber, 7months

We contacted Karen about our daughter Evelyn when she was 7 months old and was waking around 4-5 times a night and only settling by being breastfed. Our first daughter was a legendary sleeper and slept 7-7 from around 10 weeks so we weren't prepared for the torture that is sleep deprivation! We had no idea what to do and were given so much conflicting advice from breastfeeding counselors, friends and from researching sleep solutions online. What we needed was a plan and the confidence that she could and would sleep well! That's where Karen came in. We were amazed to read past testimonials of her successes with other families going through the same as us and after a 15 minute consultation call we were sure that she could help us. Our initial consultation was an hour and a half and consisted of a really detailed discussion about Evelyn and her sleep habits, how we felt about her sleep and what we had done so far to try to help her. We had basically done exactly what we had with our first daughter, expecting it to work exactly the same, but soon realised Evelyn was a very different baby. 

Karen talked us through our detailed sleep plan which involved a few small but significant changes to our bedtime routine and a bit more structure around day time naps. She was calm and supportive every step of the way and reassured us that we were doing what was best for Evelyn and for us, and she was right. The first night Evelyn woke twice briefly and settled herself and then had a longer waking and with our comfort and support was able to get back to sleep. The next night she woke briefly twice, and then after 4 nights she slept all night! We couldn't believe it. We thought it might be a one off but 2 weeks later she is still sleeping 11-12 hours at night and having 2 good naps a day. We are starting to feel more human again and its all down to Karens support and advice. We cant thank you enough for what you have done for us and for Evelyn! Thank you so much. Love from Liz, Ian and Evelyn x

Hi Karen,  I wanted to say a big Thank You to you helped my daughter with her sleeping issue. 

My daughter Lilly has not sleep thought the night since she was born, now she is just over 2 years old. For the last two years, me and my partner have no life ourself, I have no more than 5 hours sleep every night,  we couldn't go out because she wakes up for dummy, holding hands and when she turned one and half years old, she started to come to our bed. Like lot of family, it is the easy opinion to do so, but gets to the point that she wanted to do it when she go down at 7 o clock, this makes us have no evening together. 

I did contact Karen about year a ago, I thought I can resolve the situation, I wish I did go ahead with it, but I am glad I talked to her again and made that works. Within 3 days my daughter sleeps in her cot, no dummy, no hand holding and she slept through till half 6. Now today(31th of Jan), two week since what we started, I don't have to go in her room anymore, she sleeps herself now, it was amazing, I would never dream about someone don't know my daughter would helped me make her sleep through the night. 

I would definitely recommend Karen if you experience the same as I do. She is worth every penny. Now me and my partner can go out and have our evening back, and I am not tired to handle the day anymore, I am so happy. 

Thank you Karen. Regards.  Rebecca Zhang

“Working full time, surviving on very little sleep, a cranky baby, and stress levels at an all-time high, were part of day-to-day life in my home. There was no harmony at all, not a minute to myself, and very little time to spend with my 4 year old child, as his little brother was using up every ounce of my energy. I came across Karen’s Facebook page advertising help getting your baby to sleep, and thought what have I got to lose?! I emailed Karen, and received a prompt reply to discuss my issues in further detail.I have to admit, I had reservations about the help, advice and sleeping plan working, but from the first night I implemented the new routine I saw a massive change!!

Our home is now filled with sleep filled nights as a result of this amazing advice. Friends, family and work colleagues are astounded at the results, and have asked ‘who is this magical lady’? !If you are in the same or a similar situation to me, I strongly recommend you put your trust in Karen, and follow her advice to the letter!

I did it, and so can you!!” Thank you!  Lindsay x

My 3 and half year old toddler had been waking every night for a year (since the day her sister was born) and I really thought there was no way of fixing her or getting a normal nights sleep. I was about to return to work and the prospect of dealing with night wakings whilst working filled me with dread and depression. I really lost hope until I spoke to Karen. She made me understand that it could all change and that I could get a normal nights sleep again. After implementing Karen's plan, we soon saw how the little changes made a big difference and she was soon sleeping through the night with no tears or tantrums. I am so grateful to have had Karen's help and support and it's really made life more pleasurable and has also changed the behaviour in my little girl, who is now more pleasant to be around. We think as parents it's normal to miss out on sleep but there is no reason to. Babies and children need help to understand how to sleep so for anyone having doubts, I urge you to try it - it's a small price to pay for a skill that lasts a lifetime! 


It's amazing what you put up with when 2 weeks with Karen can completely change yours and your child's life. 

Jack would come and visit us 4 or 5 times a night, ask to sleep in our bed or we would end up sleeping on the floor in his room. We kept thinking it was just a phase and it would get better. It didn't so we asked Karen for help. We had an informal consult when we discovered what methods Karen used. One thing we didn't want to do was try things that we had tried before and hadn't worked. Karen then spent 2 hours with us via face time discovering what type of child Jack was, what our routines were and then sent us a detailed plan of what to do as well as talking us through the plan. I'm not denying things changed in a day and that it was easy! It took a lot of hard work from us but Karen made us see it was working and was there with positive words and back up when we needed it.

Jack now sleeps 12 hours a night, goes to bed easily and we have seen such a developmental leap in conversation which I do think is due to sleeping better. He's really happy, as are we that we have achieved a great balance for work, rest and play! My husband and I even managed a night out after 3 weeks of the plan which we hadn't achieved in a year! Thank you Karen!

“I can’t thank Karen enough for her help in getting Jack to sleep quickly at bedtime, and then remain asleep throughout the night. 

Saying ‘I can’t believe the difference it has made to all our lives’ would not be true  - I was always fully aware of how much better/easier/happier life would be if we didn’t have to spend two hours every night getting Jack to sleep, and then deal with him running into our room every couple of hours thereafter – it’s just that as a family nothing we tried to achieve this was very successful! We spent a couple of months assuming/(hoping?!) things would get better before we decided to seek help when it was apparent this wasn’t going to happen. 

I was unsure as to how a proper consultation could take place without meeting in person and without seeing the baby’s bedroom, but Karen listened carefully for 2 hours to understand Jack’s personality, the current bedtime routine and to gauge what would work for both him and his parents. This allowed her to construct a detailed plan for us to follow. 

A nervous Dad put Jack to bed the first night and was amazed the process only took about 20 minutes – which has been the case almost every night since. Stopping the night wakings took longer, but we could see improvement, which kept us confident we would get there. While there are ups and downs in the process – having Jack throwing his teddy out of him room and shutting the door behind him was a particular low-light –nothing phases Karen or appears to be a new scenario to her, and ‘the plan’ is slightly tweaked to allow for the previous night. 

A month later, Jack has now slept for a full 12 hours for over a week, and having him happily running into our room at 6.45 with a big smile saying ‘rabbit’s awake!’ is one of the highlights of my day! I can confidently say that this would not be the case if we hadn’t had Karen’s help.

From Ben Daddy to Jack

I contacted Karen on a whim after reading on the internet from various sites what seemed like the 100th tip to get my 11 month old daughter to sleep through the night and have a nap through the day! To be honest my husband wasn't convinced that contacting Karen was the best way as he had convinced himself that she would never sleep through! However as I was due to return to work I was desperate for things to change. After speaking with Karen at great length and completing the questionnaire on Ruby's sleep habits Karen assured me there was light at the end of the tunnel and that she was confident we could turn things around.  Of course it was hard to start with but by the second night Ruby had surprised both me and my husband by sleeping through the night! The daytime naps even started to fall in place! You wouldn't believe the difference a full nights uninterrupted sleep can do! We have both felt like we have more energy and Ruby is also not as cranky through the day! Karen was very supportive throughout the process even when I buckled at the start and picked her out of her cot for a cuddle! I only wish I had contacted Karen earlier! We have missed out on so much valuable sleeping time! But now I can say I feel more confident in being able to return to work knowing that we have all had a decent nights sleep!  Katie - mummy to Ruby 11 months

Our son Harry only ever woke once or twice during the night from birth and it was quite manageable. He even slept through the night at 2 months. However when he reached 3 months old there was significant regression as he began waking 4/5 times a night and sometimes every hour all night, each time I would have to feed him. We could not understand why there was an all of a sudden change as we followed a set routine every night and hadn't deviated from it.

Harry was not good at being put down in a moses basket or cot for a nap from birth, he would wake after only 20 minutes or less. Harry would only nap well in someone's arms and by 3 months he had to be rocked to sleep and we couldn't put him down at all without him waking up straight away. This meant that I was literally stuck to the sofa all day with breastfeeding and naps. It was mostly our fault, it was difficult to conceive Harry and therefore we literally didn't want to put him down and enjoyed every last cuddle with him. By 3 months however we began to realise that we were not getting anything done, we could not go anywhere and we had no time to ourselves at all.

Soon we began to dread night time and exhaustion had set in. So we contacted our good friend Karen, we were desperate to get Harry back into good sleep habits. We didn't like to see Harry upset so we were concerned about the possibility of having to leave him to cry during sleep training but we were honest with Karen about this.

After our first consultation with Karen we knew immediately we had done the right thing. Karen really listened to our story and concerns and gave us so much knowledge about how our little baby worked, what was going wrong and how to improve it in a way that was comfortable for us as a family. Karen was so thorough, supportive, honest and made no judgements.

We were given a bespoke sleep and nap plan and we were able to stay in Harry's bedroom and sit by the cot so he was never alone. Although we were warned by Karen that she could not say Harry would not cry a little we were put completely at ease knowing we could be in the room with him. It even taught us the differences in his cries.

We had a few very hard emotional days to begin with and we ensured we stuck to the plan to every letter. Karen was there to support us every step of the way with lots of words of encouragement and it kept us going.

Within 3 days Harry was sleeping through the night (around 11 hours) and 5 days in he was having 3 naps a day in his cot of one and a half hours or more. AMAZING