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By Karen Bramall
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Kelly Dawson
Kelly Dawson

A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures for anything!  With a background in Health & Social Care & a qualified Baby Massage instructor I will provide positive and gentle sleep solutions. Offering weekend and evening consultations. Click to find out more…  

Anne Carruthers
Anne Carruthers

My own personal experience helps me to understand how completely heart-breaking it can be hearing your baby cry. We’ll teach them to sleep in the most gentle way possible, whilst still giving your baby room to learn.   

Emily Nurse
Emily Nurse

I am a mum of two and experienced sleep deprivation. I am an experienced and accomplished sleep consultant that loves a challenge. Weekend and Evening consultations available. Special Offer on Overnights.  

Sally Unterberger
Sally Unterberger

I am a mum of Twins and know first hand what sleep deprivation feels like, I had it for 2 years with not one but two babies at the same time.  Teaching them to sleep changed my life.   

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We are really happy with the progress he's made so far under your advice, compassionate support, humour and understanding! We'll keep up the work and hopefully we'll see more improvement overnight. The sleep he gets now - both in the day and night - is amazing given where we were last week.  (he is proving himself an increasingly excellent self settler when wind is not troubling him and you were quite correct to identify his inner genius (roooooooooaaaar! tiger mums!)). 

Thanks for all your help we're SO GRATEFUL!  (Feedback after just 6 days of following the sleep plan)

(Radiographer, Southampton, 5 month old son)


We knew sleep was important but we honestly didn’t realise how important sleep was, to our family of 5, until we went through this process with Emily from Baby Sleep The Night.

We were helped to discover our baby’s individual sleep requirements which we made a priority for 2 weeks. All our non-essential trips were cancelled. The phone and email support we received from Emily gave us the strength to continue and then, the evidence spoke for itself! Our baby now sleeps for almost 12 hours every night and has 2 established naps during the day. We have resumed our family activities around these daytime naps with ease.

It has been such a life changing process . Thanks Emily for all your hard work and support as we really appreciate it. You were exactly what our family needed!

(Teacher, Romsey, 6 month old daughter)

Since my baby boy was born (and since the last few months of pregnancy) I hadn’t had a single night of unbroken sleep. I knew that he should be sleeping through the night, especially after he turned one!! Being a military family, my husband had been posted away for 4 Months and our older daughter (10) was at boarding school so the baby and I had got in to the habit of sharing my bed and he would wake up several times a night and I would instantly give him a bottle of milk. This meant that he couldn’t sleep unless I was laying with him and feeding him milk so I had no evening and no real rest, I was just going to bed with him and waking up with him.
He was clingy and grizzly and I was tired and low. He also didn’t nap unless he was in the car! Looking back now he and I were both completely sleep deprived!
Emily has been my good friend for many years and had told me of the training she was undertaking in order to help families who had got in to difficulty with sleep (or lack of it!). Emily explained to me that she herself had followed the program in order to help her second child to sleep through the night and nap properly during the day and (most importantly) it had worked!! I have to admit I was sceptical, I couldn’t see a way out of the cycle I was in and just assumed I would have to carry on with the co-sleeping and continuous feeding indefinitely! But because I absolutely trust Emily and admire her as a mother, I decided I was going to give it my all and try. My husband was due home in about 6 weeks at the time and I was panicking thinking I need to get the baby out of our bed before he gets back and has to sleep on the sofa! So I began taking Emily’s guidance right away! What I really liked was the amount of information Emily asked about me and the baby and our situation and totally tailored the plan to us. She was extremely supportive and reassuring and I really felt as though me and my baby were her soul focus. I’d bedded in for several nights of hell and no sleep and had all the supplies I might need and Emily and I started night one of the new plan. After some expected hurdles, the baby slept through the night, in his room, in his cot, without me and without milk ON THE FIRST NIGHT! To say I was flabbergasted would be an understatement, I just couldn’t (and still can’t) believe it! To have success that quickly is obviously very lucky and won’t be like that for every family but even so, sleep is usually massively improved by night 4! And if you follow the plan, your child WILL sleep through the night. And it is soooo worth it! The baby and I have such a happier life now we are rested. He has slept through every night now for 5 weeks and one of those weeks we were on holiday and I kept to the program and he slept through there too in a completely new environment from day one! He also had a good nap during the day which gives me some time to sort the house or prepare food etc. I pinch myself every night when I get in to bed, by myself, after having had a whole evening to myself, knowing I don’t have to wake up again until the morning. After over a year of broken sleep it still feels like such a luxury!It is one week now until my husband returns and instead of dreading the battle of the bed I’m so excited to welcome him back in to our calm, rested life! Emily really could not have done more for me and the baby on this journey, she was full of in-depth info about sleep and was there to support us every step of the way. Emily was not at all judgemental about all the little habits I’d accidentally got in to in order to get some sleep and that made it really easy to be totally honest so that Emily could help us in the best way. Having a tailored, clear plan and a deeper understanding of the issues and how they could be resolved has honestly changed our lives and the positivity of solid sleep has had a knock on effect in to every other aspect of our lives! If you are reading this, tired, drained and desperate, please, please contact Emily, you will be so so pleased you did and soon it could be you writing a testimonial just like this, with your child asleep in bed and a full night of sleep ahead of you! (Social Worker and Military Wife, South Wales, 12 month old son)

'Dear Sally, we spoke at the end of April and you gave me some free tips on how to get our restless 2 year old to sleep and said we were SO close! 

Well, we lost the wretched dummy and the favourite music box that very night and started seeing instant improvement going from 3-4 wake ups to maybe 2, and now 3.5 weeks on she is finally sleeping through the night! I ❤ you! She hasn't developed an attachment to one thing but rather she demands about 5-6 certain toys and a particular blanket over them all and sleeps in the middle of a veritable zoo.... quite peacefully, and normally now settles herself back to sleep in the night if she does wake up. Thank you so much Sally we can now sleep again, I started exercising for the first time in months and life is just so much more fun all of a sudden ❤ 😁 xx'

It’s like we have a different child!

Our 5 month old had very erratic sleeping patterns, going to bed for the night anytime from 6.30-9.30pm, we then had no idea what the night would hold. He was sometimes awake within an hour or two and would be wide awake for the next 3 hours & then up repeatedly through the night only being pacified with feeds, alternatively he would sleep 11 hours straight. Day time naps were also a mess, rarely sleeping more than 45 minutes and going for up to 9hr stretches with no sleep. He also only ever wanted mum, with his dad having never put him to bed or settled him.

Gemma took an in-depth description of his sleeping and daily habits & started formulating a plan. Just the initial conversation was helpful in giving us the confidence (he had been very ill when younger and this had knocked me back on everything) to initiate some of the approaches we had previously successfully used with his big sister, who has been a great sleeper from early on. What the plan did was highlight that we hadn’t been giving our baby clear signals that it was bedtime and that his bedroom wasn’t as conducive to sleeping as it could be. Talking with Gemma we agreed on an easy bedtime routine which he got on board with very quickly with bedtime and daytime naps- even his dad can put him to bed now. We approached his awakenings at night similarly which almost immediately stopped. He has been going to bed at 7pm and sleeping 11hours straight ever since, we even got through 2 teeth coming through. Day time naps are stress free, easy to do and a good length.

I have worked out that he must be getting now at a minimum at least 4hrs more sleep in a 24hr period than he was before. I now know what the night will be like and can plan around his daytime naps. Most importantly the miserable, chronically over tired, clingy baby is gone and I know have a very cheerful, giggly baby instead!

From Hannah, mummy to a very happy Edgar 5 months old . Chaddesley Corbett 

“We went to Sally for help with our 12month old who had got into some awful sleeping habits. He only fell asleep if rocked and cuddled. Then in the night he was just in our bed co sleeping and he always needed to be given milk to go back to sleep. Sally helped us to withdraw the milk completely and he’s now sleeping through the night. He goes to sleep in his cot each night without the need for milk or rocking now. It’s amazing what has been achieved in just 2 weeks. It was an incredibly hard journey as he was a VERY attached baby and was very reluctant to let me (Mum) leave him. But we persevered and with Sally’s support and encouragement we’re out the other side now with a happy, sleeping baby.  We make up for the lack of nighttime cuddles with lots and lots of day time cuddles instead and we know he feels settled and loved. Thank you Sally for everything you did.”

Alanna, Mummy to Arthur 12 months Bournemouth

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